eBay Motors Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: eBay Inc.
  • Updated: May, 15 2011
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Size: 22.74 MB

Languages: English, German

Seller: eBay Inc.

- Some visual updates made for iOS 7
- Fixed the issue of not being able to rotate and zoom in on images
- Various bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
476 Ratings
All Versions:
1194 Ratings


The eBay Motors marketplace is now in your pocket. The eBay Motors app lets you easily browse and shop for the vehicles you want and the vehicle parts and accessories you need, all within an optimized buying experience for the Motors enthusiast.

Feature Highlights:

•Full screen photos for any item - just turn your phone on its side
•Quickly search for cars, motorcycles, or parts by Make, Model, and Year
•Easily contact sellers to get more information or to arrange a vehicle purchase
•Garage features lets you store information about your vehicles
•Videos section with our original weekly videos series the World's Fastest Car Show
•Parts compatibility with all cars, including ones in your garage
•Scan VIN to pre-fill the Garage with your vehicle details
•Use Dream Vehicles to save a search for the car or motorcycle you've always wanted
•Search and refine features to find the perfect vehicle or parts you need
•Customizable Featured Gallery showing the listings you want to see
•View all eBay activity in your My eBay

Create your own custom Garage by scanning the VIN barcode on your vehicles and the app will pre-fill out and store the details. By creating your Garage, this will make it easy to search for the parts & accessories made to fit your particular vehicle.

Fantasizing about owning your dream car? You may not have to dream for long as eBay Motors has the best prices on vehicles. Create a Dream Vehicle in the Garage to easily search for your next ride.

The World's Fastest Car Show!
Our Videos section features the World's Fastest Car Show with World Champion and Le Mans winner Justin Bell as host. Watch new episodes weekly as Justin takes you on test drives, teaches celebrities how to drive, and delivers the best and baddest the automotive lifestyle has to offer.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!!

    by Mr.Garcia 360

    Ease of use. Pretty nice and convenient app.

  • Great app

    by Supercharged Hemi

    What a great app I love it. I have my car & my truck listed & when I bring up my vehicles it is so easy to look for parts for them.

  • eBay motors

    by Jdoubleel

    It just works. I can do whatever is needed with the iPad and iPhone as if I were on the PC

  • Great features! Great Service


    Easiest way to buy and sell by far!!

  • Awesome App...!!!!!!!!

    by jrvarona

    Everything is a few taps away, amazing app that is ever evolving into a better marketplace for the auto enthusiast, you can find Anything whithin this app, download it and be amazed...!!!!!!!

  • Nice app (a must have)

    by Wilson Chango

    It has all you can need

  • eBay app

    by Steven Hecker

    Love it, makes specific vehicle parts searching faster


    by Dauphin55

    Awesome! Best place ever to buy a vehicle!

  • Almost great

    by hewho808

    It's redundant if you already have the EBay app. I do like the way you can view the pictures. I would change my rating to a 5 if the initial search page had more options. ie: car, 2007-2011, $11,000-$15,000, exclude "salvage"

  • Great

    by MusicMystroPz

    Absolutely perfect app. Flawless.

  • Could be a lot better

    by L3w152014

    I'm on this app just about everyday. And always had the problem of the app closing on me in the middle of my search. App will not stay open! I love this app it's just very aggravating to me when it closes while I'm scrolling through my search results... I thought for sure they would have this fixed by now!

  • Good app

    by Cops_1980

    One great app for parts

  • Error 909 Acura

    by Mia 3

    We'll every time I put my car in form My saved cars it won't let me go to the parts section,I then have to go to the search menu and look up my car. It reads 909 Acura whatever that means.

  • Great!!!!!

    by Stillsmilin:)

    I enjoy using this APP

  • .

    by Benjie Pérez

    Best app ever made! Make the search a lot easier.

  • Technical

    by JAG Turbo 4Runner

    Great application

  • Works

    by PDUCA

    Everything u want for your auto!

  • Great application

    by Tiny and Tootsie

    Love it

  • Helpful

    by gixxernut

    It's been a great tool to find parts for my trucks to my ATC350x.

  • 4 stars !

    by Gaineydriver

    The regular eBay app will do for me

  • Really

    by LunarLette

    Ok I've downlink added it twice now. Restarted my phone. And the app won't open. I click on it and it pops up and then disappears. Bull crap!!

  • It's OKAY

    by The NaNa Bread

    App Crashes every time I use it .

  • Doesn't work

    by Cdizzle85

    I've had this app for a long time on my iPhone 4. But ever since the ios7 upgrade it hasn't worked. I've been waiting patiently for a fix and I've found that I'm not the only one. Still ebay has not fixed this issue.

  • Do not download

    by Cottongrillz

    Don't download this app unless all you want is a app that crashes every time you tap on it. It's crap and has never worked for me no matter how many times I reset and try again. Worthless app I'll never download it again

  • Horrible update

    by Moe310

    Whoever came up with this update PLEASE slap him/her!!! Can't even enter a price range

  • Need work

    by אברהם העיברי

    Please update

  • Stupid update

    by Credit conscious1

    Worked great until last update. Only Acura parts for my car, matching is terrible now for parts

  • Should be able to sort by year

    by Ctuhulu

    Still don't understand why the sort does not work on the app the same as on the site. I should be able to sort search results by model year!!!!! Please!!!!

  • Won't even open

    by Chrisgggfddee

    Yeah I just downloaded the app and it won't even open. It crashes within seconds of me trying to open it. Waste of time.

  • Me

    by Mr.$?$?$?&@"

    Good for me

  • Good app

    by NA300ZX

    Good app use it all the time!

  • Not bad at all

    by Shaggykma

    Able to find what I need it saved my cars info and off I go

  • Really good

    by Chris dipo

    Very easy to use and easy to make a purchase love this app

  • Fix it

    by Jose Gomrz

    I download the app and when I try to get in it or opening it it crash and gets me out of the app it's really making me mad pls fix it I have a iPhone 4 and iPod 4g I try downloading it but it happens the same fix it pls

  • Great Idea!

    by Mrs Karns

    I love it but they need to add ATV/UTV search! Keep at it! eBay is really improving!

  • Frustrating!

    by Brando1747425

    Crashes every time I use it! No other app does this to me, not even the regular eBay app!

  • Great app

    by Bluegrass R1

    Nice app works every time for me and looks great.


    by Moe8650

    Very easy and simple to find anything you want. IPHONE 5

  • Please fix!!

    by Please Fix this problem

    App crashes on me every time I open it

  • Junk

    by Okgame1333

    Crashes before it even fully opens

  • Its okay.

    by Lick Dog

    Well this app was great but i would go look for cars and all it would say is keywords so i had to delete and install again. And then it did it again. But otherwise it was a good app.

  • Great app

    by J ..J..

    I use it all the time

  • Excellent app.

    by Fordorbored

    Easy to use.

  • eBay Motors

    by RevFTS

    Excellent app. 5 stars!

  • Will not open

    by Vdub5150

    Finished the update and now app will not open. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and still will not open. Before update app was great. What happened?

  • eBay motors

    by Tsmoparman

    Their needs to be a sort by year option!!!

  • I love this app but

    by Crap@Play

    I've always loved this app but now I can't do anything it won't load and is really a bummer, I tried redownloading it and nothing. Please fix :(

  • Great if it would stop crashing

    by Sejpjm

    Like the search capability but think this is too slow to refresh at times. Very frustrating when it crashes and it does not remember where I left off

  • Works well!

    by Tiffany Patty

    Only had the app a few days and it seems to work great.

  • 100%

    by Albertoelisa


  • FAB

    by Tumbleweed806

    I Love it!! Works Great!! All you want for great price goods.

  • Motar Boatin

    by TwentyTwos

    Great App even connects with other aspects of Ebay.

  • Love the black back ground

    by Arcangel694u

    This app is stylish and dependable. Love it!

  • Really useful

    by Jo17z

    I like just to go and see what new, one of my top apps to use everyday. I really like it

  • Cars

    by Freezy914

    It makes it a lot easier to find things for your specific vehicle personally I think that is amazing

  • Great

    by Cavinessrob

    Great set up and usefulness

  • Gets the job done

    by Dubs duces

    App good for finding parts for my vdub. Just keep it simple with this app, it's no fullout eBay.

  • Nice!!

    by Cartogo

    Easier search...

  • Worthless

    by EvilMagma

    Doesn't have up-to date model information. I guess if you're shopping for old cars, it might be better, but I found it to be useless.

  • Bad

    by Yotaman87

    App won't even open and is a waste of time for my phone.

  • Great! Only a couple of kinks...

    by Steverhett

    It searches smoothly. Pictures a usually crisp. Its easy to use. Downside, pictures sometimes don't load. It crashes every now and again. Other than that its good enough.

  • Good app

    by pdovel7

    Like it!!!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    by heyman74

    Crashes all the time while I look at pictures. It gives about five minutes before crashing.

  • Not good.

    by Lum corn

    Crashes, slow, can't sort by oldest model to newest. I expect more from eBay!!

  • It's okay

    by Merc Speed

    Coming from EBay Motors, I expect something that is a little more sophisticated and sleek. It's an okay app but prefer to visit EBay on my laptop.

  • Crashes during opening

    by Gimethosedrums

    Obviously people who are giving this app 5 stars are being paid by eBay. I can't even use the app. I have no idea what it even looks like. It crashes as it opens. ios7 this app's creators are just as bad as eBay's customer service. You get no where... Also I checked the forum for the app and a "official representative" says they are aware of the problem and "because the newest iOS 7 had just been released, the firmware is incompatible." And that was 7 months ago! Exactly my point. You get no where.

  • Rookie developers app

    by Jmon890

    Someone needs to go back to database 101. Sorting functions simply do not work. You tell it "buy it now" or sort "highest price to lowest price" and it lists everything in no particular order. This is crap.

  • Worthless

    by ellie0404

    Tried multiple times to use and always crashes . Tried to delete and reload but waste of time . You would think ebay would be able to make an app work correctly, but not so with this app.

  • Great

    by Chrs16

    Great app

  • App crash

    by Violentchaos

    The app literally can't even open for me.

  • C-

    by AnthonyCocca

    The searches are too limited. More is available from the regula eBay app. The Motors app crashes a lot too.

  • Car parta

    by Icelandic hero

    Good app with solid mods but I think they could make it a bit better tho, good job!

  • Nice

    by El pisoooonnn

    Me gustas

  • Ok app

    by Ls1kid510

    Great app, very helpful crashes here and there, but overall it's great.

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