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‘Love Yourself Love Your Body’ is a beautiful healing guided meditation written and read by Shazzie. As an acclaimed author of five books, the creator of several life transformation programs and an international speaker and workshop facilitator her quest is always the same: to help you on your journey back to the centre of your own heart.

When you listen to this high-quality forty-minute production, you will be gently shown the perfection in all that is. You will be able to release anything that is preventing you from fully loving who you are. This can help you with weight loss, self-acceptance, loving yourself and your body and much more. You can now also set a wake-up alarm in case you fall asleep during the session.

Throughout this transformational journey, you’ll be held by the sublime background music and sounds created by Ali Calderwood. Ali is an accomplished musician and healer who also produces the exquisite music of Anima. Ali’s uniquely crafted music soundscapes within this guided meditation contain specifically designed combinations of healing frequencies which will have a deep, therapeutic effect on you.

Ali’s state of the art production techniques include whispering echoed background vocals, which pan from left to right across the stereo range. This unique effect sits in perfect harmony with Shazzie’s meditation and will help you relax deeper into the meditative state.

This meditation will leave you refreshed, renewed and resonating so much more from your heart. Relax into Shazzie’s soothing words and learn how to love yourself and your body.

Love Yourself Love Your Body Includes:

- Love Yourself, Love Your Body Audio (Running Time: 39:31)

- How To Use This App

- Set Wake-up Alarm

- About Shazzie & Ali eBook

- Get More Apps By Shazzie & Ali

- Share This App

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Customer Reviews

  • OMG!

    by jlnc123

    This app is amazing! I actually got chills I was into it so deeply. I woke to an inner calm and feeling of peace inside myself that I haven't felt in many years. I have fought depression for over twenty years and have fought my whole life for self-worth and self-love. I have been to a lot of therapists and psychiatrists and tried every medication. Today begins a new chapter for me. Today I learn to love myself and be happy with who I am. Thank you so very much for creating this amazing app. Its a must have. You will not be disappointed. Plus it costs less then my insurance co-pay. Yeah!!!!

  • Only one track?

    by Truebluegnu

    I like this app a lot. I was very disappointed after the price to find out that it's only one track. It gets pretty boring to listen to the same thing every day!! Great voice, great meditation but please add some dimension to this!!

  • Worth it

    by dmpyron

    I bought this based on my experience her Sleep Easily app. Wonderful. As far as I'm concerned I got two for one.

  • Soothing

    by @chewbitch

    What a fun and fantastical app.

  • Soooooooooo soothing! I love Shazzie & Ali!

    by sheff's mom

    Shazzie's guided meditations are so incredibly soothing and relaxing yet empowering. I tried her shorter sleep one and absolutely loved that one and then purchased this one and love this one too. I hope she does more!

  • Perfect!

    by YogaD

    This is a perfect meditation. Very calming.

  • So soothing

    by Dwatlanta

    Love this app! Her voice, the visualizations and the music work great together.

  • Love everything about it

    by Outdoorgrl

    I am headed to buy more apps by Shazzie & Ali. I look forward to this app every evening and feel happier every time I listen to it. Thank you! Many blessings!

  • Awesome!

    by Sjcooper83

    This is the third Shazzie & Ali app I have bought (after Sleep Easily & Be Wealthy). I'm addicted! Love them all and they all have their place! The meditation aspect is top notch, the music is moving and how you feel after can't be beat. Can't wait for more!! Thanks ShazAli :)

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