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Express yourself freely and communicate effectively.

This is one of a series of meditation recordings by Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood, which are based upon the ancient solfeggio musical scale. Each note in this scale has specific healing properties, and this recording resonates to a frequency of 741hz which is associated with the colour blue and the element of ether.

Glenn Harrold's acclaimed vocal delivery and guided meditation combined with Ali Calderwood's deep and moving soundscapes tuned to 741hz combine to create an amazingly powerful meditation recording. By combining these sounds with a guided meditation, you have the potential to release deep-rooted blockages and negative patterns of behaviour.

This frequency will help you to express yourself freely, communicate effectively, clear creative blocks and can help you to feel more determined and focussed. It can also help with weight control issues, a sluggish metabolism, hearing, throat and thyroid problems and even colds.

This App contains two inspiring guided meditation tracks and a 741hz frequency music track. The first meditation track can be used in the daytime as it will guide you back to full waking consciousness at the end. The second meditation track will guide you into a deep sleep state at the end, which makes it ideal for using before you go to sleep at night. The music includes an array of sacred instruments and sounds such as crystal bowls and didgeridoo and sacred chants, which work to further enhance the effects of the solfeggio tones.

When you are instructed to repeat affirmations on the meditation tracks, connect with positive feelings (e.g. happiness, joy, love), as this will help you absorb the suggestions on a deeper level. You don’t have to repeat the affirmations out loud but do make a strong connection with them.

This App includes:

741hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation Audio Track 1 – 34.21 (awake version)

741hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation Audio Track 2 – 38.42 (sleep version)

SOL 741hz Solfeggio Music Only Audio Track – 10.14

Solfeggio Chakra Chart

Glenn Harrold's Self-Hypnosis e-Book.

About the Ancient Solfeggio Scale and Healing Sounds e-Book

How To Use This App e-Book

About The Authors e-Book

Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood acknowledge the pioneering work of Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz in decrypting the ancient Solfeggio and advancing "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" and 528Records.com.

Customer Reviews

  • Very nice

    by artbybam

    I fall asleep so easily with this! Very relaxing.

  • The best!

    by Joyful dancer

    I've tried lots of guided hypnosis sessions and meditations. This series is the best, by far. I actually feel physical shifts and changes in my body while listening. Glenn's words are powerful and fitting. He states everything in positive terms, which is very important in these types of recordings. The music is magical. I highly recommend this entire series!

  • Amazing and transforming

    by RW'

    In the last year, since listening to this and other Glenn apps, my life has transformed for the better, the solfeggio scales are incredible and pick one to fall asleep to based on where I feel my needs are. I have never slept better, looked or felt better!

  • Great visualizations!

    by pitcherday

    I love all the solfeggio apps. They help me achieve peace and cure my insomnia. The mediation in this one is great.

  • Not enough there for the $

    by Jacqueline Runice

    I think that the sessions are worthwhile, however, you get just two, one for morning and another for before bed. There's a lot if descriptive info but I think people want more audio, less text.

  • Highly recommend!

    by English. Abc

    This app is natural medicine. It actually cured a cold I felt coming on. This app worked much better then I had expected. Unbelievable! You got to try this app!

  • Gorgeous music

    by Sunni99

    Never mind the wonderful concept of healing with certain vibrations/hz, the music is so beautiful that I relax and drift off to sleep with Glenn's voice wishing me blessings and love. I have tried many healing, relaxation sessions, but Glenn is the tops. Thank you Glenn for what you and Ali have brought into this world to help us heal.

  • Flawed - Otherwise good

    by MikeC_In_MD

    I have several of the Solfeggio apps by Calderwood/Harrold and they are all good (favorites are 852-La and 428-Re). The meditations on this one are nice - among the best of the series - but the audio track is flawed. The first half of the track is wonderful -- sadly, the second half is badly marred by pops and clicks throughout the piano track. It's very distracting. A shame, since the rest of it is really quite good.

  • With deep gratitude.....

    by refju

    .....for all you do.

  • Profound!

    by Tiffani71

    As with all the other Solfeggio apps, these are amazing!

  • Finest produced guided meditation

    by Aura dr

    The production used to create the meditations bring the whole self into the meditation. After getting the first app, I got them all. These are awesome. As an energy worker, I embrace the frequencies each meditation uses. Thank you guys, well done!

  • unbelievable

    by angelashae

    Enhanced creativity. My art inspiration literally exploded and for some reason lots of blue went on the canvas :) I am getting out of bed as early as 5:45 since the first night I started using this app. I used to sleep until past 9. I'm guessing there were some deep set unbalanced chakra issues that were released with this application. I cannot say enough about the creativity.

  • 741hzSolfeggio

    by Gionly

    Simply fantastic!

  • Me

    by SuzanHoyaT

    Love this Solfeggio series!!!

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