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Transform your life, repair DNA and create miracles in your life with this amazing meditation recording.

This is the third in a series of six meditation recordings by Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood, which are based upon the ancient solfeggio musical scale. Each note in this scale has specific healing properties and this recording uses the third note, which resonates to a frequency of 528hz and is associated with the colour gold and the element of fire.

This frequency is described as the love frequency as it has the potential to bring about transformation and create miracles as well as repairing broken DNA. It can also help to overcome problems like fatigue, anxiety, control issues and negative thought patterns, all of which exist within the same vibrational energy.

Interestingly, 528hz is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA so our ancestors who used this scale for healing and transformation knew the power these frequencies held.

Glenn Harrold's skilled vocal delivery and guided meditation combined with Ali Calderwood's deep and moving soundscapes tuned to 528hz combine to create an amazingly powerful meditation recording. By combining these sounds with a guided meditation, you also have the potential to release deep-rooted blockages. These compositions also contain an array of sacred instruments and sounds such as crystal bowls and didgeridoo and sacred chants, which work to further enhance the effects of the solfeggio tones.

This App contains two audio tracks, the first you can use in the daytime as it will guide you back to full waking consciousness at the end. The second track will guide you into a deep sleep state at the end, which makes it ideal for using before you go to sleep at night. When you are instructed to repeat affirmations, connect with positive feelings (e.g. happiness, joy, love), this will help you absorb the suggestions on a deeper level. You don’t have to repeat the affirmations out loud but do make a strong connection with them.

This App includes:

528hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation Audio Track 1 – 37:11 (awake version)

528hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation Audio Track 2 – 42:42 (sleep version)

MI 528hz Solfeggio Music Only Audio Track – 10:43

Solfeggio Chakra Chart

Glenn Harrold's Self-Hypnosis e-Book.

About the Ancient Solfeggio Scale and Healing Sounds e-Book

How To Use This App e-Book

About The Authors e-Book

Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood acknowledge the pioneering work of Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz in decrypting the ancient Solfeggio and advancing "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" and 528Records.com.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App However...

    by Koi Kicks

    There needs to be a separate volume control for the vocals vs. the music. I can barely hear the music and need a way to adjust for my hearing. Fix that and will give it a 5 star rating!

  • Powerful!

    by Joyful dancer

    I've tried lots of guided hypnosis sessions and meditations. This series is the best, by far. I actually feel physical shifts and changes in my body while listening. Glenn's words are powerful and fitting. He states everything in positive terms, which is very important in these types of recordings. The music is magical. I highly recommend this entire series!

  • Love it!

    by pitcherday

    I love all of the solfeggio apps for different reasons. They all help me become more peaceful and have cured my insomnia. I don't know about it "healing broken DNA" (how do you break it?), but it helps me in other great ways. Great app.

  • Excellent! Improvements felt immediately!

    by English. Abc

    I felt immediate improvements after using this app. I highly recommend this app if you are looking to make positive changes in your life!

  • Start healing

    by Sunni99

    It won't take the place of psychotherapy, but this will start you on the path.

  • Amazing

    by RW'

    Worth every cent, these apps by Glenn have completely transformed me over the past year! Thank you sincerely Glenn!

  • Pretty good

    by TravelsWithTed

    This hypnosis app is pretty good. I find it to be very relaxing and modifying to my outlook on life. My one complaint which stops me from giving it five stars is the inability to pause during playback. Am I missing something? Because I don't understand the inability to treat this player like a normal player with pause and FF and RW.

  • Thank you....oh thank you

    by refju

    Professionally rendered powerful guided meditations, affirmations, & more. I go back a long way with Mr Harrold; grad school, writing , times of turmoil, traumatic life passages. (i can still calm myself by envisioning a large silver ball spewing sparkling calming rays down over my head in times of high anxiety ......& it's been years since I listened to that audiobook . I'm surprised & grateful to have stumbled across Mr. Harrold's apps. In my opinion, the price is nominal & @ the least my mind is cleared of clutter when I listen to his tapes. At the most they (his previous works) have empowered me to move forward in my life or enhanced my health (don't know if his chakra audio is still around, but it's somewhat a miracle) If I read this , I'd suspect GH wrote it, but nope, just a grateful someone who wishes him continued peace & love

  • Phenomenal!

    by Tiffani71

    Absolutely the most powerful healing and meditative tool I've come across! Applause to Glenn and Ali!

  • A very powerful, healing tool...

    by Living in Big D

    About a month ago, I started using this series of apps. They utilize a combination of hypnosis, positive affirmations, guided meditation and tonal healing. I like them all and listen to a different one daily. I have noticed BIG positive changes in my life and I think these have played a part in that. I have released a bunch of old stuff that I've been carrying around for decades and replaced it with positive, life-affirming, healthy thoughts/feelings/beliefs. I cannot recommend these enough! No matter where you are on your life path, these can benefit you. What I have discovered and others have known is that the subconscious is a POWERFUL driving force in our lives. It is the underlying reason why we do most of the things we do. More importantly, if we can clear away the stuff that no longer serves us and plant positive seeds, there's really no end to what we can accomplish in our lives. That's been my experience at least. I believe in these apps so much, I've told all my friends and family members that I think might be interested. This is the only iTunes review I've ever written. I strongly feel that these apps can truly help everyone. I felt compelled to share my thoughts. Hope you found it helpful.

  • Amazing- get it- don't think twice!

    by Lilmomma33

    The other reviews make this sound like a decent app to fall asleep to and it is SO much more than that. It is HEALING and POWERFUL beyond any of the many other similar apps I have tried. A glorious experience in self acceptance, love, and healing. I never pay 5 dollars for apps but this was so worth it. Immediately after listening I bought it again and gifted it to my sister! I don't normally write reviews but I had to this time!!!

  • Great app!

    by apollo882008

    I really feel like this app does help relieve anxiety. I've been using it for 2 weeks and definitely notice a difference. Definitely recommend!

  • Please add auto-repeat!

    by OscarKmi

    I love to fall asleep to all of Glenn's recordings. The only thing his apps need is the ability to create playlists and auto-repeat.

  • Wonderful app

    by Groovygirl47

    I love these meditations! I listen to them when I'm awake and also love to fall asleep with them. The music and the sounds are so peaceful and realxing. Thank you Glenn Harrold!

  • Awesome

    by Rugjoe

    A friend suggested I meditate to 528HZ Who would have thoght there was an app for it? I downloaded it yesterday and have tried it twice, it is fantastic!

  • Awesome!

    by AllisonRN

    Glenn Harrold never disappoints, and this app is no exception. I look forward to 'my time' with GH and his apps her helping me make a profoundly positive change in my life. I'm a registered nurse who stopped to assist a woman who flipped her car over on an icy highway. As I checked the car, a school bus struck it and I was pinned underneath face down in the highway. I broke over a dozen bones including my back and pelvis. Mr. Harrold has helped me maintain a positive focus which many people have remarked on. It's difficult to explain the impact his apps have had on my life and recovery, but it's astounding! I actually feel better than prior to accident. I just had another neck surgery 2 weeks ago and I attribute my swift recovery to the positive attitude Glenn Harrold has helped me achieve. Thank you so much Mr. Harrold!!

  • Every night

    by Noob1978

    I love to fall asleep to this app. The nature sounds are so real. This is a must have for everyone! Thanks Glenn Harrold.

  • Amazing!

    by $jmoney714$

    My wife and I downloaded this app yesterday and fell asleep to it last night! Amazing! Your work is awesome and we have recommended you to our family and friends!!

  • Review

    by Nikepap

    I was very disappointed. The tones can barley be heard because you have to try and listen through this guys voice over for the whole 45mins. Out of the three versions on this app the only one without a voice over is 10 mins long and the tone is still hardly audible.

  • Alex

    by HawaiianUSA

    You'll hardly hear the titled "528hz" because it's drowned out by either the acclaimed hypno-dude, or the hideous psycho-music. Good luck trying to relax to this waste of time and money. The 528hz sounds relaxing, but it's more of a barely perceptible background trampled by useless noise.

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