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Stress Reduction Tips

Are You Really Having a Midlife Crisis?

In your twenties, if you take up a new hobby or decide to travel, it’s just seen as you being who you are. But in your forties, any new decision or change in direction leaves you open to diagnostic mutterings of, “Ah, midlife crisis!” Life is full of transitions, but when you make them in your middle years, it’s labelled a crisis.

How to Improve Your Mood

Chronic moodiness can be a symptom of prolonged stress (in which case dealing with the stress should make you less moody), and blood sugar imbalance or hormonal fluctuations can also affect mood. But it’s also true to say that moodiness can become a way of life, a habit. And whatever the cause of our moodiness, we can all get better at managing our emotions.

Overcome Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety gets in the way of performance because it clutters the mind just when your consciousness needs to be clear and ‘light’.

How to Control Your Anger

It used to be thought that it was ’healthy‘ to express anger – to ’let it all out,’ so as to prevent the damage it would do you if you ’bottled it all up.’ But modern research into health and mortality has found that extreme anger is just as damaging to the heart and immune function if it is released as it is if you keep it in.


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