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Improved support for iOS 6
Favorites are now saved using iCloud
Several bug fixes
Scrolling between psalms on iPhone
Support for iPhone 5

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***ANNOUNCEMENT*** Due to a lack of digital source files, an app for the Book of Psalms For Singing won't happen anytime soon. Sorry!

The Book of Psalms For Worship is the newest American psalter. It offers many familiar tunes and new arrangements with language that is easily understood by the 21st century Christian, while remaining faithful to the Hebrew text. This edition for iPhone and iPod Touch contains the metre for all 459 selections, along with tunes for 451 selections (network connection required). Also included is the ability to search the stanzas and titles of selections.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent app.

    by jgilberAZ

    Using it to sing the psalms in my morning devotions.

  • Needs an update

    by Old RadioDude

    App is being neglected. There are several Psalms that have text only, no music. Rather a problem when one precents. There has been enough time to fix this.

  • Fantastic App

    by nr79tx

    Well-made and easy to use. I'd like a mode that just had the words for those of us that don't need the musical notations. That's really the only downside, which isn't really a downside. App is great. Get it and sing these beautiful songs alone or with your family or friends.

  • Great app!

    by LJ Hudd

    It took me a while to figure out how to see the sheet music (by turning the screen in its side), but this is an enjoyable app to use and is great for learning the tunes for the Psalms.

  • Works great!

    by richardsugg

    This is a great app for learning hymns. I didn't know a lot of the hymns, but being able to play them through the app is a great help.

  • Sheet music

    by AO112281

    Does anyone know why I can not see the sheet music on my iPhone? I get the verses but no sheet music. Do I need to do something?

  • Ok, but needs improvement

    by Psubrent

    So, does anybody read and respond to these reviews? I also wound love to see a function where we coins adjust the tempo for each selection. 54B is one of my favorites but listening to if in this app is painfully slow, and I choose those words carefully. It's barely possible to even sing along with it at the current speed. Please read these reviews and make the suggested changes. Let's make a sound resource even better!

  • Decent app, but a bit pricey

    by Jeremiahdbrown

    It took me a while to realize I had to rotate my phone to see the musical score, so that's alright. I would still like to have the music be able to loop and have a button to play the tune on the same page as the hymn text. Also, it should be possible to search by melody name.

  • Beautiful app, any chance of seeing the red psalter formatted?

    by Tea cozi

    I really appreciate this app, I use it for family devotion. However, my church uses the red psalm book. There are several teachers in our congregation and we all appreciate apple products so making the red psalter available would definitely find its niche within the younger generation. Overall I really pleased with this app. Keep up the good work! Phoenix,AZ

  • Where's the app for the Red Psalter?

    by DAR1984

    Thanks so much for all the work you e done! A few questions, not complaints. Is there a way to search by tune? And possibly break down the harmony to learn individual parts? Or at least see the music along with the words so I can attempt to read it. Love the idea, but the RP churches I worship with use the red psalter... Any chance of getting that on here?

  • Better after adding sheet music, could use notes!

    by TheiSwan

    I'd really appreciate a way to write simple notes attached to each psalm.

  • Psalms are great

    by chemicalsams

    This app is essential for any psalm singing individual or family. I use this app at home in family worship, and also in church where we sing from this psalter. What a wonderful resource to help us sing from the inspired hymnal provided to us in scripture.

  • Great!

    by Natepace

    Great app! It would be great to have the option of using the red psalter and switching between the blue and red psalters though.

  • Great app. Could be better

    by Derek LU81

    I love having this as a resource. If you could enable tempo (really, really slow right now) and pitch change it would be that much better. It would be beyond incredible if you could even select which vocal parts you want to hear. This would be great to be able to learn my part and/or practice with someone else.

  • Excellent

    by Sdoherty

    Delete app then go to app store and purchased, and reinstall, it won't make you pay twice. Suggestions for improvement: 1. If a Psalm extends to a second page, give some sort of arrow or indicator - we are not looking in a book with facing pages. (right now the only indication is that the author info is not on the bottom of the page) 2. Allow for singing under an alternate tune of same metre. 3. Being able to change the tempo would be great. You can sing a Psalm slooow or fast. We all do it naturally anyway. Pros to think about: 1. Pastors etc. looking for pertinent Psalms can search the text for words etc. That is powerful. Other than that, very nice work.

  • Great Psalm Book App!

    by StaceyYrick

    The new version of this app is great. I'm finally happy I paid for it. With the sheet music it will be very useful! I am excited to tell people that this is available. I did have to reinstall to get the update to work but no problems since. Thanks for the upgrade.

  • Deleting & reinstalling app after latest update WORKED!!

    by cHeSeD, sHaLoM

    I LOVE the app even more now that the sheet music & looped audio are available!! Now if only my church would transition from the red psalter to the blue one I'd be set. But since that probably won't happen for years I'll have to be content learning psalm versions here for myself before getting to also sing them with GOD's people in the congregation!

  • Great app!! Could be even better.

    by douglasvan

    Great app for singing the Psalms or learning the words and/or tunes to C&C's new Psalms for Worship. How could this app not be a blessing? However, could be improved by allowing the tunes to be looped. Also, it would be nice to have for the iPad. Thanks C&C for all you do to help recover and promote Psalm singing. New version. The new version is awesome. I have it on both my IPad and iPhone. The app in the new version is slightly different for iPad and iPhone. First, on both platforms they have added the ability to mark favorites and to loop the tune. Personally, I like the ability to loop the tune when learning a new melody so it is possible to practice singing the psalm without having to constantly restarting the melody. On the iPad side, now when you select a psalm not only do you get the words but the complete music as it appears in the Psalter. Very clean and crisp graphics. Overall, a wonderful upgrade to an already excellent app.

  • Good content but some suggestions

    by Pwdennis2

    1. Add ability to search by tune name. That will make the tune recordings useful for people using other Psalters or hymnals. 2. Put the play button on the lyrics page. 3. Add a repeat/endless loop option for the music so we can sing along or learn while reading the lyrics. An excellent Psalter, electronic or otherwise.

  • Great app for learning and singing Psalms

    by NewcreationinChrist

    So excited about this app! I few suggestions for new versions are: make available searches for all songs with same meter, also have a way to mark our favorites. Finally have individual tunes for each part, bass, tenor etc.

  • Psalm app review

    by aleong2911

    Great app but this new update crashes upon opening on the iPod touch...hopefully a fix on the way.

  • Wonderful! A few additions would make it perfect...

    by Pelegrin845

    I love having the Book of Psalms for Worship on my iPod Touch. I've been using the paper edition for a year, and was longing for a more portable way to have it with me. My goal is to memorize the Psalms and I can't think of a better way to do that than singing them! The app is solidly designed, and the quick access scrollbar is a critical feature to "dial up" the appropriate Psalm quickly. I also like that the tunes are available offline once you access them. Three things I would like to see for the Tunes tab, however: 1. As another reviewer said, it would be helpful if the tunes looped instead of just playing once. 2. I often need to transpose the tunes to my vocal range. Since they are midi files (I assume), it should be possible to put a transpose button on that page. 3. It would be nice to be able to change the tempo of the tunes too. The tunes are mostly very slow. It's a great pace for learning, but if your goal is to sing through the whole Psalter regularly, the tunes really need to be a little faster. Other than those items, though, I'm very happy with this app!

  • 10 Reasons to Rejoice and Click "Purchase"!

    by An unnamed RP Pastor

    For Psalm Singin' Mamas: How many mothers with young children have difficulty holding a song book during worship? A song book in one hand and an infant in another is not always conducive to praising God! Now psalm singing moms have an opportunity to see the words on a hand held device that is much more manageable than the song book. For Family Worship: Have you ever wanted to bring your precentor home so that they could help you out in family worship? Now you have the tunes and the words right at the tip of your index finger. Stop making excuses that "I can't read music" and begin filling your house with praise to the King! For Ecclesiocrats: How many pastors and elders have to go to board meetings in Pittsburgh a number of times a year? You bring your clothes, your bible, your psalter, and a host of other things. Now you can leave your psalter at home and bring your iPod. You have it on the plane anyways so that you can listen to New Song (or Johnny Cash). This makes for one less thing to carry on board; and one less thing the feds have to dig through as they are playing big brother with your luggage. For Hikers and Bikers: Who doesn't love to meet with God in the wilderness the way that the prophets of old did? Now you can sing the psalms from the deep woods or the tops of mountains without getting your psalter all sweaty and dirty. How excellent to sing God's praises from the Book of Psalms... this will help. For Amillennials: What better opportunity to sing post-millennial songs than with an App of the Psalter? For Geneva College students: Nothing is cooler than an iPod Touch with the Book of Psalms for Worship App. Need I say more? For K State Students: Nothing is more evangelistic than an iPod Touch with the Book of Psalms for Worship App. Need I say more? For Purdue Students: Nothing is more hard-C.O.R.P.S. than an iPod Touch with the Book of Psalms for Worship App. Need I say more? For Apple Coveters: I needn't say a thing. You all ready have it. For All Christians: We are commanded to sing the Psalms in worship. Do you want to do what Jesus says? This App will help you to conform your life to the Word of God and aid in your glorifying and enjoying Him. That's worth 10 bucks, eh?

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