12 Steps AA Companion - Alcoholics Anonymous Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: Dean Huff
  • Updated: Nov, 14 2008
  • Version: 2.5.1
  • Size: 20.91 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Dean Huff

- iOS7 Compatibility
- Added font adjustment (zoom in or out).
- Larger text box for notes on iPhone5 and iPad.
- Updated many contacts reported by users.
- Fixed iPad rotation issue reported by some users.
- Fixed multiple search result issue.
- Various bug fixes.

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NOW UPDATED TO VERSION 2.5.1 with font size adjustment and iOS7 compatibility!!!

The ORIGINAL & MOST COMPREHENSIVE sobriety tool available for members of Alcoholics Anonymous. With a feature packed Big Book reader, search tool, sobriety calculator, notes, AA contacts database and more, your experience is unmatched! Every member of AA will find this app very useful yet quite simple to use.

Also, be sure to check out our 12 Steps Speakers app for audio AA, NA, CA, OA and Al-Anon.


• Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

• Completely rebuilt with great, new features, functionality and layout improvements
- Beautiful new icon and app design.

- To protect anonymity, the actual app icon does not show references to AA

- View your length of sobriety each time the app is opened
- Calculate the length of sobriety of all your friends

- Highlight text!
- Adjustable font size.
- Collapsible index categories.
- Built in dictionary. Select a word to define
- Read the main 164 pages & more
- Read 60+ stories from 1st & 2nd editions
- Original forewords
- Portrait or Landscape layout for reading
- Tap the screen while reading for full screen view
- Page numbers for the main 164 pages
- Quickly jump to page number (page button)
- Search / Concordance Tool (magnifying glass)
- "Return to Bookmark" from any note made while reading the Big Book

- Morning prayer for "on awakening"
- Night prayer for "when we retire at night"
- Prayers from the steps
- Prayer of St. Francis
- The Big Book's suggestions on prayer

- Extensive gathering of promises throughout the Big Book
- Promises on Experience, Strength and Hope
- Promises from the steps and more!

- Enhanced note sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email
- Copy and Paste or highlight text and tap the note button to auto insert text into Notes
- A great study tool
- Jot down thoughts and ideas for later

- Reach out to US central offices, areas, districts and answering services
- Tap contact buttons to immediately call, e-mail or visit their website
- Edit and add your own recovery contacts
- Contact Support for help via email from contacts
- Built in routing to find contact addresses and quick access to Maps app for specific directions


Thank you everyone that has downloaded this app! I am grateful for your support! I hope you enjoy this app as a tool in your recovery and others.

If you have any comments or concerns please visit www.deanhuff.com


- Only stories from the 1st and 2nd editions could be included.

- The 12 Steps Companion can only be available to US customers.

*Big Book and Alcoholics Anonymous are registered trademarks of AA World Services.

*Please always support AA by purchasing a printed copy from your local central office

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by jadecrown

    I see some complaints about the app not being 4th edition. The developer's description is pretty clear that because of copyrights the 4th edition can't be used so it's not up to him. Bookmarking can be done by adding a note while reading. When you go back to the note, you can select "return to bookmark".

  • A primary resource

    by Jimboxx1234

    The search features are powerful. The ability to enter a single word or phrase, and find all instances of, is immensely helpful in my studies. This is the second edition, not the current fourth edition. The differences are minor and so subtle you may not recognize them. There has been extreme reticence over the years on the part of the active sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous to change anything in the Big Book ... "IF IT WORKS, DON'T FIX IT" ... All changes made have been minor in nature, and reflecting the growth of the Fellowship.

  • I like

    by Misfire97

    Daily reflections would be a great addition . Meeting schedule could be better. All in all ok app. If I didn't pick things apart would I be alcoholic.

  • A great reference tool

    by Super Feather

    Hopefully whoever gets this app has already read the book. If you are familiar with the Big Book then this is a great tool to refer back to. It has search available, the ability to highlight, and the ability to make notes. The extra 12 step prayers is a nice addition. I also like that the opening screen is a sobriety calculator. It's a nice reminder that this thing works.

  • Great when BB is not around

    by Dsg33

    Search feature is great but result remains highlighted. Unable to un-highlight it.

  • Great when BB is not around

    by Dsg33

    Search feature is great but result remains highlighted. Unable to un-highlight it.

  • Great when BB is not around

    by Dsg33

    Search feature is great but result remains highlighted. Unable to un-highlight it.

  • Great when BB is not around

    by Dsg33

    Search feature is great but result remains highlighted. Unable to un-highlight it.

  • So Close!

    by Direct signal

    This app is solid. The notes and highlight options are great! My only complaint is that the italicized words in the book are not present in the app. Please make this identical to the text! Italics!

  • Great app


    This app provides me with everything I need. Got my big book and everything else .

  • Needs the 4th Edition

    by Blackmane0

    I'd gladly give this 5 stars if it had the 4th edition stories added. It's an invaluable tool for recovery.

  • 12

    by Jenni-girl


  • Missing some key points!

    by navychappy

    Acceptance was the key! Big missing piece here! Was pg 449 (3rd ed.), pg 417 (4th ed.), use this & read almost everyday, so I have to leave this app and go elsewhere, finding myself using less & less.

  • Great app but

    by Josh Lambe

    I use this everyday but I wish it had daily reflections built into it.

  • Great app

    by D and M's Mom

    I love this app!

  • OK, but needs work...

    by 23 Agenda

    I like it a lot. Very thoughtful and interesting features. But missing a few critical ones that would make it a 5 star app, IMO. 1) LANDSCAPE MODE for the iPad - this really shouldn't have to be requested for a PAID FOR app. I paid for an iPad app but what I'm getting is an iPhone app that runs on the iPad. This would also make it more like reading a book since a book is double-sided. EDIT 07/21/13 - Landscape works but it doesn't launch into landscape. And, I have to turn the iPad left and right (practically 180 degrees) before it bounces into landscape. Somethings wrong there. My iPad mini is brand new too. 2) Text size should be adjustable - first of all, the fixed text size is too small. I was hoping I could zoom it in a little so I wouldn't need my reading glasses like I do with the print edition. Avoiding the LARGE PRINT EDITION. Turns out that I REALLY need my glasses with this app. Maybe I'll need new glasses if I keep reading it. 3) More Options - change the font, change the background. At least a couple of options would be nice. Most eReader programs have these. That's all for now. Looking forward to the next version.

  • great app so far

    by grateful79

    Just downloaded this. Works in landscape, has search/index capacity; Like the way it shows the search results in relation to one another and the sections/divisions of the bb as well. yippee!

  • Good app. Dislike your unauthorized "principles"

    by cheesymusic

    Nobody should add to the Big Book. You have a section at the end called Principles. You took the steps and put one word as the meaning of each. Bill W. didn't write that--who did? The first step represents Defeat. Newcomers Beware. That list is somebody's idea to do that. There are principles all through The book. Have fun digging for principles. Sara L. Apple Valley 39 years

  • Preamble Doesn't Work

    by Catfish Tales

    Nice app but nothing happens when I press Preamble.

  • Use it every day.

    by Max Zappa

    Love the app. I especially like the notes (bookmarks) feature. It would be nice if there was a way to adjust the order of notes or at least auto-sort according to book location. Different highlight colors would also be cool. Thanks!

  • Needs revision update!


    This is a very well put together and useful app. But if I'm not mistaken this is only the 2nd addition of the big book. The current version being give out in AA meetings is the 4th addition. I would love to keep using this app but I hate having to refer back to my actual big book to make sure I am getting the most up to date text. I would definitely give this a 5 star review if the Dev were to update the text. Also a bookmarking feature would be nice so I could bookmark multiple pages for study purpose.

  • Ouch

    by Spiderground

    I have used the 12 Step Companion for more than a year now, and I loved it. However, it seems the latest update has rendered it utterly useless for me because when I move from the 'Day counter' to the Big book it lets me read only the last open story and none of the navigator buttons works anymore. I might as well delete it and go back to my 'real' Big Book. Bummer.

  • No ability to adjust font size on ipad

    by GregsiPhone

    I've waited years, and this developer still has no font size change ability. This makes no sense, at least use the selected system font size. The competition does both. Thanks, Greg

  • No settings

    by Recovered inLA

    App contains no ability to adjust font size. For those who have vision problems this app is not a vision for you. Developer stated this function may be available in a future update

  • No adjusting allowed

    by Onyx911****

    Can't adjust settings. Also can't get my sober date to save and can't get it to quit coming up on the home screen. Otherwise it's ok.

  • Love this app

    by Big Dog in SD

    My Big Book is a highlighted, ear marked, underlined, and worn out pages piece of my 2 1/2 year Program. I recommend this app to all my fellow members and new comers. I especially like the search feature for "key words" to find instant results on topics of information.

  • Needs 3rd edition

    by Sean3525

    I wish the store doctor alcoholic addict or acceptance is the answer. Best story ever. Add it

  • Anonymous

    by AAnonymous13

    Fantastic app but, why no Twelve and Twelve?

  • AAwesome!!

    by Johnnylikesit

    Great app!! Just wish it had personal stories from 3rd and 4th edition

  • Kran

    by Kranical

    Excellent App Tho I do 4get my big book sometimes 4 BB meeting , I never 4get my phone . Comes in handy

  • Brilliant App

    by Larsiebabie

    There seems to be a lot of griping about this being a second edition. To clear that up, AA lost the copywriter to the second edition so any app that was not put out by AAWS is going to be a second edition. I would love to see a 12&12 companion too but it's not going to happen.

  • Good app but 2nd edition instead of 4th

    by Mmmartin33

    Great app. Good searching. Jump to page. Includes all 164 pages and some stories. But not current. Needs to be updated to 4th edition. Also need to be able to jump to pages including the stories like pg 417 for acceptance once updated to 4th Ed. Notes are gear too. Please change sobriety counter to do years months and days instead of 4.33 years Do 4 years 4 months 12 days. Would recommend to all recovering AA.

  • Sobriety calculator is off 1 day please fix

    by Bills friend

    Don't make money off Alcoholics Anonymous thank you.

  • Worth the money!

    by Wesley Raven

    This is exactly what I was looking for. There are a lot of Big Book apps out there but the searching capability makes this one a thing of beauty. For the price of one or two 7th traditions, this app is more than worth it.

  • Never at a loss.

    by Ike Raoul

    This is a beautiful piece of work and an essential app for anybody who's made the decision to live the steps. The search engine ensures you'll never be at a loss for the reference you need in the moment.

  • Good but flawed

    by ChunkECheeseburger

    Basic app with BB text ansd sime additional features. Problems: sobriety calculator does not work, will not accept different date than current. •No feature in app to contact support •No Help

  • Charging for the bigbook breaks the tradition

    by Cameronlazzari

    Sobriety calculator is not working!!!! Fix it... You charging for a book you didn't write. Dean you are breaking our traditions. Make it free. Stop making money off AA!!!!!

  • Sobriety Counter

    by Recovering GA

    Last 6 months I haven't been able to use the sobriety calendar in this app. I already got charged for it twice and now I doesn't work right! I like the app but I expect it to work as promised

  • Typos

    by saoirseronne

    There are several typos that are annoying to endure, especially in the forwards.

  • Daily user

    by Mutti2two

    Dictionary feature is awesome. Missing one of my favorite stories. Still my most used program resource!

  • I love what is there, missing some things.

    by Neves7j7

    The 12&12 would be great on here but the one thing that makes this app useless in my AA meetings is that it is only 1st and 2nd edition. My meetings use the 4th edition..... Why is this not the latest edition. It would be great If this app had everything needed for AA meetings. Steps, big book etc..... The app is awesome. So easy to navigate and I love all the content that is there, but it is missing some of the most important things. If this had the 4th edition then it will be used much more often in AA meetings. It would expose this app to thousands of potential buys who would also want this app. But right now I have to explain that this app doesn't have the 12 steps nor the 4th edition....

  • Serious 12 Step tools.

    by E.MADare

    Must have for serious recovery. You could have used your programming talents to make another silly game or shopping app, instead you have provided a much needed tool for those seeking spiritual recovery. I tip my hat to you for doing something for good. Thank you. I encourage you to keep on with whatever drove you to complete this project!

  • Best I've found

    by Quetalbuey

    Has everything I am looking for

  • Love it

    by Easy does it in savannah

    I love being able to have my BB anywhere I go. I would love to have my 12&12 on here too... Just a thought thank you for creating the app.

  • Too Many Typos

    by skh2001

    A great and important app, but there are a lot of typos in the text of the Big Book. It needs a thorough proofreading.

  • Sobriety calculator

    by Dimitridraegon

    I bought this app for being able to highlight the big book and the sobriety calculator. I also like the ability to write notes. My daughter pointed out that there is not a time in the calculator. I know a few people that know the time of day (1532 hrs for example, yes I was in the military) that the had their last drink. I am not trying to say adding time to the calculator is necessary, but it would be useful for those that might want a more precise recovery calculation. I know I would use it.

  • Please add font sizes

    by GoodKram

    Great app but the ability to make font larger would be a great addition.

  • Best app ever

    by Daymn33

    Best app ever thanks for changing the morning prayer great job The best part are the step prayers I have been able to use them with others and being able to search phrases has come in handy during discussions. Please make a 12 step app if possible

  • Calculator

    by Blaze420@

    The cal is off it changes the days at 11 o'clock before the day is even over. Please fix

  • Best AA app

    by sdturnbull

    This app is great. Highly recommend buying this app if you are in AA. Worth the $!

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