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Taxi Fare - Make sure you get home with change to spare!

Going to a strange city and are constantly worrying you won't have enough money to get a cab?
Well fear not, input the basic rates into this application and you won't have to worry again! Just input the distance and hit calculate, it's that simple!

The application isn't limited to any currency and you have the option of miles or kilometers.

- Features -

* Easy to use even when hammered!
* Ability to edit any feature of the application to suit your needs!
* Select between miles and kilometers
* Saves and loads your recent settings
* Can clear your last calculation
* Automatic localization for USD, GBP, EUR etc.

WARNING: Cannot deal with annoying chats with the driver.

Customer Reviews

  • Stinks

    by midnightcat116

    Would not recommend to anyone...actually o would go as far as to tell my friends that it stinks

  • No Decimals

    by Bryan White

    You cannot get an accurate fare. I created a trip and because I could not make it $2.50 a mile, I would get huge costs on short trips. Wish I could get my dollar back.


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