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- improved the reliability of network connections

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Crestron is the leader in home automation, controlling lights, shades, thermostats, entertainment and security. Control is always at your fingertips using Crestron touchpanels, remotes and Web-enabled devices such as iPhone™.

Crestron Mobile harnesses the power of 3G and Edge networks to stay connected to the home or office when you’re on the go. View alarm status, adjust lights and room temperature while lying on the beach or sitting in traffic. Crestron Mobile is compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod® touch, and iPad.

Crestron Mobile Pro provides even greater power and flexibility to control your whole house, including pre-set audio and lighting scenes, home entertainment and more.

Crestron Mobile Pro provides the most powerful and complete app for whole house control. Crestron, the leader in home automation controls all home entertainment, lights, shades, thermostats, security and pool while at home and away from touchpanels, remotes and iPhones (original, 3G and iPod® touch). Simply touch the phone to select movies, music and TV in any room. Adjust volume, light levels and room temperature with just one touch. Using the home WiFi network locally or the powerful 3G and Edge networks remotely, total control is always at your fingertips from one simple app.

Just getting started? Try Crestron Mobile free to experience the power and reliability of Crestron home control.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App! But needs update!

    by Ace718

    Please update for the new iPhone 5 resolution. Also please update this app to support the new smart graphics feature that the other newly released "crestron app" supports. Or please allow the paid users of this app the restore purchase on the new crestron app so users who paid $100 for this app can upgrade to the new one without having to pay another $100.

  • Smleaffer

    by Leafs123

    Great app. Need an update for OS6 and iPhone 5 larger screen. How to see it soon.

  • Great app. Well worth $100

    by Ian Duncan

    Anyone that says it doesn't work, or complains that it doesn't connect to their system crazy. The app itself works very well if your system is properly setup. Crestron panels are expensive products, a 100 dollar app literally saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars. One app purchase can go on up to 5 iphones/ipods. So you can look at it as 5 3.5" crestron panels for $20 each. It needs to be programmed into your system by your Crestron dealer, as any other product would. It's not really meant to be a DIY solution to an existing system. If you don't plan on working with your integrator on this, save the money. If you have a knowledgable AV integrator make use of the iPhone and iPad to control your whole house. It's the way of the future in home automation.

  • Check Settings

    by Maverick Integration

    To the people having trouble with orientation : Have you tried going into your iPhone/iPod settings, scrolling to the bottom and clicking "Crestron", and check in there? Latest gen iPod touch and all the orientation options work fine for me! Hope this helps.

  • Works well.

    by PWD

    The latest upgrade provides control panel options that allow you to lock in portrait or landscape modes.

  • App works great! Life changing.

    by TechDude15

    Looks the update fixed the connectivity issues. Everything seems to be working great now. I can't tell you how convenient it is to be able to have access to my home even while I'm away. If anyone has ever thought about automating their home, do it! It's a life changer.

  • Awesome App

    by Mus!cNerd

    I'm totally impressed with this app. I never thought I'd really need to control my home from my iPhone, but now that I can it makes my life way better. Adjusting the climate is a MUST HAVE. It came in handy this past summer with our wacky temperature changes…being able to see who's at the front door from anywhere is incredible. I get to keep tabs on where the kids are around the house too! I highly recommend this. Thanks Crestron!

  • Can't reconnect with ios 5

    by sbarab

    Now that I updated to iOS 5 it won't reconnect after closing the app. I have to close out and then double click and force quit the app and then relaunch. Quite a pain and I told them this and the developer team kept ignoring me saying we will fix it in the final release--I noticed the problem and reported 3 weeks ago. Lame work by the development team.

  • Normally good but Crashes on ios5

    by wassy606

    Been using this since March. Good speed, no noticeable negatives when compared to iPad version. Maybe faster somewhat. Since iOS beta 5 v5 (and through 7 so far) app crashes completely after GUI loads. Awaiting updated app!

  • Update

    by Vlad-ART

    Please update to retina display! Crashes on latest beta of iOS 5 BTW.

  • Why so few reviews?

    by npicklo

    With the new Prodigy line Crestron has entered the entry level home automation playing field. So I am surprised at the little amount of reviews. I have the Crestron Prodigy system in my home and I use the Mobile Pro app on both my iPhone and iPad. It works great. Once connected and updated the commands both sending and receiving is instant. The initial update upon first connecting each time could be a little faster. It takes about 15-30 seconds to update. (Update is when the system is checking the status of each controlled item. Is the family room audio on, game room lights on, etc...) I have programmer additional items to the app like garage door open/close plus status of the garage doors. This is awesome if you leave the house and forget to close them. Only 5 stars because I think the "update" could be faster and I wish for more out of the box theme options.

  • Huge improvement over the free version!

    by CrankNit

    There is a big difference between this version and the free one. After the first time connecting, it stores everything on your iPhone or iPod touch so that subsequent connections are super fast. Dropped connections are also very rare ...totally worth the $99 price! Thank you, Crestron, for making these improvements! Still hoping to see more in the future, such as gauges, sliders and clock.... what would be totally cool is if your Crestron processor could set its system time based on the iPhone's clock... we do Yacht systems and this would be a useful feature to have when the boat moves into a different time zone (obviously pretty useless for a land-based system)

  • Buyer be warned


    Bought this app knowing I needed a paid version, found out instead I should have gotten the “free” version and then buy the pro version through “in-app” purchase. Why it matters I don’t know. Now I have tried to get a refund on this one and the company refuses. Don’t think twice… think THREE TIMES before buying this app!! SO FRUSTRATED. Our church is now out $106.99.

  • Find another product!!!

    by Macan2345

    Don't install Crestron in your home. They overcharge wherever they can, mess the app up with every update and simply could not care less. You cannot enter system fields because the app is stuck in portrait mode. It's been like this for years and they cannot be bothered to sort it out. Don't waste your money.

  • Absolute trash

    by Josepht0

    Stay away from these Crestron apps. I had to start using the $99.00 app because both relatively new MLX-3 remote controls broke within days of each other. One remote's screen stopped working and the other's on and off switch stopped working. We were forced to use this app because of the inferior, yet expensive, products produced by Crestron. My suggestion...stay away from all that is Crestron and if you, like me, are unfortunately an owner of an expensive Crestron system, then stay away from this app. It appears like a 8 year old developed it...

  • Bad

    by Pls fix this problem

    The app has been horrible since I started using it a couple of years ago. It is always glitching, doesn't support scrolling (so it is bed sensitive and overreactive), and is now stuck in landscape mode. This is all not considering the fact that the display is pitiful (how do you design something so ugly let alone costing $100 to not work). It also does not support iPhone 5. While my Sonos system at my summer house has its cons it is far better than crestron. Do yourself a favor and check yourself if you are one behind this app.

  • Poor

    by Not a fun you

    This app is fun when it work. Costly!!! With issues such as "stuck in landscape display on iPhone" & not connecting to my climate control. No real support team from crestron. I have gone to there site and called but you need to call there licensed retailers. Which I did and he could not fix remotely with me on the phone. Now this cost me to have someone out to the house. Rate this as 0-1. App Too costly with no support from crestron for the paying customer. You need to pay the middle man for support.

  • Processing manifest files(2.0.42)

    by Techno mind

    Every time open the app it is processing manifest files and taking longer time for the operation and it is not retain the display contents, this problem need to be fixed in upcoming version.

  • Update Breaks App

    by bwjr

    The newest update ruins the app and experience. The screen no longer rotates. For the price of this app it should have been fixed the next day!!

  • Update. Stuck in landscape.

    by billqaudiovideo

    After the update it stuck in landscape. I contact support with no response.

  • Work well!

    by Jreback

    2.00.38 works well

  • Locked on landscape in iPhone 4s

    by Mr Pir8

    Labels overlap and locked on landscape. We pay too much for this system to have this kind of issue.

  • App needs to be more dynamically updated!!!

    by hvicioso

    These guys are so incredible that they haven't even managed to make a HD icon for the software and retina displays have been around for much more than a year now…. makes you ask yourself where is the attention to detail???

  • Does not support iOS 4!!!!!!!

    by ATL Mac

    Do not buy if you're running iOS 4

  • Crashes iPOD/Phone WIFI do not use in heavy WIFI traffic area.

    by woowoostick

    UPDATE: After trying to use this and troubleshooting for days here is what I have learned on my own; 1. Itouches and iPhones have horrible WIFI. When running the Crestron program there is a heartbeat being sent a bunch of times a second and if the iTouch misses one of these because of some interference the program tries to reconnect which takes 3 to 4 seconds which was happening at about once every minute. Annoying and unuseable!! 2. There is no timeout on the itouch WIfI but the Crestron program crashes Apple's WIFI and shuts WIFI down, making the user press home and then wait for reconnect and reopen the Crestron program. 3. These are the same problems that I have with the free version and I will not recommend the use of these programs to my clients anymore since every time I have has ended in disappointment. Crestron doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that their app crashes the WIFI on the iPOD/iPhone causing the user to have to press the home button wait for WIFI reconnection then load the App again. I have used many different setting and I am using the recommended WAP from D-link. I can't be the only one with this problem. I have used wireshark to trace the network packets and noticed bad packets being sent from 4 different installations but that doesn't cause the crash. I have contacted Crestron multiple times and they say they never heard of this problem. Usually Crestron has great support but it seems that this app is just a side project and not important. Well it is important to the client that is trying to run a custom programmed show in front of hundreds of people. This product is too risky to use anywhere other then someones home when they don't care if it could crash at any given time.

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