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- improved the reliability of network connections

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Crestron is the leader of home automation, controlling entertainment and environmental systems from touchpanels, keypads, remotes and Web-enabled devices such as an iPhone and iPad.

Mobile Pro G uses 3G or Wi-Fi communication to keep you connected in the home, office and on the go. View room and device status; select movies and music; adjust volume, climate, lighting and security. (Required control module must be uploaded to Crestron control system by authorized dealer) Use the GUI provided or customize your own.

Crestron Mobile Pro G talks directly to the home control system without third-party software or external servers.

Customer Reviews

  • Review

    by francesshag

    Product okay. Just wish you didn't have to purchase individually for each of your own devices. Sometimes I have iPhone handy others ipad. Doesn't seem fair to consumer that a purchase must be made twice.

  • Updating Time

    by Philip Simotas

    At first it was great, everything was working. Now it is taking forever to update, it's been 15 minutes and it has not updated and I haven't been able to use the app.

  • Crashing during startup on ipad4

    by Kktbf51

    On ipad3 we have to wait for the app to update the status all the time. Upgraded to ipad4 hoping the extra CPU speed would help but now we cannot use it because the app crashes during start up. Had to keep the ipad3's so we can continue to control our house and now have to live with a very slow response during each status update. Crestron please fix the problems with this application.

  • Update error

    by Topmav3

    Good update.

  • I travel and I love this app

    by workaholic782

    This app is awesome, my programmer set me up so I can leave the house for trips and turn the temperature to where I want it right before I board my plane. I save money every week and my house is nice and cool when I walk in the door. I can turn on my lights from anywhere in the world. I'm sure my cat thinks the house is possessed – because the lights go on and off, but it’s just so cool to show people I can control all the stuff in my house – wherever I am. I don’t have any problem connecting quickly – there’s a setting to check for updates… my guy told me to leave that off unless I have changes made.

  • Not as fast to connect

    by Rlmay45

    Bring back the way last version connects.

  • A nice compliment to my control system

    by Robodon23

    This was a great addition to my control systems in my office and home. I first added it to my home and it was a little shaky at first, but after a few updates it really became my goto device even though I have wired panels throughout the house. I then had iPads integrated into all my conference rooms at my office, this was more cost savings than anything. We were able to update all the technology in all our conference rooms without having to buy brand new 3000$ touch panels.

  • Solution for portait mode

    by Maxvaldes

    If you updated the app and it was programmed in portrait mode, just go to creston settings in the system preference screen, then lock the screen in portrait mode and presto!

  • Reviwer12233

    by Reviewer12233

    I have had no problems with this app. I read the reviews below. The problems of rotations are user error. They should check in the settings menu for the "lock rotations" checkbox. That locks the screen so it will rotate or lock in portrait or landscape mode. The other issues are network issues...not the app.

  • What a joke!

    by CubanB3

    After reading all the negative reviews I have a few suggestions for those of you not happy with the app. First: if your not a crestron dealer or know how to program in debt systems do not purchase this app or give negative reviews based on your ingnorance. Second: if you have payed a company to get this working for you and you are having major issues (connection problems, poor control issues). Fire your integrator and hire someone that knows what they are doing, not some cheap trunk slamming AV company. Also if your AV company had you purchase this app before they got everything up and running both of you are idiots. This app when properly programmed and using proper equipment, can run multiple iPads, iPhones and control hundreds of lights, shades, TVs, and integrate with multiple different equipment manufactures.

  • Can't get to settings

    by Shamu124

    The new update opens the program so quickly that you can no longer get to the "settings". It used to be that when you opened the app, you had to quickly hit the settings button to get to them. Now, there is no way to get to the options. If I ever need to make a change, I will not be able to.

  • Problem

    by ARMS_Beat

    Hi, Thats Great App but I have a problem, my design in the Ipad is horizontal, when i update the app the objects are crushed.

  • Works great for me!

    by Electric44

    Been using this for a while now. Controls security at my house as well as controls for my pool and jaquzzi. Really pleased. My only complaint is, if you've paid for the iPad app, you should have access to the iPhone version with ought having to buy again.

  • Don't Blame The App For Bad Programming

    by Cody Christensen

    In reply to Jafetica888, there is so much wrong with your situation, it's sad. You need to hire a different integrator, the one you're using obviously doesn't know what they're doing. As you experienced, Crestron really doesn't deal directly with end users. You wouldn't expect Boeing to help because you had a bad experience with American Airlines, would you? Contact Crestron and ask for a dealer/programmer recommendation. They WILL help you with that. The shown screen templates ARE available, on Crestron's web site to authorized dealers. Is $99 for the app REALLY that egregious? How much have you spent on your automation system? How much is a Crestron touchpanel which you're not buying because you have the iPad app? If feedback to the iPad is slowing down the system that much, your processor is already overloaded, and/or not programmed correctly. You absolutely can use more than one iPad at a time. The system just needs to be programmed to allow it. Your integrator is confusing the fact that only one iPad can connect to a single instance in the program at a time. They just need to add another instance. The only exception is if you are using Prodigy, which I am starting to suspect. This is Crestron's entry level system, and as such has some severe limitations to keep the cost down. Again, find another integrator, if only to give a "second opinion" on your system. These issues CAN and SHOULD be resolved.

  • The greatest thing ever.

    by Alistaire S

    I'm a Crestron dealer in Los Angeles and have installed about a dozen iPad driven Crestron systems so far this year. The program requires a bit of tweaking and doesn't have all the functionality depicted in the demo. That said, this app (programmed and configured correctly, of course) is probably the single most impressive innovation we've seen in 28 years of business. It's by far the best addition/upgrade anyone can make to their existing home automation/AV system and it's especially well-suited for people new to home automation and technophobes. It's an astonishingly cool, revolutionary game changer that essentially makes any other wireless touch-panels (at 2-6 times the cost) obsolete. Without exception, every one of my clients are delighted with the app. --Michael Daugherty

  • Update breaks some controls

    by mdv59

    Update: latest version 2.00.25 fixes problems with labels not updating. Seems to handle reconnecting a little better too. I'm using this with a Prodigy system so it may be different for the Crestron installations. Since the May 4, 2011 update the lighting scenes captions no longer appear on the buttons (ie. Scene 1, Scene 2) and the screen listing Media options does not display the choices until you hit the up or down arrow. The reconnecting every time you switch to the app is annoying, but I could live with that since everything else worked okay. Now some of the stuff that was working no longer works. Please fix it.

  • This app is awesome !!

    by A1m1

    I use this app to control my home theater as well as all the lights and temperature in my house. My iPad has 3G service from AT&T so I can even access my house and monitor and control things remotely. This just came in really handy. I left in a rush for the airport and when I was half way there I couldn't remember if I turned off all the lights. When I got to my gate I turned on my iPad, logged into my house and made sure that everything was off. So cool.....

  • Great App for Professional Installations.

    by AV-Texas

    This app allows your iPad to have the same controls as a expensive Crestron touch panel. You must have a programmer / dealer that understands the iPad programming modules. We have several installed in our organization with more to come.

  • Wonderful remote

    by ADKnick

    This is a fantastic app and a better, cheaper alternative to purchasing another Prodigy remote. The installer took 2 hours to program and the app is more user friendly than the remote. Highly recommend to anyone using the Prodigy system.

  • Wow!

    by Shudabo

    Awsome app. I can control my entire home from anywhere. Setting thermostats and lights while away is awesome. The gestures are a nice touch. Get a good programmer because the app is only as good as the program it was written on. I used E.D. (Electronic Dreams) In Houston to do mine. Ask for Wes.

  • Not all that

    by Marty Rob

    Not all that in a bag of chips. It has to update all the time. When it does this it can take up to 5 minutes.

  • iPad problem

    by Help me more

    iPad will not rotate to portrait mode. And can not use all the features . Bad update wait for to fix.

  • Update needs updating!!

    by Clint Carlton

    I must say that the Adagio Crestron system, as a whole, is quite amazing. That being said, I spent the equivalent of a new BMW to have my house automated. The iPad app was one part of the control options integrated into the automation. However, the developers of this app just get it wrong, over and over. We are continually pinned down by the horrible output of the Crestron Mobile Pro app. It essentially calls into question the validity of the entire decision to automate in the first place. Each update causes another round of technical issues which in turn requires a service call from the dealer aka $$$$. One would think that a $99 app should simply work. I guess we were all wrong. And screen is stuck in landscape as well. This update needs to be fixed and all future updates need to be listed with a warning.

  • Update Broke VPN access

    by amoricaorbust

    After this update, I am no longer able to connect to my work systems via VPN.

  • Terrible

    by Cap'n-T

    App is slower than ever. iPhone version now doesn't work in the vertical position. Very cumbersome when it loses connection. Crestron needs to improve this or I will scrap the whole system. What a waste.

  • update ruined the app! Won

    by Aspiring musician

    This was a wonderful app until I loaded the "update." Now it won't work….my iPad doesn't open at all (gives me a message that says "Panel is designed for landscape mode only" and the iPhone version only works in horizontal mode and not in vertical at all. I've paid a small fortune for the system and the apps---we deserve better for the so-called "update" which has ruined the application which I need due to traveling away from home and needing to monitor home systems. This needs to be corrected IMMEDIATELY!

  • Update messed up the app

    by bwjr

    First I tried to handle this by clicking on the app support link, which takes me to a dealer login FAQ page. This is not helpful to end user customers who have paid $100 for the app. The update today caused my iPad to not be able to rotate to vertical so I can't access the features in my app. This is stupid to begin with but this needs to be fixed. Of course this happens when I am away and need the app

  • New update


    The new download crushes the buttons when the iPod is horizontal.

  • Cool but not practical

    by Cdobber

    I've been using this app for approximately 6 months to control my entire basement (theater and lighting.) The cool factor is certainly here to show off to my friends. However, it doesn't take long to realize how impractical it is to use the app due to continuously having "connection interruptions." When the program sits idol too long you essentially need to reboot the app and start over. I've finally started to only use this app to turn my basement "on" and set my scenes. I then only use my crestron remote to change channels, control the blu-ray etc. Is it worth a $100 to show off to your friends and then use the remote for your daily use? Your call, remember too, you also have to pay the programmer to sync your app with your system (another $100 or more.)

  • Crestron connection

    by Marcmen

    The problem with app is that always looses connection and take 3 mins too online. Crestron needs to address this. The app isn't very practical if it goes offline all the time and needs to reconnect.

  • rather disappointing ...

    by Jafetica888

    Let me try to write something positive first, though I am hard pressed: after a day of trying, my integrator got the program partially to work, I can control my house through my Ipad (which is what I wanted). This is also where it ends. One is essentially buying a black screen and has to pay a programmer to write a program for it, no template is provided. The pretty pictures that Crestron shows are nothing but that - no template is provided, even for the most basic functions. Wouldn't this be the minimum expectations for a $99 app? Still don't know what I got for my money. I said above that the controls work, but it is slow, cumbersome, very limited and far from smooth. Any feedback from the system to the Ipad (like displaying the playlists and what songs/TV is playing) slowed down the system to the point of unusability and we had to take it out. YOU CAN NOT USE TWO IPADS AT THE SAME TIME - really? Wouln't this make sense to have easy controls for each family member, either ipad or pod? Tried calling customer service and it is frightening to observe their 'I don't care' attitude and one literally telling me 'we don't talk to consumers'. WHAT?? Continuaton of all the other challenges with Crestron - really can't recommend any of their products

  • Not worth the money .... lacks useful functionality

    by BSabio

    I d/l'd this app to install on my iPad2 to be able to FULLY run and control my Crestron Adagio system in my yard. I have five zones, Sirius and two iPods connected and I wanted to be able to CONTROL each zone and each device. There are NO VISUAL voloume controls so I managed to BLOW four speakers out. Also you cannot 'finger' control the software on the iPad you have to use this dumb little up and down arrows .... with over 8,400 songs on my iPod you can imagine how FRUSTRATING that is. Had I known then what I know now, I NEVER would have purchased this app THEN PAID my software consultant $1,000 to install and configure everything, not to mention $179 for the Apple AirPort Extreme PLUS another $550 for blown speakers .... an $1,800 DISAPPOINTMENT.

  • App is a great idea although functionality needs improvement

    by Danieele

    I purchased the app to control my stereo system- tuner and ipod. I'm disappointed with the integration with the ipod. I am unable to easily change the playlist. The "back button" and arrows do not enable you to select and change the playlist. The functionality to change songs on the ipod is straightforward although slow to respond. The volume control is not available as I do not have a crestron tuner and the tuner presets are only programmable by the installer. The app is a great concept although I'm disappointed with the current functionality and ease of use.


    by Zjediknight

    Bought two copies for my ipad and my wife's ipad. The app continuously locked up and didn't work. My dealer, Integrysis in Chicago, tried to get crestron to fix the bug but a month later it was still locked up. Had to switch to teleport app as an alternative. I called Crestron support for a refund and they told me to go to apple. In fact, his exact quote was "if you buy a coke from a vending machine and it doesnt work, you dont call coke, call the vending machine". Can you spell RIP OFF?

  • Problems

    by Jaypark30

    This app used to be great. Now it crashes,says Low Memory and is missing text on the lights, cable and iPod sources.please fix or let me go back to old version ASAP

  • New update reduces functionality

    by nbmp

    Similar to the review by mdv, I'm using this with the Prodigy system. The update requires frequent reconnections to the system and the first screen of media options is blank (you have to scroll up to find yours). I don't have any lighting controls yet, but will definitely hold off on purchasing any until they fix this app.

  • Problematic!

    by Crestnut

    You will fight this app! Does not work smoothly like Crestron equipment should. Constantly updates before being able to use. Locks up frequently. After updating it just got worse. Slider readings and temperature disappeared. It also must be logged on before opening and updating then it can be used. Very inefficient. Needs a lot of work.

  • Waiting for the fix

    by TexanTaylor

    I've had this app for 7 months for my Crestron home system. The lighting and a/v work pretty good - when they work. The problem is that the app actually resides in the Crestron processor and not on the iPad. This results in the processor having to send the entry screens to the iPad every time you connect. But there us a major problem with connecting to the processor. Sometimes it takes rebooting the processor and up to 10 minutes of on/ off/ restart to get it to work. I've replaced all the switches and routers in the house and installed new Apple AirportExtremes, all to no avail. Then Crestron engineers came to my home on 2 separate occasions to troubleshoot the problem. At first they said the system is not designed to operate with multiple wireless access points, so I split my networking two, but that wasn't the problem. Now they say that their only hope for a fix is a new Mobile Pro G update supposedly submitted to Apple in January 2011. In the new version the app will reside on the iPad and simple send commands to the Crestron processor. It is now almost May 2011 and the app update has still not been released. Apple said in an email to me this week after I submitted a tech support question that it only takes Apple a few days to release an app once it is submitted to them. So where is the update? Is Apple lying (a few days to release?) or Crestron (update submitted Jan 2011). As for me, I'm stuck with a product that doesn't perform like Crestron said it would. This sure makes me gun shy about dealing with both Crestron and Apple.

  • Scam

    by Carey_p

    Nothing like what they advertise. The controls are totally different from what is advertised

  • Do not recommend

    by Crestron Customer

    I would give it a zero if I could. We have a one year old Crestron system in our house using Adagio for sound distribution. I purchased this app based on the fact that I had everything I needed for it to work according to their requirements. My Crestron installer spent half a day trying to get it to work. Tech support at Crestron was not helpful. My installer thinks he can get it to work with a lot of additional programming (24-30 hours at $90 per hour). I am not willing to sink more money into this. I want my money back!

  • Crestron panel

    by Lake-effect

    This app turns the iPad into a great easy to use touch panel. This might not be the answer for a commercial site, but is perfect for residential. The ability to surf the net, check email, and control my house for less then half a standard Crestron panel is well worth it. If you don't know what Crestron is then I recommend contacting a dealer first, this is not something you can just download and go.if you have Crestron already then i would recommend this for home or a nice 2nd panel at the office.

  • Awesome for us and our clients!

    by Silver02Suby

    This app is incredibly fast to connect, and works wonderfully. Can't wait for native support of rotation between portrait and landscape, but so far so very good!

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