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Updated library interface, stability improvements, bug fixes.

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Consumer Reports - the magazine that millions trust to give them expert, unbiased Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations about all the products they buy – is now available on your iPad and enhanced with videos, images and much more. From cars to toasters, digital cameras and TVs, Consumer Reports has all you need to know before you buy.

Take a look – for free. Download the app and check out our free iPad preview issue. Interested in more? Each new monthly issue will be available for $4.99 as an in-app purchase. We’ll let you know when the next one is available.

If you cannot view the Consumer Reports Privacy Policy on this page, you can access it at the following URL:

Subscriptions are available!
Automatically renewed subscription options:
• 1-month for $2.99
• 1-year for $24.99
Please note that your credit card will be charged automatically for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Auto-renewal can be changed by going to the settings in your iTunes account.
Subscriptions start with the latest issue. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

February issue now available for download. Highlights:

• Shape up at home: How to choose a machine that
helps you reach your goals

• Top Snow Blowers — 19 Recommended models and how to pick the right one for you.

• Is your Chicken safe to eat? — How to protect yourself.

• Best new car values — how to get the most bang for your buck

• PLUS WATCH EXCLUSIVE CONSUMER REPORTS VIDEOS — including buying guides for snow blowers, rowing machines, treadmills, and ellipticals ... PLUS, road tests of the Volkswagen CC, Mercedes-Benz CLA250, Ford C-Max Hybrid, and more.

Customer Reviews

  • CR Works for Me, Great App

    by Fohiva

    I don't understand all the negative reviews, I was hesitant to download this App after reading all the negative reviews, but decided to see for myself. I use this App without any problems, everything works, no login issues, no logout issues, no freezing, no restarts no problems with the videos, magazine downloads, articles, no problems at all. Sometimes the download takes a few, but nothing worth complaining about. I've been a CR member for 13 years and find this App to be very convenient, easy to use and navigate. I'm glad I have it and will use it often, beats looking for an old article, when all you have to do is turn on your iPad and there it is.

  • Works For Me!

    by 1togo

    I don't know what all the negative reviews are about - works perfectly for me. I get the print & online version. I entered my address label subscriber numbers, my online user name & password & it worked without a hitch. Looks beautiful & now I don't have to hunt all over the house for the back issue of the magazine that I want to read. They are all listed there on my iPad, waiting in the cloud.

  • Perfect App

    by Jack-rabbit

    Reading the disparaging remarks of all those negative reviewers left me wondering what universe they are living in or what device they were trying to use. I found NONE of their complaints to be true. And if they once were, they no longer are, so all such reviews should be ignored and preferably deleted. And to the guy who complained that portrait mode is the only option, tell me -- do you get to read the print version in landscape mode? What silly negativity! The app does EXACTLY what it's supposed to do, and the included videos are a real standout.

  • App works fine

    by Cccccurtissss

    Not sure exactly what everyone is complaining about, but I just installed the app and it works just fine. They must have fixed whatever problems it was having before

  • search function

    by Hunterhos

    App needs a search function. I have a print subscription as well but neither does me any good if I cant figure out where to look for a certain product and what volume it appeared in.

  • No problems

    by Knot-a-Moron

    I don't understand why this has such a low rating. I've never had any problems with it. And it is great to have instant access to CR mag on my iPad. The added functionality of links to additional content and videos is brilliant.

  • I reacted too quickly

    by Marshal357

    I guess I'm easily frustrated, but now that I'm logged in I find that it works just fine. My only complaint is that it requires viewing in portrait only. That reads fine for my sweatheart, but I prefer landscape.

  • Misleading sales pitch

    by Db9man

    If you subscribe to you cannot use this App. I immediately cancelled my subscription after finding out about this misleading marketing program. Other magazines, you subscribe and get access to online data through the App. Not with these clowns.

  • Fantastic

    by Joh1234felicia

    This is my first month subscription, and the app worked beautifully! Reading on my iPad was easy, and I love the feature of adding a favorite for articles I want to refer back to easily. App worked like a charm.

  • Won't stay logged in

    by Fairgame74

    Nice to read and not having to carry paper version. Would be nice if the app stayed logged in month over month Ike all other similar apps!

  • Constant Logout

    by Waters of the Nile

    CU is the worst offender among my magazines for logging me out. I'm giving three stars rather than less because, while logged in, the magazine is actually OK. But I wouldn't rate it as 5 stars, even if the logout problem is fixed, because navigation can be somewhat unintuitive (do I swipe down? across?). For me, the iPad version is trying too hard to be like the print version. The gold standard, for me, among iPad magazines is the Economist. CU is in the middle.

  • Was good now no landscape

    by Beta1024

    I have had this for awhile but starting "last" month ( sept.) landscape reading didn't work except for some ratings charts. In the Oct. issue now QuickTime videos don't work in landscape. It is not an iPod issue. For example on screen volume control rotates and landscape works on the Internet site

  • PPP "Piss Poor Planning"

    by Shadowsmom47

    Will not let me download magazine without paying. I have a print subscription already so I don't need to pay again. I Have tried many times to access with their crazy login to no avail. CR, please fix this app as it is useless to me!

  • Not worth the effort

    by fishback1

    Here I sit attempting to use this app to no avail! It's terrible. As one person said, "I have a printed copy in my hand", why torment myself with this useless program? Not good, CR!


    by quonz

    Rip off!! Wanted to see their reviews of products. No interest in this at all. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

  • Not worth the effort

    by The1Counselor

    Are you kidding? You people are smarter than that.

  • Not up to Consumer Report Standards

    by DaveTrx

    Not available for customers. Bummer. This is the one person who would benefit from an app. I am not going to subscribe twice. I have been a Consumer Reports customer for years an am about ready to drop subscription.

  • Cheap

    by Mr whiskers123

    Very disappointing that print and online subscribers have to pay extra for digital copies.

  • CR needs to improve

    by DrYSG

    For a mag that strives to appeal to be consumer friendly, this is not. I have both print and online, but even after success in logging in with my label, it is asking for $$ for issues.

  • limited functionality

    by PetrusKantor

    Looks “pretty” but why locked to portrait mode? is it because they pay some intern to scan current mags into a PDF and that’s it? I’ll never know, nothing downloads, and how can you search for anything? Bad move, CR, laughable pice of uselessness coming from you is a shame.

  • A joke

    by Mrrocketman19

    I have to sign in using a number off of my lable every time I use this. If I have the issue in my hand why would I use the app?

  • Absurd

    by Feghuy

    Nothing but punishment for Consumer Reports print subscribers who supposedly now get on line access. When reach site, just wants to sell back issues.

  • No access

    by ChanceVau

    There is no access for online only subscribers. Do not intend to subscribe twice.

  • Crashes when entering password

    by Tomwhowho

    A year ago it worked then they made changes and you have to log in everytime or pay $4.50 per issue. I am not even going to bother with them anymore because it really doesn't work and hasnt for a long time. They could give up a liitle on overreacting to piracy and keeping customers like me,

  • Poor navigation and login

    by Old Eyes

    Very convoluted system for logging in and verifying identity. This new version has forgotten existing users, so you go through the nonsense with label codes all over again. Hey, guys, it's a magazine not a bank. Lighten up. Portrait orientation only. Everyone else has figured out how to adapt to the users' preference. How about it, CR? Navigation is confusing: you never know which way to scroll. Worst of all, you can't search for articles, even among the volumes you've downloaded. CR likes to charge its customers over and over for the same content, and it's clear they're being careful not to make this app too good, fearing that we won't pay for both the print and online versions. Pretty sad.

  • terrible pretend app.

    by fujimo11

    1, tall view only. This is really annoying when you have a keyboard with a case attached in horizontal configuration. 2. no search function for previous issues 3. Not laid out well at all. I was wrong to trust that it would be useful

  • Terrible

    by Bonney St. Jean

    Ipad app is a clunker. Even after you purchase app you cannot log onto website. That is not considered a separate subscription, yet if you order the magazine in print it comes with it. Took a few customer service reps at CR to pass this information on to the consumer. Buyer beware

  • Missing the fine print

    by Wrona

    This app is fine, but what is missing is the fine print about the subscription. For $30 I was led to believe that I got access to the online site AND iPad version. When I tried to access the iPad magazine, I found that these issues are NOT included in the online subscription. In fact, the only place I could fine any info was under my account info on the site. That's where is details that with the $30 subscription, you get a preview copy on the iPad app then you can buy additional month's individually or with another $25 iPad subscription. I'm disappointed with the misleading advertising from Consumer Reports. Who's going to give them an independent rating in their own magazine?

  • Doesn't work 100%

    by rosenbella

    I just subscribed for a year which I thought was a good value for $24.99 for the entire year. The problem came when I went to read the magazine. There are features in which there are second that scroll or you press buttons to reveal additional sections and information. When you scroll or press, the additional text overlays on top of the original rendering it unreadable. One section in Feb 2014 edition was on recalls. Button 2 revealed the car I drive ! But I couldn't read it and had to go and search on the internet to find the info. If this gets fixed this will be a 5 star app !

  • I wish I could put negative 1000000 stars!!

    by NY1123

    This app is crappy and after I deleted the app, it made my whole App Store freeze!! This is horrible !

  • Useless (need zero star rating)

    by Bill-bill the boss

    Reviews below are correct

  • Frustratingly bad app

    by Wyona

    I got this app to work once to access the digital version of my print subscription. Once. Once only. Repeated attempts to access my account failed every time. The registration process is also needlessly complicated and error prone. Come on CR, you are only a magazine, not the Pentagon! As a long time print subscriber I am frustrated with this sub-standard app.The digital edition was very good BTW. Too bad I can’t say the same for the app. UPDATE: Still remains one of the worse magazine apps I have ever used. Every new issue requires a complex and frustrating sign in procedure. Why does CR make it so difficult whereas other digital magazines make it so easy? UPDATE 2014: CR Online still remains the very worst digital sub app ever. It is difficult to understand how such a great periodical can get it wrong for so long. In order to download each month, it is necessary to enter your user name and password exactly. Unfortunately, your iPad will not remember your login information as is the case with almost all other digital subscriptions. What is wrong with you, CR staff?

  • Unable to login

    by fredg65

    Unable to login.

  • Worthless - Consumer Reports

    by Productve

    Absolutely a failure. Obviously CR does not rate themselves. Don't waste your money. CR is now off my list.

  • How Ironic

    by Rex l

    I have been a subscriber to consumers Union for 60 years, and I am surprised and appalled by the impenetrable app that makes it almost impossible to sign in. How could this have happened? How ironic.

  • Complete waste of your time.

    by Spade Falcon

    Don't even bother trying to get Consumer Reports on your iPad or other device. It is horribly difficult to log-in. When you do finally log-in it crashes and you are logged-out once more! If you enjoy the ObamaCare website then you'll enjoy this also. Between the two you can waste dozens of hours of your time,

  • Not worthy

    by Kbgn21

    This is a piece of crap. They charged me money but i was not able to download anything. Finally called itunes store then they give me the money back. Irony is that they criticize everybody for not doing something right in fact they cant do something right.

  • Consumer Reports app

    by Backwoods12T

    Bad app. Very difficult to sign in, and after you're there,even more difficult to navigate.. I'll stick to the printed magazine .

  • Very glitchy

    by NormF16

    Logs off too quickly. Very annoying to be in the middle of an article and have the system log off so that you can't finish the story. Crashes on iPad 1, iPad mini and iPhone. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Used to work, now it just crashes

    by windracer_jr

    It wasn't a perfect app but it was convenient to be able to read my latest issue of CR at Starbucks or whever on my iPad. Not sure what happened but now I can't even open the app ... it just crashes immediately. I've tried removing and re-installing, no luck. Guess I'll have to go back to the more stable print version. Update: this app still crashes all the time and I can't even open an issue to read. Very dissapointing!

  • OK when it seldom works

    by John Klein

    Nothing but trouble downloading new issues. The log in is useless. You have to go to the "new account" section but it won't let you login with your user name and password. It keeps pushing you to enter your subscription number. Who remembers that? Even when you do the current month keeps showing as a purchase required. This app is tied to the paper subscription and not the on line version. The two are separate and require 2 different service numbers for tech support. How useless. Get the online very version and login through your browser, but don't pay twice for the paper/app version. This is clearly the worst performing app I have ever used.

  • Wow, lousy app, does cr even care for their customers

    by cabincruiser

    Terrible app amongst many great bookshelf apps. Requires frequent logging in, doesn't auto load issues, stops in the middle of loading an issue and crashes. No problems with wsj, nytimes or Angie's list in bookshelf. Remember that old saying about when you point a finger you have 3 fingers point back at yourself.

  • Don't waste your time or money

    by rptoney

    I tried both the magazine (purchased in newsstand) and the App (iTunes). By the time you gain access to the content, chances are you'll have forgotten what you wanted to research. Both initialization and revisiting consumer reports content is a nightmare. I suspect they used the same developer as .gov hired to develop the Obamacare. Too bad, because the magazine itself is quite useful. Sadly, the app however is a major disappointment. There is very little content and many of the products are outdated. It's clear that consumer reports investment into digital technology is a reluctant effort at best.

  • They need to fail themselves!

    by Michael Votta

    The absolute worst ap you will ever try to use! Crashes before it even opens. Horrible!

  • Subscription Renewal

    by Mountaineer '74

    Had a CR subscription for a year and all seemed to work fine. I received a notice from the Apple Store that my credit card had been automatically charged for a renwal of CR. Not being a able to access the renewal in Newsstand on my IPAD, I called Apple support and was told to contact the program developer at CR. I contacted CR to be told that they had no record of a subscription let alone a renewal. I contacted Apple support again. After 3 hours on the phone, I was finally able to speak with a person at the Apple Store. My subscription was cancelled and my credit card is to be credited. I was thinking about going back to letting the US Post Office deliver a subscription of CR but think I'll wait until CR does a consumer study about online magazine subscriptions and include themselves in the study. 1/2 of a star to Apple and no stars to CR.

  • Terrible

    by cole.clark

    I love the magazine but the app is horrible. Won't save login details, navigation is bizarre and impossible to learn.

  • Impossible to log in

    by nwmtnguy

    I give up. I know I'm using the right login info, but no matter how many times I try it fails. The app is simply broken and doesn't work. It's ironic that this is what we get from an organization dedicated to being a consumer watchdog.

  • Disappointed

    by Eiwilson

    Why won't newest month load. Print version arrived and email notice that it was ready to download. Been trying for two days. Nothng???

  • Don't use!

    by John '79

    It is just an endless loop asking you to reset your iPad notifications. Don't try it or you'll just have to restart your iPad. What a shame for Consumer Reports!

  • Wait for the Update

    by Star2dreamon

    The app is currently a lesson in frustration. Needs an immediate update before you have to give yourself a bad rating. The reason for 2 stars is I've seen worst apps.

  • Ironically, a rip-off from a self-professed consumer advocate

    by underdog2

    I subscribe to Consumer Reports, yet found the iPad app so buggy that I deleted it. Now, new iPad in hand, I thought I would give them another chance. Big mistake. After an hour struggling with usernames and passwords that didn't work, I relented and went through the ordeal of requesting a new password, which means a bunch of resubscribing on my Mac, iPhone, and other devices. After going through the cumbersome password process twice, complete with a super secret confirmation number that must be memorized instead of copied, I learned that my efforts had been rewarded and I was now once more among the elite who have figured out how to subscribe to CU. Not so fast. It turns out I now have the privilege of paying $4.99 an issue. This is a rip-off. Don't be a sucker, and please don't buy a new or used car from these scam artists.

  • Too many log-in's

    by Rvr9

    App makes you log in every time you want to see a new (to you) issue.

  • Awful

    by Gussies

    As a print subscriber, I am disappointed in not being able to access this month's issue on my iPad. Shame on Consumer Reports for advertising the ability to do so, then not delivering. Think you'll ever see them criticize their App in their magazine? I think not.

  • More than disappointing

    by vaopihjenfg

    Kicked me out a third time after writing a paragraph review. This App is a waste of time, don't bother. All other reviews (the majority of one stars) except the few "pleased" users, are true in my case too.

  • Not updating at all, no new issues since August

    by Phinneas Q. Butterfat

    I receive the analog version of this but the iPad edition has not updated since August. The app icon is showing the latest edition in the store but nothing in the library. Pretty poor showing Consumer Reports.

  • C U should test this

    by Stagfan

    For an organization that is built on consumer satisfaction, this thing is quirky and bombs out regularly. You hold your breath every time you have to sign in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If you get it to work, once in, it is a pretty good app. Amazingly, after resetting my password, it took 3 attempts before I could log in again. Quirky, needs work, not ready for prime time.

  • No access

    by ikemarrus

    Should be able to access with online subscription. Can't!

  • App forces login every time

    by Yakuzajo

    As magazine apps go, this one is pretty good. The real drag is that it never remembers my password, so I'm forced to log in every time I want to view an article. Frustrating and annoying.

  • Search tool?

    by Cbkaty

    Where is the search tool?

  • Does Not Work

    by Jebavonct

    As many other reviewers have said, this app crashes all the time. I have been unable to download last 2 issues because it shuts down. It has been 6 months since last update. It is apparent that CR does not want to support this app since they have allowed a non-functional app to exist for such a long time. Beyond the crashing, last time it did work it was annoying that this is the only magazine that required login every time you wanted to download anything.

  • This app continually crashes!

    by LizMoves

    I was thinking this would be a great extension of my subscription, but I cannot get it to work. The app crashes every time I try to use it. It need lots of fixes! I hope it gets fixed soon.

  • consumer reports iPad edition

    by Karlfranz2

    Terrible. Can't get the current edition. CR should be ashamed.

  • Won't remember you!

    by 28Schet

    This could be a great app if it remembered you from one use to another. Constantly have to re-log which is a real pain.

  • Rip off

    by csjohn

    Ironic that a magazine that touts being the consumer's friend is so anti their own customers. I called to ask for assistance in signing in so I could enjoy my purchase and fours the most rude unhelpful jerk on the other mend of the line. Trying to navigate their absurd password reset and login process is one frustrating joke. Downloading magazines is a nightmare. Want to waste your money? Here is an idea: subscribe to consumer reports. BTW former Apple employee. Reasonably tech proficient. Only rarely get my fingers stuck between the keys on the keyboard.

  • Crashes

    by Jeffb255

    The need to put this app thru the same quality testing that they put the products they test thru.

  • Very disappointed

    by MadMulf

    Would love to us this app but, after subscribing through my IPad account, I can't sign in under my ITunes account info. Consumer Reports should do an evaluation of their own app functionality.

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