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Languages: English

Seller: Compuservice, S.A.

• Dropped iOS6 support
• Added "Test configuration" button to controller
• Added Fast ON/Fast OFF to popup menu
• Better ISY subscription management
• Better error messages
• New network communications library
• Faster responses
• Much lower memory footprint when using large images as floorplans (you may need to re-add the image to see the change)
• Minor bugfixes

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INTELLiHome is a floorplan-based Insteon Smartlinc 2412N/ISY 99i/Insteon Hub lighting control app, which gets you going in four easy steps.

1. Configure your controller settings
2. Auto add scenes or devices
3. Select floorplan image from library
4. Drag and place your scenes inside your floorplan

Watch the demo

Easily and quickly add your lighting scenes, check current light status, drag the icons around the screen inside your floorplan, and turn them on/off with one click.

Supported Controllers
• ISY 99i
• ISY 994i
• Insteon Hub (Without scene or device names)
• Smartlinc 2412N

General Features
• Supports multiple floorplans, each one with it's own type of controller.
• Supports any device orientation
• Works on both iPhone and iPad as a Universal App
• It has an option to show scene labels
• Shows the current status of your scenes
• Let's you manually add scenes, configure labels and insteon status id
• Lets you change the icons for each scene
• Lets you add custom icons
• Lets you resize icons
• Saves the last status of your scenes
• Let's you select which scenes you want on each floorplan
• Dimming and brightening by tapping and holding the scene

ISY Specific Features
• Program list/run
• Support for multiple thermostats per floorplan

*** INTELLiHome is not intended to configure or modify your existing configuration.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app and very useful

    by Luz10000

    This app is great with insteon and isy!! The new version does seem to make it Better. One thing would be great, is to be able to send app settings to another device via wifi etc.. That should include the background image links and layout.. I have multiple devices and don't want to setup each individually. Keep updating and improving..

  • Great idea, but could be better

    by jdc#%*

    Love the idea of being able to use my own floor plan to lay out controls for my Insteon network. However, still some rough edges (I'm using it with an ISY99i). Here are some problems/concerns: 1) After I've placed my icons and saved, and then switch to another screen and come back, they've moved. Seems there's some grid-snap behavior that I can't seem to override. 2) Auto-update doesn't seem to work. If I turn a scene on or off from another controller or a physical device, the change is not reflected on the Intellihome screen. 3) The lists of scenes and devices are arranged in an arbitrary order, or according to some obscure feature, making it hard to locate particular ones when adding. 4) $10 seems high for such an early/rough release. I'd wait until the developer improves the program. UPDATE 8/15/13: The authors seem to have listened. All the problems above seem to have been addressed. Still a tad slow to update (seconds), but now at least it does so. Overall an impressive job, and now worst the $.

  • Nice and simple!

    by Ryboston

    If you have an insteon network controlled by a smart linc or ISY-99, this app is a great way to control your setup from your ipad. Simply import an image of your floor plan, however you like it to appear. Then you drag your scenes around on the floor plan as you like. That's it! Very simple, and it works.

  • Awesome App

    by Carter_Jan

    Great app, but it can get better and I expect that from you guys, great customer service via Facebook I lOVE IT!!! Please add transparent icon, Dim and support for thermostat. PLEASE!!!

  • Now This Is Hot

    by Manelee Arnbee

    I've seen a few apps for Smartlinc, some good, some not. BUT THIS IS HOT!!! So glad someone finally went beyond the call and gave what I always thought the Smartlinc deserved, the real definition of a GUI! So simple and yet so efficient. "Dude, what took you so long?(joke)" This really takes this home automation unit to the professional level. Lightning fast and thoroughly thought out on features. A great first run at home automation apps IMHO. Can't wait to see what might be down the pike for updates to this app, fantastic job!

  • INTELLiHome

    by TurkTheDog

    I’ve used apps, some good some great, for years - but nothing like this. I have a insteon hub. This should not be a paid app for use with my hardware. The recommended “insteon” app is light years better. This app does not have an easy way to setup for remote management (or no way) and no support for the thermostat. If these items are in production, then I will beta test - but not pay for an app in development. These are the primary reasons I purchased this app. After hours of trying I just gave up. If you want a floor plan like the promotional pictures, plan on manually drawing your house plans so you can photo them. Unless your home blueprints are laying around. It seems, this is primarily an app to be used in your home with switches or with hardware other than “insteon”.

  • Don't waste your 10$

    by Pita4vr

    Awful. Didn't work and configuration isn't flexible. Not even possible to have a secure and non secure for when your on your home network. Doesn't give you the ability to have a photo per scene. Just a total waste of money

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