Bike Or Die 2 - Physics Bike Simulator Games App Review (iOS, $5.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Chillingo Ltd
  • Updated: Nov, 19 2008
  • Version: 2.1.4
  • Size: 1.53 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Chillingo Ltd

- iPhone os 3.0 compatibility
- added option to mute all sounds (useful for listening to your ipod music while playing)
- color rendering bug fixed (in "bike options")

Customer Ratings

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1064 Ratings
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2214 Ratings


The best 3D bike simulation game for the iPhone and iPod touch has arrived! Bike Or Die 2 features hours of biking fun with tons of levels to play! Check out our in-game video : or click on the product website url below to view the video

It doesnt get better than this!

Features include:
- Thrilling biking action
- Physics-based bike simulation
- 3D biking levels and environments
- Challenging level design
- Zooming effects
- Loads of iphone specific touch controls
- Over 2500 levels!
- Improved performance
- Background music
- Customizable bike appearance
- Record and replay your best games
- On-line Hall of Fame with Time Trial and Freestyle Competitions - this is not your ordinary high score table - Watch the best rides online and learn new tricks from the world champions! You can even combine multiple videos (including yours) into a single "Head to Head" race, like it was a multiplayer game.

Bike Or Die 2 is developed by ToySpring and published by Chillingo Ltd

Customer Reviews

  • Greatest game ever

    by Reederrytfgyggrd

    I use to play it on my old palm centro. It had no save points so it was hard . But this has save points so it's much less frustrating

  • Palm treo whaddup

    by cmbezln

    This is seriously the best game ever made. Will never have as much fun playing another game as I did BoD on the palm treo. A bit hard on a touch screen but still fun

  • What happened?

    by Jayrodathome

    Any chance this game will ever see an update? Is such a great game and still there are no others like it. I think it's time for a refresh don't you???

  • Awesome

    by Filupnot

    Great app. For 4 stars make compatible for iPhone 5


    by Uddgg

    Hey this game is awesome, but the last update happened THREE YEARS AGO. I've only had this for a year but COME ON. Please make a new update. : )

  • 1000th review

    by Whoopdee

    Very fun game but beware this app had not been updated in 4 years. Abandon-ware

  • Good

    by Kosan2000

    I like the way you can download user created level packs and it is very addicting bit the controls are very difficult and it glitches way too much and needs a major update


    by avaturi


  • Not for iPhone 5

    by JStanley8

    Not optimized for the iPhone 5.

  • Palm pilot LOLs

    by Vanilin

    I loved this game on the Palm and on the iPod

  • Please Update This App!!!!

    by Jonathan Tenenbaum

    Here is what "Bike or Die", needs!! 1) {NEW}-Easier way to download level packs, more themes!!! 2) {NEW}-More accesories for the rider and bike 3) {NEW}-Bike- You guys can add more bikes like a motorcycle or beach cruiser or road bike 4) {NEW}-GAME MUSIC, a way to listen to your music!!!! Thank You!!! Please see to this A.S.A.P

  • Problem downloading

    by The awesome STATES!

    I like the free version, but I paid for the full version and it didn't download! : (

  • Good but need ipad version please!!!!!!

    by Gabriel Nungo

    Please add ipad support, developers! Please don't forget about this awesome game!!

  • 4 years of awesome

    by Spadorade

    This was the first game I got for my Ipod back in 2008 and it's still better than any game I have now.

  • My favorite game

    by Cbeavz

    I used to play this on the Palm platform over five years ago, originally getting hooked on it as a mobile alternative for Elastomania. The gameplay is great, and the ability to download user-mad levels and climb the ranking ladder are what make this game unique, excellent, and a completely worthwhile App Store purchase for anyone looking to get way to addicted to an inane pocket game. Also, the original coder was a really cool guy and the one time I contacted him way back in the day he sent me a prompt and personal response. Highly recommended.

  • Unique and addicting!

    by TranquilVision

    Graphics don't make a game. It's the gameplay that counts and Bile or Die 2 Has it down pat. Incredibly addictive once you "get it"; highly recommended to fans of Redlynx's Trials or Konami's Motocross Madness, and even more so to fans of Elasto Mania! I'd love to see a price drop or some updates. Show this game some love!!

  • Fix the logging in bug!

    by mmaboi21

    @sexy Jessie your a liar the paid app does gave way more levels than the free version. Get a life and stop being an idiot and grow up while your at it. Fix the logging in bug because I nearly broke my phone because I was soo pissed from not being able to log in. This game seriously needs an update, not bugs I mean new features/ retina support. I know you guys have been successful with all your other apps but don't forget about this one and how much people love it. I don't know how long it's been since an update but please update, it's really annoying that you haven't.

  • Great game!

    by Louie-G

    Although this game is at it's best when played on a Tapwave Zodiac, I really enjoy it on the iPhone as well. Customizing the layout by switching the 'stop' and 'reverse' buttons makes all the difference. Awesome game with tons of levels available and more being made all the time. Thanks! Update: I've played the free version with only a few levels, and this version with tons of levels. Well worth the money!

  • Good..

    by Entertainmentplanet2

    Good but not really worth $6

  • 5 stars!!!

    by Ltankt

    Absolutely one of the best games that you can buy for the iPhone/iPod have had it for 2 years and still play it all the time

  • Bad

    by DSSpod

    It left after it downloaded so I just wasted $6 don't buy and please fix this

  • Lame - controls are terrible!

    by Duki330

    This was good for palm 5 Years ago, it's not the same now. Don't buy is a waist of money.

  • Dumb

    by Hagmits Jose

    I tried buying this but it disappeared after it installed.

  • Read me

    by jdog0912

    Fun game but don't waste ur money the free version is the same thing. There is no extra lvl in the 6 dollar game. Don't waste ur money

  • The BEST game!!!

    by Kajlas


  • Truly 5 stars


    I consider this to the best game on my iPhone. Unlike 15 minutes boring crap like Doodle jump, Bike or Die is really challenging and addictive. Like Elastomania on PC, that's not just a casual single player game which it may look from the first glance, there's a whole universe and community behind, with online records and everything. Get it, that's a real gem.

  • Bike or die 3

    by Doc Mellow

    Great games need sequels

  • 3 years of entertaiment

    by Heavy fizzle

    I have been playing this since I first got my iPhone 3G back in 2008. I downloaded over 500 levels for free and love everyone of them. This is a fantastic game and literally has years of replay value. This is a staple on my phone and I couldn't live without it. 

  • Some thing needs fixing!!

    by keagon

    This is a great game but it could use some stuff like don't die so esily can upgrade your bike like buy new parts or something 3.and your able to make levels This is an awesome game

  • Bike or die 2

    by Dman348843

    This game was terrible yet very addicting, also the guy died way to easy and I think that was so annoying.

  • Great game BUT

    by atheistpally

    PLEASE make the physics more realistic! It's like biking on the moon!! At least give us an option to adjust the gravity.

  • This game

    by Suffixez

    This game is good but it's not worth 5 dollars I wastes my money on this the bike handleing is like it's from the 1990's and it's just straight garbage


    by FireFamily413

    Took a little while to get a feel for the bike. Very addicting. Can't stop playing it.


    by crishrisngks

    this is by far the best game. i've bought tons of games and this one is definitely the best by far. I love it and I'm addicted. I'd say it's even worth 20 bucks it's so good. enjoy! I'm just hoping for a bikeordie 3

  • Awesome, BUT UPDATE IT

    by Create Nuckname

    This is a fun, addicting, and certainly challenging game. The ability to download levels keeps it fresh! But please update it for IPhone 4 software!

  • Great game!

    by Bill favor

    Y'all better make a newer one for the 4g

  • 

    by dexter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Iit  Stars!!!

  • More levels

    by rodda5

    Plaese add more levels I think I might have wasted money on something that isn't getting better

  • Crapy

    by Goalman15

    Not at all what I expected lvls are way to hard and he falls off to easy, lots of lvls though

  • Hey

    by Big Daddy Gallardo

    I got a new itouch and this game i bought along time ago but i think if i try it again it will charge me

  • Updateeeee

    by TheCarverr

    I love this game, play it everyday in science. ;) haha. If I were to update Bike or Die I'd put an option to customize you bike in more detail. Like you could choose to ride bmx or mountain bikes. Also a level editer would be cool. (Just make sure it's NOTHING like Jelly Car 2's editer) btw I seen the level editer on the computer but the program didn't load for me. Anyways hope you see this review and update it for me!! Have a great day.

  • Not exactly what I expected...

    by Crim400

    This game is great...feature rich and addictive and all that jazz...but it's really not what I expected, particularly with the controls....the controls are obviously built specifically for this game but they just seem awkward to me because I was expecting it to control more like trials 2, where the longer u push the button to lean the more u lean, but in this game every time u lean u jerk once in that's weird at first but I guess I'll get used to it :(

  • Bike or die

    by Wbpersky

    This is the best game I've ever played on my iPhone, and I have a lot of games.

  • I hate it

    by Cameron kennedy

    Stupid,retarded,and a waste of $6.00

  • Bike or die 3?

    by Joshdog246

    I love this game. Play it everyday at least once, but would be the best if it had a "create your own levels" in the game. Also, there wasn't been any update in a long time.

  • Great

    by Osseus

    I like the online level feature. It's so satisfying trying for a week to beat a level and finally passing it.

  • My Favorite App!

    by BThomas815

    I played Bike or Die for 2 years on a Treo before it came to the iPhone. I love the challenge of over 200 Hall of Fame levels and thousands of user-created levels. The online forum is awesome (say hi to BikerBrian). Be warned - it is VERY addictive!

  • Crashs

    by Mattstrongrocks

    It always crashes please fix this otherwise it would be 5 stars

  • Bike or Die 2

    by Matt5295

    ***************************** Great game, but needs a level editor for the iPhone!! We need more levels, but as I said a way for us iphone people to build our own levels would make this game Better!! ******************************************************************************************

  • Great Game But !!!

    by Cipher79

    This is a great game but like other people have said you die to easily please fix this and no one have anything to complain about.

  • Wonderfull

    by Rodybloise

    This game is the best app in my iphone. Every time I play it.

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