101 Positions of KamaSutra - Sex Positions Guide Premium Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $1.99)

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  • Publisher: CEM Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 27 2010
  • Version: 2.3.4
  • Size: 59.92 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Central Europe Media, Inc.

Full resolution on even an iPad Retina display.

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$ EXCLUSIVE SALE *** 50% OFF*** LIMITED TIME ONLY! $ • More then 1 million downloads • 2 platforms (iPAD native • & iPHONE!) • 3 apps in one (SexDiary+Game+Guide ) • 4 YEARS with • 5 STARS! • 6 sexposition groups • iOS 7 compatible •
• RUN on any IPHONE & IPAD full screen or iPOD in full HD resolution! •
*** The one and only apps with position animation! *** One of the first position apps on iTunes *** 4 years and millions of download *** Try the ORIGINAL one don't be fooled by copycats! *** Most frequently upgraded! Check it! ***

Optimized and carefully tested on all devices, Check the REVIEWS, 5 stars APP!
Direct feedback in app, if you have any problem,please help us built it even better! Thank You!

- 120+ BEST illustrated sex positions 
on AppStore with human figures
- BUILD your own position with patented easy to use body posture spinner!
- MOTION PICTURE effect to animate the transitions from one sex position to the other, never seen in any app!!!
- DETAILED descriptions with pros and cos for each sexes and historical background
- CALENDAR function for recording your experience to each partner
- ORGANIZED by 6 categories, or your own list of your favorites, wish list, usage...
- Position scanner GAME to spin up your sex life, and leash your creativity
- PASSCODE lock protection
- SOCIAL SHARE on Facebook, Twitter or by mail
- CUSTOMIZABLE by gender and name
- iOS 7 compatible

101 Positions is not just one of the most comprehensive collection of 100+ sex positions, but you can learn more about the historical background of the positions based on the ancient text of the indian Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga or the arabic The Perfumes Garden, with practical advices to experience multiorgasms.

101 Positions-Sex Positions Guide is a unique way to search, find and learn more about sex positions, and play with your partner. The two spinning wheels represent the two sexes and as you roll them with your fingers the man and woman join in the way the body postures indicate, with animated transition from one position to the other (Motion Picture effect).

Quite easy and straightforward to browse and find visually any positions based on the postures of the two sexes. Tilting the device to landscape position you can find a detailed description with customizable names for easy understanding.
You can buy more positions with in-app purchase!

NO internet connection required to use!
NO advertising within the app!

Customer Reviews

  • Be a better lover!

    by tinaprusins

    If you really like to be a better lover and amaze your partner just download it and use every day

  • My sexual life in my pocket!

    by adelamohm

    This stuff is not just a contact and calendar app, containing all my sexual memories but with full of idea of positions and more..

  • SexCalendar is my favorite

    by casiepel

    What I love most is the Calendar where I can record all my dates with positions etc., it would be good to show the location too.

  • Real Kamasutra

    by jacqualineeye

    If you like Kamasutra and all the atmosphere around its story you will love this app too.

  • Fun to use!

    by onitaleon

    It’s a must on every iPhone if you are more than 18

  • More then enough positions

    by caitlynsacche

    Thought I know quite a lot positions but this app kicked my socks off

  • The new positions are cool

    by okgrimesug

    With more than 120 positions this is one of the most comprehensive KamaSutra guide. Love the graphic design and the pictures!

  • Correct and useful

    by delphia_sturtzus

    All the positions are correct with detailed descriptions and with useful advices.

  • My wife loves it, me too

    by huldado doocp

    Perfect app for adventurous couples, it really spiced up our fantasy!

  • Looks nice, works well

    by gerald dillmanuk

    Works like a charm! Elegant and professional app in all details, Nice app! Thanx!

  • Nice

    by Cold turkey 4

    It's worth the time and money

  • Decent app, needs work

    by andrew.conkling

    Nice app, cool features (we're "satisfied") but the app interface is quite bad.

  • Nice app

    by elgriz

    This app does a good job of describing, and illustrating, positions both familiar and strange...worth it!!

  • 101?

    by f the Man

    I'm not terribly disappointed, although is it just me or is there only 100 positions here...does that not directly conflict with the name?

  • Polished and fun to use…all night!

    by DottyGirl

    The more you use the more you love. Easy to find any positions - tried or new or by category - and all the descriptions and the illustrations are really good. One suggestion: make a list with all the names to find them alphabetically too.

  • Perfect Love Companion!

    by MistiPeat946

    When I browse my sex diary, I thrilled every time! Like to do it, like to use it!

  • Lovemaschine!

    by YulandaMeador

    At first glance it’s about the positions, but I have to realize that it’s MUCH MORE! Game, Calendar, Diary, Reference Book, Date Planner,,.amazing!

  • 100% essence of KamaSutra

    by GilberteHoefert

    I always seek for new variations in the bed, and this apps amazed me, with the authentic descriptions, It’s a real mobile KamaSutra with a flair! Like it!

  • My wife LOVE it!

    by MelinaColon1

    I tried the positions with my wife and she has some new favorites, never thought that what a difference if I use new ones in the bed.

  • High quality!

    by FelicitaBreitenbach

    Works well! Elegant and professional app in all details, Nice work! Congratulation!

  • Total lack of polish

    by ScrewsAndBolts

    The app does what it's supposed to, but misses by far on user experience and usability. Don't waste your money. EDIT: Take note that ALL PREVIOUS REVIEWS ARE FAKE. Or do you really think so many people would review it over the course of 2 days, only to not have a single review for weeks afterwards?

  • My as-s

    by Zinv Valentine

    Motion picture failure do not buy, so much for the perfect rating

  • Crazy one!

    by TyraSharp

    Hey guys have you tried them before published! There are some tricky pos, but the app is cool! Recommend!


    by KaseyBarrott

    it’s not the positions I like the best, even they are fantastic to try, but the descriptions with references of multiorgasms and which position is what for! It’s one of the best reference!

  • Love!

    by NikiSiddons

    I really love this stuff but need more oral positions

  • Easy to use, and lots of fun!

    by PricillaNortham

    Tried lot of apps, but this is far better than the others, Better graphics than the others, and easy to use even with one hand:)

  • More positions than I can imagine

    by AmeliaMakela

    Never though that I scratched just the surface of sexuality with my some positions I used, This app has hundred of really interesting positions, and I am keen on trying them!

  • NEW, NEW idea!

    by LateshaGigliotti

    Love the unique idea of spinning the positions, especially the animation :)

  • More pos than you think!

    by MaudieHerrara

    Loves the positions, there are lot of interesting one,even I have tried just 10% of them yet, but it was fun, There are some tricky one, but overall it’s really useful, Please update!

  • Like it

    by ManieShutt6

    The app is unbelievable useful! You could browse to pick one pose and it will show you all the variations, never seen such an idea!

  • Good App

    by AngelaFerrington

    it’s a really good app with tons of positions to play with your partner, In sexuality it’s rather difficult to find the balance between elegance and not to be obtrusive and this apps found it!

  • Can Not Get This App to Work, Don't Download

    by Layed back lifestyle

    App will not work, don't download

  • well i can't seem to get it to work

    by Musashu

    does open,

  • Oh...la...la it's one of my favorite!!!

    by Code 95

    The "sex positions finder" is cool, it's the easiest and most comfortable to browse hundreds of positions in seconds. Most detailed illustration and not the sick stick figures. The descriptions are more than enough, I found some really useful advice I never heard about multiorgasm and similar topics. Smart and nice I hope everybody will enjoy as much as me and my partner.

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