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Languages: English

Seller: BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc.

-Visual redesign for iOS 7
-Better sharing capabilities
-Improved navigation
-Search improvements
-Bug fixes

Customer Ratings

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3 Ratings
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133 Ratings


Welcome to the BJ’s Wholesale Club App where it’s easy to browse our catalogs, circulars and publications.

Visit for a location near you, hours, products, coupons, recipes and more.


This application is powered by GTxcel, a leader in digital publishing technology, provider of hundreds of online digital publications and mobile magazine apps.

Customer Reviews

  • Better than the costcos app!

    by 110frogs

    This app is very helpful! It's easy to use, with quick easy shopping, and I'm able to locate which store carries the item I want! I can sign in with my BJ's account, and order my products online, shipped right to my door! Thanks BJ's for this great app, I hope more good ones are coming!

  • Best App!!

    by yellowbella525

    I absolutely L-O-V-E this app!!!! it's soooooo helpful and useful! so glad I downloaded! it saves me a bunch of time because I can buy stuff off of the app! What the heck are the other people talking about it opens fine and does not crash on my iPhone. Whoever made this app is a genius!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!!!! Go get this app it's the best app of the year in my eyes!!

  • Are there two apps?

    by Lorr2012

    I don't know what app yellowbella525 and 110frogs are talking about. The one I installed is just a library containing a Meal Planning brochure. You can't search or shop with this app. Maybe it's just a place holder until a real app is available? Costco and SAMs have nothing to worry about!

  • Embarrassed for BJs

    by JoceRoss

    Wow. Useless. A copy of a 2012 party planning flyer was all I saw on this app. Not even worth one star.

  • Please fix!

    by ClosetKat

    Opened the app then it crashed immediately. Tried it few more times and no luck.

  • Don't waste your time or data plan downloading

    by DC JFS

    It just doesn't open.

  • What is the point?

    by I want my Dallas Cowboys!!

    Can search anything! I don't want a catalog of items I'm not interested in! Who's the Marketing moron that's managing this?

  • It's crap!

    by dsawyer34

    Is this a joke? Worst app i have seen!

  • Crashes

    by Vjkkkkk

    Useless as I could not even open the app, crashes at launch.

  • Zero Stars if it were possible

    by Chad01A

    Here is a hint, App shouldn't crash on startup over and over. iPhone 5s White 64gb model, not that it should matter if your developers had any skills. Curious what the App "should" do.....

  • Doesn't even open on my iphone 5c

    by SharonRettMom

    I'm not sure how there can be any good reviews for this app. I downloaded it assuming it would be like my Costco app and it wouldn't even open. It just crashed immediately and 4x in a row. Only then did I look at the other reviews. Big waste of my time.

  • App doesn't open

    by JTeel23

    Waste of time. I love the store but this app doesn't even open. I restarted my phone. Deleted and downloaded it again. Still not working. Hope they get it up and it's good.

  • Worthless

    by Hello no more

    I love this place, what a shame this app. is a piece of the individual...

  • Yep! Useless!

    by TwoBadWolves

    Read the reviews but thought I'd check it out myself... What a waste of my time. App kept crashing. No way to make a shopping list or look at their coupons. Junk!!! Should be pulled from the AppStore. Can't BJ's do better?!

  • App is Crap just like the BJ's warehouse

    by SethMickle

    Don't waste your time on this worthless wannabe app. Go get a sams club membership instead

  • Wow. Now that is bad.

    by Jeff441

    Dumped in 30 seconds.

  • Waste of time and space

    by 1st time filer

    I never write reviews. Ever. This all is so infuriatingly useless and without raison d'être that I had to say something. Don't waste your time or a second thought on this app. BJ's: (and if you don't have someone monitoring this you bloody well should) Pull it together. Make it easier for me to give you my money.

  • Useless

    by BeansMom8

    I thought I downloaded the wrong app as it is titled BJ's Publications on my phone. I went back to App Store and read the reviews - I wish I had read them before wasting my time! I agree that it should be rated zero!

  • Fastest Crash Award

    by gjmavris

    I can't even get the App to open.

  • Crashing on my iPhone

    by Trendium

    App is crashing on my iPhone 5.

  • Deleting

    by SSchaeffer14

    Worthless. Was hoping it would be like the Costco one, but it's not. Deleting!

  • What's this suppose to be? Bjs what

    by kitpat

    Please reply to my ?

  • Crashes

    by Dennis G

    Downloaded, installed and it crashes before it opens. Hello Sam's Club...

  • App doesn't open

    by Dr. Guillory

    The app never opened.

  • Worthless

    by wwclark

    Have yet to be able to open it

  • What a piece of junk

    by K Deyo

    Worst app ever

  • Worst App Ever!

    by jenmig

    No shopping lists, no coupons, no nearest store search, no find it in your store search - just useless magazines!

  • Worthless

    by Ipodfanone

    This app is going to be deleted.... Of no use if you want to search for items....fix!!!!!

  • Very Disappointed

    by Sleeps_like_a_baby_now

    Seriously? That's supposed to be an app? If it is, it's the poorest excuse for one I've ever seen. Maybe someone should check out the competitors apps for some ideas.

  • Don't see the point!

    by Interkinesis

    Don't see the point!

  • Waste of download!!

    by Venkatm

    This app doesn't even shows the nearest BJs !!

  • Example of how app shouldn't be designed

    by Chetan vi

    Worst design. Crashes all the time. I thought this app would help Bjs in getting rid of print coupons to some extent.

  • App doesn't open

    by jbcameraguy

    Seems like some major issues here, the app crashes as soon as I open it.

  • It wont open

    by Mamaloochie

    I cant even open it

  • Really bad app

    by Dusty2012821

    You got to be kidding!

  • Crashes immediately

    by rmquist

    Can I give it 0 stars? Saw the other negative reviews but thought I'd use it just to check my membership expiration date... Nope.

  • Crashes immediately

    by rmquist

    Can I give it 0 stars? Saw the other negative reviews but thought I'd use it just to check my membership expiration date... Nope.

  • Why bother?

    by Chery-pie

    All I can look at is a 2012 Entertaining Guide. Hello--- it's 2013. A little effort please? Maybe I'd actually want to shop your store. Especially if I'm PAYING for that privilege!!!!

  • Chuckle

    by JSchutt1

    Laughing stock of apps.

  • Radar

    by Radar318

    This is by far the worst app out there. It won't open some times, when it does it just links to the web site, what's up with that? Don't waste your time or data.

  • Useless

    by Blaznflipgirl69

    Search doesn't work and it's outdated for what is listed.

  • Pointless

    by Qblackman

    It Does nothing.

  • Terrible!

    by Kika424

    What a useless, waste of time app. Very sad!

  • Worthless

    by asull85

    The app does not load. It is a waste of time.

  • Hey BJ's, your competitors have working apps!

    by RyanMac1020

    For a company so big, this is your app? This "Internet and smart phone fad" isn't going away.

  • Not Useful

    by Jpldoc

    Not a real catalog of products or links to the warehouse- just an ad page for certain featured items. Need to be functional like Costco or Sams Club apps.

  • Utterly craptastic!

    by Xxxweezl

    Has to be a gag. My 12 year old could do better with a crayon and a napkin. Can't delete this load of effluent fast enough.

  • Pointless

    by WTWorthlessH

    Really why even waste the time to make this app

  • Worthless

    by anissa webb

    What us the point if this app if you can do absolutely nothing with it?? A waste of space

  • Pointless

    by Mr.Honduras

    No stars if it was possible...

  • App

    by stgo21

    Garbage! Someone at BJ's needs to take look at the Sams club app before putting out a revised version.

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