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This app is more than hypnosis with suggestions. We have developed this based on methods, that is recognized by leading insurance companies and Falckcare4 to help facilitate change in certain behaviors
Zanne Bech is one of Europe's leading and most successful NGH certified hypnotherapists, and has with her years of experience as such, and also as a recognized drug addiction and family counselor developed this particular way of hypnosis treatment.
You can learn more about her methods and techniques at

Hypnosis brings you into a state of relaxation, where the subconscious and the Unconscious mind will be brought out, and through that you can influence feelings, thoughts and behavior.
What you feel, think and do is controlled by your subconscious and Unconscious processes. In reality many things happens in our minds without us consciously knowing it.

To be under hypnosis is an everyday state of mind, which most of us experience as a kind of passive hypnosis - as when you zone out for a minute. Like if you are driving on the freeway, and for a moment have the feeling of being "gone", but still in control of driving, is also a passive hypnosis.

There is an active subconscious communication between you and the therapist when you are under hypnosis. What this does is that, by suggestion, your feelings, thoughts, opinions and behavior can be changed. It is important to point out that no one can be hypnotized against their will, and that all hypnosis is SELF HYPNOSIS. You only accept the suggestions that you want.

If you allow Yourself to relax and listen to the suggestions that are given, then you will enter into a, for you, appropriate state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis will always work when:
You have a genuine desire - it is physically possible - and you can visualize it.

During a hypnosis session suggestions will be made and they become the tool to make positive changes through your thoughts, emotions and behavior. You can at any time during the session open your eyes and walk away, but the state of relaxation is so pleasant, that you don't feel like it, until the session is over.

Hypnosis is NOT dangerous, since you are the decision maker during the entire session. It can be amazingly effective and often is directly responsible for major changes in one individual's life pattern. But it must be stressed that it is not a guranteed method og chasing away private demons.

Hypnotist entertainers often make people act like a chicken or in other ways act like a fool. But you have to know and understand that you cannot be hypnotized against your will. People that participate in these kind of shows have agreed to be made a fool of for the laughs of the audience.

Of course, if you have physical symptoms or emotional poplems that are either prolonged or severe, consult a physicia or therapist and get an all-clear signal to go ahead with self hyphosis

If you stay within the above guidelines there shouldn't be any side effects. However, you will feel great after each and every session that you listen too.


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