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Are you avoiding buying on eBay because getting outbid too often? Make buying on eBay fun again!

Myibidder Bid Sniper is a sniper for eBay buyers that places the last seconds bids to increase your chances to win.
No need to watch for auctions anymore, just set a snipe and let the sniper do the job for you.

The app needs no monthly fees, no per-auction fees, nothing.

It uses service (originally named to place your snipes, so you can turn off or disconnect your phone after you scheduled your snipe.
Currently, the service processes over 150,000 snipes weekly.

For those who never used eBay sniper in the past:
1. Sniping does not guarantee winning. You have to meet eBay's and seller's requirements in order to win.
Your eBay password must be secure enough for eBay's standards in order for the app to work (you don't see a warning screen when login to eBay).
Secure tokens are not supported due to their limitations.
Also, your snipe must be ready (added & activated) at least 3 minutes in advance.

2. It will snipe the exact amount you set. If nobody bid higher, you will win at the lowest possible price just enough to outbid the previous bidder by one increment only.
That means you have to set your absolute maximum when snipping.

3. You can stop sniping if you have at least 1-2 minutes to go by setting "OFF" on "Activate" and saving your changes.

4. It's also technically not possible to show the current bid in real-time in the app. Tap "Refresh" icon to get the current status.

5. This is a sniper, not a monitoring tool. What it does -- it places your bids on last seconds. It does not do monitoring, alarm or send notifications in real time.

6. You can change "Search eBay" in the Settings to any other eBay website.
You can enable "My Time" option in the Settings as well.

Quick instructions on how to get started:

Questions? Want to get answers? Please feel free to ask:
We are here to help.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by By7967

    By far the best app for buying stuff on eBay!! I have not lost an auction since getting this app! Really great!

  • Hefty price tag...but reliable.

    by zagazu

    How do I adjust sniping seconds. I'll change to 5 star if possible.

  • Works Perfectly

    by Light12pdr

    This app fires off a bid with timely precision. So simple and easy to use. Just set it, and forget it.

  • Yes!

    by R_Loz

    What an awesome app! Used for the first time yesterday and sniped my way to a great deal. Love Love Love this app!! Thanks Dev!

  • Generally a good product

    by Hawkflyer

    I have used this for some time now. It is generally a good product, but suffers from a few human interface issues. It would be nice if there was a way to show thumbnails in the lists when looking at active items. In the old versions the user setting for bidding lead time was available by default. Now you. Have to go to the ipad settings and turn on the display for this item. This is counterintuitive as this option should be displayed by default. There should be an option for the app to increase your bid to the next highest bid increment. Too many time I have lost the auction because the required bid increment was a few pennies above what was entered into the app. Most times the minimum bid increment is only a few cents more and it would be no problem for the app to increase the bid so the auction could be won .

  • Excellent sniper!

    by Darkshadow-X

    Most auctions end during the day while I work, but by using this app I can win while not bothering with my phone (and potentially getting in trouble) on the clock. It's super easy to use, and runs smoothly. Well worth your $15!!

  • my bidder saves time and frustration

    by Voudra

    After many auctions spent wasting my time watching the bidding only to lose by a second , I let this app do the work. Nice after sales service for novices like myself


    by Lcwizard

    This is the best app I've ever bought. This is the real deal. If you buy on eBay you have to get this. But wait.....if everyone gets this app then I might not win all my auctions!!!!! Just kidding,,,,this app is simply wonderful. I can't imagine not having it. The best money I've ever spent in the App Store.


    by faraonib

    THANKS FOR CREATING THE MOST USED APP I HAVE EVER BOUGHT IN THE LAST SIX YEARS OF OWNING AN IPHONE THIS IS THE BEST APP YOU'LL EVER BUY NO MATTER IF YOU BUY A LOT OR EVEN A LITTLE ON EBAY THIS APP IS GUARANTEED TO SAVE YOU MONEY AT BEST IT'S GUARANTEED TO GIVE YOU THE HIGHEST BID ON WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU'RE BIDDING ON EBAY!!!!!! The TWO THINGS I wish you could add is a ONE SECOND BID SNIPE? (I don't know if that is even possible maybe maybe it is and maybe it's not I wouldn't know I'm not a genius like the creator of this app is) as with the THREE SECOND BID SNIPE as low as you can go, I have been out bid. Three seconds is quick but every once in a while someone gets me and is able to get a bid in and outbid me within the three second time. Also if it would be possible to allow the user the ability, to place a snipe or change a snipe later then the 2 minute 45 second time limit, that is in place now, when you get the message bid snipe set too late may not initiate. Like I said those options if possible would be nice to have but I am 99.9% happy with the app as is!!! I DON'T KNOW HOW I SURVIVED WITHOUT IT, AND WOULD QUIT USING EBAY IF YOU WERE TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME?? EVERYONE KNOWS HOW IMPORTANT DRINKING WATER IS TO THE FACTORS INVOLVED IN SUSTAINING LIFE! WELL "MYBIDDER" IS AS IMPORTANT TO, IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT, TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT WINNING AUCTIONS ON EBAY!!!

  • Saved my marriage!

    by Cameron Faili

    This is the first review I have ever written, despite owning an ipad for years and downloading hundreds of apps. If you are an eBay collector, this app will save you tons of time and stress! I kid you not, I think it singlehandedly took my marriage back to normal status, because instead of watching auctions end, I can use this app to set my limits and stop worrying. Buy it. It's well done!

  • Stay Classy Myibidder

    by nikolo1986

    Call it a bidding placebo, call it a great sniping tool, or somewhere in between. I love it, I use it, I purchased unlimited bids and you should too.

  • WELL SPENT 10 bucks!!

    by Mercury2wo

    If you look for deals on the eBay regularly - YOU GOT TO GET THIS!

  • Good but could be great

    by Ray Sniper

    I bought the IOS version and it works as advertised but would be a 5 star app if it did the following 2 things: 1) Showed the shipping cost from within the app (right now you have to go into the auction using their web interface). Clearly this info affects your bid. 2) Replicated the "grouping" functionality for the iOS app. This is nice as it allows you to group multiple snipes for a set of similar items. Once you win one auction (or a predetermined number of auctions) the rest of the snipes are canceled automatically. Both of these features seem to be in the desktop version.

  • This is a must have app!

    by a1exus

    A must have app, saved me thousands of dollars!

  • Simple. Effective.

    by dsolares

    Couldn't ask for more.

  • Worth every single penny

    by Awesolerme

    Just won an auction, and save 20 bucks. Frankly, just get this app for ten bucks. U can group ur bid in the web interface...

  • Hands Down the Very Best Snipper!

    by Pamela Schiele

    I am a reseller of handbags, shoes and accessories. So, I am constantly on eBay searching for new acquisitions. I use this app daily! It even let's me enter a snip as late as 1 min before the close of the auction! I am so thrilled that I don't have to babysit auctions anymore. And, the update has been wonderful! It's so convenient to see the gallery photo on the main screen. A+ Thanks for being soooo reliable & so very wonderful! With MAJOR Appreciation, A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER! Pam, Baltimore

  • Great app!

    by jallinder

    Not all eBay auctions end at a convenient time of day or night. That's where MyIbidder comes in handy. The app imports your "Watch List". all you have to do is put down your maximum bid, select how many seconds left in auction to place your bid & thats it. Simple & works great. Now I'm able to go about my day without worrying about missing out on an item.

  • Great app

    by The Driver 77

    Does what it says and very well at it. The UI is easy to use. The only flaw is that you will wind up spending far more then you thought when you win all your auctions.

  • Buy this app!

    by ManyF

    This is the most dangerous app on the planet! I bought it today, and managed to win every auction I entered. The scary thing was that it juggled two auctions ending within seconds of each other - enabling me to spend twice as much money! Left to my own feeble efforts, I would very likely have lost both due to my attempts to switch between two auctions with a response time vastly inferior to this app's. Members of Overspenders Anonymous, beware! (This is the first app I have ever made the effort to review, so believe it, despite the exclamation points.)


    by Cgmeagle

    App keeps freezing up when I try to import my watch list or even add an individual item now. I'm done, what a total waste of money (and this app was by far the most expensive I've ever purchased).

  • Use to be great!!

    by skymuscle83

    This app works still but the watch list isn't synced with my ebay watch list! The items are on mybidder but they aren't in order so I have to hunt for my items. I contacted customer support and they didn't respond! My father has the same problem and they responded to him and blamed him for not doing something right!! We use this app all the time!! We know how to use it! The app isn't as good as it use to be!

  • Slow !!!

    by Nguyen Le

    It takes forever to load watchlist . Too slow, dev needs to fix this. Fetching list... wheel icon keep spinning but nothing appear.

  • No groups. Useless.


    Without grouping of lots/bids this app is useless. I have to snipe and wait for result every lot one by one. Otherwise I can win multiple items instead of only one I need. 1/5

  • Complete Garbage!

    by Coopers Dad

    This app is not what these rating reflect! The 12 ratings I would be probably correct in saying are from 12 people directly connected with this app! So far EVERY ITEM THAT I WOULD HAVE WON I'VE LOST! Why? I get an error message saying I lost the snipe because of password error. However the app is able to load my eBay info JUST FINE! Now explain that to me! I want my money back! Total SCAM!

  • Love it! Takes away the guesswork!

    by Shadow9cat

    I love this app! I tend to get the jitters at the end of an auction and this app helps me keep a cool head knowing that my bid will be placed at the absolute last moment. Several times I have watched it end and it was so close that I almost didn't see it happen until I got the alert that I won the item. I highly recommend setting it for no less than 6 seconds. It's worked every time for me like a charm. And I have saved some money by not getting into bidding wars. This app is worth the investment if you are a frequent ebayer.

  • Great app

    by redrosetoo

    I have really enjoyed using this app! Recommend it to everyone, helps you win those last second bids.

  • Great program

    by Hbeatty

    This is an awesome program, with AMAZING ap support. Easy to use too. I very highly recommend it. Heidi

  • Maybe too good :)

    by Bargaingoddess

    I used it for the first time in this past Friday and won an auction for a Tiffany ring that I plan to resell. Totally easy and worked perfectly. I like it that I think through in advance the max I am willing to pay and don't get caught up in the emotionality of it at the end. With any luck I'll make $400-$500 on the ring, especially if I hold on to it till next Christmas. So well worth the money for the app. In the meantime, the ring is my size so I might have to wear it till it goes back on the auction block. Thank you!

  • Simple, no advanced features

    by Dahoo1

    No real time update. No outbid alarm.

  • Excellent! Just what I need!

    by Dj Profrssional

    Excellent app! Great for times when I am busy and can't wait around until the auction ends! It's like having your own personal bidding watch dog!

  • Nice!

    by BlueEyedJesus

    I used to have a desktop version I loved and this ap doesn't disappoint either. I saved $74 within a few hours of my purchase. I would suggest that it have an option so it gives a notification or an update in a screen pop rather than having to open the ap.

  • Love it!

    by Itsjusttara

    Within an hour of getting the app I won my first auction. It was such a breeze!

  • Where are the instructions


    I can't figure out how to use this app. I am a frequent ebayer.

  • Perfect

    by Mabney11

    I love this app. Won me my first bid within the last 5 seconds. I had the max bid for the past 4/6 days and someone finally outbid me earlier today. I let the new leader feel safe and comfortable and then I came through and swept the shoes from right under his nose with 5 seconds left. I won't be placing anymore bids manually on eBay. It causes bidding wars, from here on out ill be trolling people and snatching all of their joy within the last few seconds. 5/5 love this app

  • Love it!

    by lukesf

    I have won ebay auctions effortlessly since getting this app on my iPhone. I highly recommend it!

  • Great implementation!

    by MatttM

    I was a beta tester and must say that the developers have done a great job with this app! If you want to bid on eBay auctions, this is the way to do it!

  • It's Ok.

    by Denise Rundle

    What do you expect for free? It works but my only complaint is......when I go back to check on my bids. The APP is not current. It only shows the about bid of when you added the item. You have to go to ebay and check current amounts. Also no notification if you are outbid. Needs a little improvement

  • Love it I win EVERY TIME lol

    by JohnyRocstyle

    Best snipe app available !! Worth every penny!

  • The best

    by Tom4ron

    This is by far the best snipe out there. I owned this for years and have it on my PC. Works great on my phone as well 5 ***** stars

  • Works awesome!

    by lt2334

    This app works awesome. Don't hesitate to buy it. It should have an auto refresh button for all auctions though.

  • Great App!

    by T1212

    Works as promised! I've used it five times already, and I won four of them and was outbid on one. You can get some great deals using this app!

  • Rock Star App

    by golfsnapper

    A well done, a very good app. Highly recommend if you bid on eBay.

  • This app is cool.

    by PandKinh

    This app is amazing I keep on winning and winning on ebay auctions. I haven't lost once yet because of this app.

  • Couldn't even launch and log in

    by davidddier

    I paid $6.99 for this app--high for an app. I can't even launch it and log in--it freezes at the login screen. Big ol' waste of money.

  • What Happened?

    by ChifferBrane

    Used often in the short period I gad this. Installed upgrade, and only freezes now. Where was the QA testing?

  • It just works.

    by Cemmy

    This program helped me score some nice Diablo Edge irons at a price lower then bay average. I like that it works offline, app does not need to be running to snipe, their server bids for you. I browse eBay in safari and then copy the item number. I run the app and put item number in. I use this on my iPad.

  • A must have for ebayers!!

    by Hellohogo

    This app saved me a lot of cash today! Worked perfect, got some sweet boots at less than half of retail.

  • Happy:D

    by Amr El mohandis

    Got this yesterday .. Works awesome so far ... I'm a happy bidder :)

  • Works Great! Easy to use.

    by RockSolid29

    Now I can shave my legs and win auctions without spilling my drink.

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