iFusionHome Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $149.99)


Languages: English

Seller: AVAI



IMPORTANT: The iFusion Home application is intended solely for existing AVAI Ventures clients. The application works only if there is an installed AVAI Fusion system in your home. If you have not engaged AVAI to provide electronics for your home or facility, this application is not intended for you.

We highly recommend that before you purchase this application you contact AVAI at www.avai.com for service and assessment.

About iFusion Home Control:

AVAI's iFusion Home iPhone / iPod Touch application provides the latest in accessibility and control of your home. As long as you have a cellular or wifi connection, iFusion Home provides one-tap iPhone access to the following features:
- Security PIN login using existing security codes
- Activation of pre-configured house modes
- Viewing of temperature and light status
- Arming and Disarming of the security system
- Convenient access to AVAI support personnel


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