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Fix for reported crash at start up.

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Add this arsenal of insults to your repertoire of wit.

This is a great collection of hilarious hand picked insults. Post your favorites directly to Facebook or share them with your friends from email or text message.

Have a big laugh at your friends expense or just laugh along with them.

You can save your favorites to view at any time, delete the ones you don't like so they don't appear again and you will not see any repeats until you've seen the entire list.

Customer Reviews

  • Good enough

    by Poo_man

    I like it because there are some funny ones :)

  • Cool

    by Gsjjwbdhh

    I <3 it!!!!!

  • I have one you should add in the app! :D

    by Drk3339

    I can turn away and walk away because I know when you are coming when the ground starts shaking

  • Wish me luck!

    by Kenzi

    I'm getting it and I hope it's pretty good!

  • U idiots

    by Text master101

    U idiots first they are not about u unless someone says it to u and true to get your spelling right. And here a comeback for u, u are such an airhead that the only thing holding u to the earth is the weight of your stupidity.

  • Okay!!!

    by ~Phantomhive~

    I think these r funny! But I dnt tink I wood use them at skol mayb for my sis


    by Erinnnnn(:

    This app is amazing and clever! Though most of the insults are very mean.

  • Great Jokes

    by BP is too stud

    Funny stuff now I have amazing comebacks against my brother

  • Lollove it

    by bringmethehorizon99

    I love this app!! Now I have even better comebacks to stupid people at school!! Ps I have awesome comebacks!! And now I can pick on my brothers even more!!! I love the line that says your the reason god created the middle finger!!!!

  • This iz funny

    by This iz funny

    Its sort ov funny but some of dem r dum


    by Create Nickname token bull

    Jokez r awsom Itz ez 2 use So many Jokez dont no wich ta use

  • Awesome

    by Jujubean1119

    I love this game!

  • Whoo!

    by thisgamestinks

    This is funny. Now I have comebacks at all the dirtbags

  • Well,

    by Monkey money

    It has OK insults but, never in a converseation I can use it, so like I can only tell u get it and c if u like it. And it's pretty good to pick fights, pluse my rate should b 3 and a half

  • Funny app

    by 11770

    The insults are funny but could use the occasional update with more insults

  • My app is not working

    by Hajari b.

    My app isn't working when I tap it

  • Lol

    by SuperXPro12

    Could the people who rated one star do better

  • Haha

    by Sir moshy324

    The only reason y i am laughing is cuz the jokes r so bad, it sounds like jokes my grandma would try to use

  • Doesn't make sense

    by RealReviewMaster

    This is more like a game where you wait for a decent comeback to come. Half of these make no sense and the other half are just dumb. WASTE OF DATA

  • Hurts

    by Luv u 10

    My Feelings

  • Dhgj

    by amb596


  • What the crap!!!

    by Pop31210

    Ok like on my iPhone I tried to open this app but it freakin crashes what the crap!! (and I was so excited grrr!!)

  • Crap

    by Gizmo545

    It doesn't even work.

  • Stupid "gerrrrr"!

    by Nikipuppie12

    This app won't open and well i tried downloading it twice still never opened if I were you I would not get this app it's complete junk. If your one person like me who's app never opened get the game battle bears so addickting and fun. Or try ski ball or bookworm those games are so muh better intact there my favorite. (I give this app no stars at all) Nikipuppie12

  • Garbage!!

    by Da Felk

    Will not open you click on it and nothing happens! Don't waste your time!!!

  • Boo!

    by KatlinMad

    App keeps going away when I try to click it.

  • Srsly?

    by onlyallie247

    This app had okay insults, and I used to imagine me saying them to people I dislike.  But now it crashes every single time i open it! I'm gonna delete it really soon if this isn't fixed :/

  • Won't work

    by Toby1121

    App is crap

  • Amazingly unfunny

    by mykoleary

    Wow these are horrible, as is the overall UI of the application. Got one extra star for the effort, as there are worse ones out there that are true one stars.

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