Adult Wheel of Foreplay Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: Appsent Minded, LLC

Fixed some memory leaks and some potential crash bugs.

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Amazingly hot, sexy and fun! This party game will turn any boring get together into the most amazing night ever.

This game was carefully crafted with hand written content, progressive game play (stars mild and heats up as you play) and tons of customizations.

★ Features ★
✔ Tons of custom content
✔ Add any number of players
✔ Progressive game play
✔ Add your own content
✔ Submit your own content
✔ Download user submitted content
✔ iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch compatible
✔ Gender specific content
✔ Supports same sex content
✔ Retina display support
✔ Randomly selects player(s) to do actions with

Customer Reviews

  • Great game...but

    by New/dad

    You have different categories, flirt, tease, hot, extreme, or something you want to make up. You should have a different wheel for each one so when you start the game you start out with flirt with how ever many spins each then move to next wheel tease with so many spins and so on till you get to the last category EXTREME. This would be a 5 star easy. Where is support? This would be worth five dollars if you would listen to everyone and adjust the game a little.

  • Needs a few tidy up!

    by Jballa33

    Good game. Needs a lil work though. Could be a bit more exotic.

  • Cool sex app!

    by firewater23

    Try out for free but for 99 cents it really expands the game and allows you to customize it to your own preferences. Friendly interface. Not bias as it allows same-sex & group fun.

  • Okay, but needs work & support

    by bhirschi

    I like the format and the ability to completely customize the game. However, when you actually try to customize the game, it messes up. For example, you can adjust the game's settings to allow Guy on Girl, Girl on Girl and Guy on Guy interaction, or any combination thereof. But with a few generic exceptions (perform anything you want on anyone you want), all of the included and extra content dictates interactions between a guy and a girl only. When I tried to add my own content (or edit existing content) to allow some actions to be between any two players by changing the [GUY] and [GIRL] commands to the generic [PLAYER] command, the game got confused. For example, instead of the player whose turn it was performing the prescribed action, the game invariably chose two other players to perform that action, leaving the player whose turn it was to watch. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it kind of misses the point. Even more annoying was the fact that when I added [PLAYER] on [PLAYER] content, the game would take it upon itself to change the wording of the instructions I had written, trying to make them gender-specific, usually with comically bad results. And it seems every review I've written lately has of necessity contained the following complaint: The app has no in-app help to explain the protocols of adding your own content, and the developer has no working web site or support contact information.

  • Just what I was looking for

    by Tanis6909

    This is the perfect game for adventurous couples...I haven't gotten a chance to play it with my "group" quite yet but I know we're all going to have a blast with this!

  • Very Fun

    by DeadliestLove

    I really enjoy playing this game with my partner. But in all honesty the free version is almost just as good. But it was well worth the money.

  • Awesome fun!

    by Diary user

    This game spiced up my love life. Thanks!

  • Don't waste your $

    by Clee55555

    Description says you can download user created content. But there isn't anywhere in the app to get to it. Also, there really isn't any different content in the paid version from what is in the free version. You can edit the content in the free version to create your own. But as stated above and is the case with the free app, the app will change some of the wording, for some odd reason. Don't waste your dollar. You can have as much fun with the free version as the paid version.

  • Cool but...

    by Photozen69

    I like the app, but sometimes the add/edit window goes too far off screen to save. The only remedy I found was to delete and reinstall. That, however, means you have to re-enter all of your user created entries. Please fix!

  • Weak

    by restackhouse

    Weak. but if you fill our your own stuff at least you can Website had zero new entries

  • Adult wheel foreplay

    by Mrs HoneyDee

    I ordered it and it dosnt open just closes please fix I hate wasting money for nothing!!!!!!!

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