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Seller: Appsent Minded, LLC

Fixed bug that could cause ad to block the next player button.

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Amazingly hot, sexy and fun! This party game will turn any boring get together into the most amazing night ever.

This game was carefully crafted with hand written content, progressive game play (stars mild and heats up as you play) and tons of customizations.

★ Features ★
✔ Tons of custom content
✔ Add any number of players
✔ Progressive game play
✔ Add your own content
✔ Submit your own content
✔ Download user submitted content
✔ iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch compatible
✔ Gender specific content
✔ Supports same sex content
✔ Retina display support
✔ Randomly selects player(s) to do actions with

Customer Reviews

  • 3sum fun

    by Shorty bill

    This is a great app. Don't think about it just get it

  • Very Exciting

    by LetteHardcore

    love this game great for a bachlor/lette parties awesome fun!!

  • Best Game Ever!!!

    by Nicky bio

    This game was so fun to play with my girlfriend.

  • Coo

    by Mike Corrales


  • Great, just needs a password

    by Lightning man13

    My kids use my iPad also, so it would be nice if this app had the option to open with a password. I am going to delete it when she learns to read, lol

  • Luv it

    by Luvmeppl

    I luv this I like to just put in dares like have sex but this is awesome played it all day with my boyfriend and my BFF and her boyfriend. Lol I think I'm pregnant

  • Great foreplay

    by Missy n Lou

    Haven't got to actually use it yet but we and another cpl were sitting around and tried a few spins each. Works great except When we put the male to male button in the off position it still tries to get the male members to do things to each other. Other Han that it is totally awesome. Will update after we actually party itch it.

  • Sex

    by Lgenx

    Now I have sex in an awesome way!(we are both girls)

  • Love It


    I love this app it was so much I played with my bf he loved it to

  • Please remove from purchase list

    by Remove 65

    Cool for swingers ;)

  • Love

    by Rocker525434

    I love the app Cuz I can do the stuff with my GF(we are both girls) it is going to be awesome

  • Best sexual app ever!

    by BaeTHIZZLE

    Gets freakier and freakier. I wish there was graphic pictures and more options on the wheel each round. But other than that.. It lets you edit, so you don't have to buy full price app you can make up stuff yourself. This game isn't shy lol DOWNLOAD NOWWW

  • So awesome!

    by Kaitmcd

    The best app ever for a long car ride. Literly have been playing this game for 10 hours Ryan McDonald

  • Upgrade please

    by Jballa33

    Great app. Needs an upgrade tho... I'm running out of contents to play with my girlfriend.

  • Great

    by Craig1806

    No problems and I am seriously thinking about buying a full version

  • Add password?

    by Chairytyu

    Good game. Will buy full version if the developer add password protection, like some other 17+ games.

  • Fun app

    by Bhrson

    Buying app

  • Amazing! Buy it!

    by VanBuren14

    Go ahead and buy it it's fun to make up your own stuff.... Also make one for after the foreplay part is done and over with! Like a positions wheel.

  • Hot and fun!

    by Zengeek

    This app is flexible and lets you make one great night. I have not had a problem with freezing. I highly recommend playing with another couple.

  • Fun then

    by gamelover23

    It froze and won't spin fix

  • Please remove

    by Pokerface2

    Please remove of download list I did not download this! A friend did

  • Doesn't spin

    by Longfoot Q

    I was going to use the wheel to help with making decisions rather than in a sexual way. Pro: is you can rename the options on the wheel. Con: the wheel speed did not change when I put it on the top speed level. Also, it kept freezing. It is weird bc I know someone else who has the app and is not having issues. I even deleted/download multiple times. This app is a fail and with no update since 2011. It won't ever get better.

  • 1

    by 548555

    Please remove from purchase history

  • No spin?!?!

    by Lytomami

    Downloaded but my wheel does not spin! Wth??

  • Pleaseeee remove

    by Grandma ranch

    Please remove from purchase list

  • Student

    by SaraL1889

    Please remove from my purchase list

  • Not worth it

    by Gmen1028046

    Please remove from purchase list

  • Boo

    by Helpboo

    Please remove from purchase list

  • Was fun til it froze

    by GatKong

    Was fun for about ten spins... Then it froze up permanently... Now it's a worthless app. Fix the bugs and this will be a five star app.

  • Stupid

    by Me32454

    Didnt mean to purchase so please take it off my purchased list

  • Frozen

    by Jaglynn17

    If it worked it might be a good app. I spun the wheel twice n it froze. Bugs need to be fixed.

  • Cool

    by Rebecca Slater

    Please Delete from purchased

  • Classic

    by Brohampton

    Classic game to mess around with and download on all of your friends devices. Really funny what's can do.

  • Awesome

    by sweetqt

    Great game! Highly recommend. Great with a lot of people!

  • Purely awesome

    by Phillip389

    This game is so much fun the more players the better. Los of options and lots of customizing the wheel. If everyone's into it, it'll be fun.

  • Pretty freaking hot!!!!

    by B192

    The bugs seem fixed. You can replace a few spots on the wheel with whatever you feel need to be there to spice it up a little more! Fun and easy!

  • Exciting

    by Kasmine Holton

    This is a fun game to spice things up!! My boyfriend and I enjoy this game, it's a great way to get the mood right instead of jumping into things!!

  • Terrible

    by LucianReign

    I wish I could rate 0 stars. Spins once and then nothing. Horrible don't waste your time!

  • F

    by CLuTch44

    Download TextPlus... Then go to group text and join TheSexyPicsOfGirlsToGuys


    by Shawanda Pie

    I tapped it once and it never worked again I thought it was my iPod!Wth!MAD GAY DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

  • Bad

    by Davihutc

    Like The other reviews state, it DOEST work! It freezes after one spin.

  • Horrible

    by Apprater827

    The ads prevent u from doing anything

  • Terrible

    by Michaelangelo7754

    Game is terrible only spins once and ads won't let you go again don't waste your time

  • Fun time!

    by ARJG*

    This was a lot of fun! Thanks for the great app!!!

  • Freezing

    by Condogmilionaire

    Froze. It won't spin.

  • Keeps freezing

    by Rwfrazier

    It's froze up and won't do anything

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