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Get the sexiest party game on the app store now.

Experience the best game play of any Truth or Dare app out there. What makes Adult Truth or Dare better than all the others?

* First off, we've introduced a unique feature that randomly selects another player for you to do the dares to.

Dares and questions are specific to each gender. So girls get questions appropriate for girls and guys only get questions for guys.

* The next feature that sets Adult Truth or Dare apart is that everything is completely customizable. You can add your own dares and questions to make this game as hot or tame as you want. You can change the wording in existing content to be a little more your style or delete items that you don't like all together.

* In addition you can disable and re-enable truths/dares as you see fit. Some things you may only want to appear when it's just you and your significant other. Rather than deleting them and reentering them later you can just disable them.

This app is sure to turn your next Frat or Sorority party into something to remember.

Customer Reviews

  • Sex perfect

    by Mushbird

    My boyfriend and I had the best sex ever and we do it almost ever night now

  • No bad at all

    by SunX99

    Good game. You can edit items, name players. Could have more options: denote relationships, change dare based on sex. Etc.

  • Awesome

    by Nycethicalsluts

    This is awesome for a swingers party

  • So Great

    by Me no like it!

    I love that you can make your own dares and it has not crashed for me once. This app got me into bed very quickly. ;)

  • Fun

    by get dat fosho

    I luv it.

  • Can't wait to play

    by WalknRaina

    I've put some very creative dares on mine.. Best part about it was i made them up so they extra freaky!! Can't wait to play it with him!! Get this app if you like too have fun.

  • Amazing

    by Ushehdudjehd

    LoVe it

  • Funny and Awesome

    by -=[naploeg]=-

    Funny and awesome get this game now

  • Remove

    by Balletbelle1227

    Please remove from my purchase history.

  • Best night!

    by starynight101

    This game got everything hot and sexy in the room. From the carpet to the celing!! We love this game sooo much! Cant wait to play this game again!

  • Funny

    by Ahmed razin

    I can't wait to try playing this with my freinds.

  • Love it!

    by Crazy Fae

    I love this game. The best is you can edit the dares and truths so you can make it as decent or dirty as you want it.

  • Perfect!

    by Willy_Yum

    Love that you can make your own truth and dares and really spice the game up ;)

  • Fantastic!

    by Trevor Sheridan

    This app is very fun to play as a couple, the only problem is the same dares come up over and over again. Try this for sure, you will not regret it!


    by Emilaylaylay.

    It is so amazing. My brother. His friends, my friends, and I played this and I ended up making out with my bros friend ad my friend ended up making out with my brother. I LOVE this game. You can add your own dares too. Def worth the download.

  • Smexy!!

    by IHADS3Xanditfeltgood

    I had sex with my boyfriend.I enjoyed The ice cube , massage and unzipping one! He unzipped my pants and started kissing my legs.he put the ice cube on boobs and licked it. &nnd he massaged Me from head toe !! He enjoyed the massage,unzipping,and taking off clothes! I had to massage his ---- and he told me to stare at it . He enjoyed the unzipping because he he felt my lip on his ----. And he enjoyed the taking off clothes one because I ended un with only one clothing . We just had sex after that and I enjoyed everything so did he . You helped me do this!!now we doing this every night

  • best!

    by ashley<3ju$tin bieber

    this app got the crush to put ice cubes in my bra . then another hot guy at my school give me a spanking!

  • Please!!!!!!!!


    Please take this off my purchased!!!! My friend downloaded it as a joke. If my parent see it they will kill me!!!! Please take it off!!! Thank you!!

  • Delete

    by Jesusluver777

    Plz delete from my history list

  • no

    by Cutitluver

    please remove from my purchased list.

  • No

    by Get it off like now!!!!

    I accidently downloaded it. I meant to download the appropriate one next to it. Please remove from history!

  • Get their purple one.

    by Wise man 43

    There is a better one from the same company. The icon has a purple background instead of yellow, and the shadow is in a different pose, but it's pretty much the same app.


    by Poputt

    Please remove this from my purchased list.

  • Not worth it!!

    by Gmen1028046

    Please remove from purchased list



    What's te point if having a mass text app if you cannot text to the masses. 10ppl is not enough. It would trip do hard if it was the free version

  • Ha

    by jfili97

    4 homo men

  • Weird

    by Wazzup2467

    I had to strip down to my boxers in front of a hot girl at school.

  • Ummmm

    by Sueter72

    Not bad for a free app. Some of the questions are pretty creative i guess. I wouldnt download the full version but for free ill keep it handy

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