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Seller: Apprizon LLC

- Fixed bug that prevented purchasing extra features.

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Ever wondered who unfollowed you on Instagram?
With My Followers On Instagram, you can find that out and much more.

My Followers On Instagram is more than a comprehensive followers management tool. It brings you a unique Instagram experience you'll never find in any other app!

- Discover new followers
- Track unfollowers
- Discover users blocking you (extra feature)
- Find out who is not following you back
- Find out who you're not following back
- Discover your top likers (extra feature)
- Discover your top commentors (extra feature)
- Find out who your ghost followers are (extra feature)
- Keep logs of all follower and unfollowers (extra feature)
- Enjoy multiple accounts support (extra feature)
- Smart bulk follow and unfollow (extra feature)
- Full-featured users profiles with the ability to view, like, and comment on photos
- Bookmark interesting comments
- Support for private users to approve and deny follow requests
- Unique iPad interface
- Banners to show users statuses and more...

* Extra features require additional purchase.

* PLEASE NOTE that you must have an Instagram account to use this app.

* PLEASE NOTE: This app does not support users with more than 30,000 followers or following.

* This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.

Customer Reviews

  • Crashes

    by Schangulig

    I love this app but every time I go into it it crashes.FIX IT!

  • Does the job, has a problem

    by MuffinManV3

    The app does work but has a glitch that does not let me switch accounts.

  • Love it

    by go big lexie55333

    Love it omg

  • Amazing

    by Bathing chimp

    Great app! But lately been crashing and not letting me open it. Please fix!

  • Nice but..,

    by B2181313

    I love this app because it tells you what you want to know. I just got the app today and I've only been on it once before it started to crash the next couple of times I went on. Please fix this problem ASAP.

  • Cool app

    by Mnm1010mnm

    I've been using it and works great so far! @Mazer10

  • My own block list

    by Edmond.s

    It's an amazing app but if you could please please add a list to show the people we have blocked hat would be absolutely brilliant !

  • Great app!

    by Babiigrldanielle

    Perfect app, messes up sometimes tho

  • ya

    by iensbxxhdhd


  • Ok

    by Maynee2434

    I would give 5 stars if the app did not crash all the time, but other then that I love this app over similar one I have tries

  • Crashing king

    by Kidfresh98

    It's a good app but it Just Keeps Crashing

  • Awesome app


    I LOVE this app, I use it all the time, you can log into multiple accounts, the 1.99 $ for the extras is worth it. ( :

  • Great app

    by DjBigT

    Nice I @Official_Dj_BigT Approve

  • I like it somewhat...

    by Wiggy1011

    Well it was working for a couple of days because I'm unfollowing a lot of people. But, it now won't let me go on the app. I don't know why. And one thing I hate is it only lets you unfollow up to 160 per hour. There are lots of good things. But big major things that are wrong with it.

  • Good

    by Sagittariusdragon

    I like it.

  • An excellent Instagram tracker

    by EpicSacksGuy777

    Way to go

  • Perfect

    by Maleah_33

    I hate having ghost followers on my instagram so this is a way to know who they are and unfollow them. This app is perfect for that

  • Please fix

    by The_beast_logan

    After awhile it tends to crash repetitively. It fixes after I re-install it. But please fix very irritating

  • I love the app, but...

    by xHoranx

    I was obsessed with this until I bought the package and now it keeps crashing. Doesn't even load anything before it crashes. Please, please fix this. It's a really good app, minus the crashing.

  • Rate 5

    by Indianluv3r_h4t3rluv3r

    Great app!!!!! Helped me out alot!!!

  • Crashes

    by @aintnothintoit

    Taking time to remove un followers... Then crashes before I get to remove them

  • Disappointed

    by Iamladyluck

    This program takes so long to refresh. I am very upset I paid for this application and wish I could get a refund

  • Keeps crashing

    by Jumpinggirly8

    Every time I open the app for the past month it crashes

  • Disappointed with this

    by Basketballer7

    The "top likers" portion of the app that you have to pay an additional $1.99 for is all false. I checked and the numbers are just random.

  • Doesn't work

    by ThomasAppleton

    Everytime I log in it crashes right away if not trying to log in it says an error has occurred or forbidden

  • Everytime I open the app it crashes

    by Jarred2012

    The app worked perfectly fine last week on my iPad and now everytime I go to open it crashes. Help?

  • No good

    by Jbay(ver 3.2)

    Was great until it started crashing all the time. Now I can't even use it.

  • by @mattealusk

    it was working great, and was super helpful, but now when I log in it says "FORBIDDEN" [?!]

  • Worst $5 I've ever spent!

    by Gdhjsjsbauiawshsnsgdhfb

    THIS APP HACKED MY INSTAGRAM!!! do not get this or else you will suddenly be following a bunch of people who you never followed. I wanna start a law suit with these people

  • Bug

    by Lechtmancr

    It crashes a lot since the last iOS

  • Get any other IG followers app don't get this one

    by Kimberly Sawyers

    1 it crashes a lot it crashed before I got to unfollow some people who unfollowed me and I didn't get to unfollow them 2 it'll automatically follow the users you just unfollowed. Get any other Instagram followers app just don't get this one

  • Worst $5 I've ever spent!

    by Gdhjsjsbauiawshsnsgdhfb

    This worked great for a few days! Then, I tried to add an account (after spending five dollars and full upgrading it) and now it won't let me sign in again with anything!!! Get your crap together, app people!

  • bad app

    by ya digggggg

    have to buy 2 upgrades fo use any of feature

  • App

    by Yicel4481

    It does not open anymore it's been like this for about a month now it please fix!!

  • stoln

    by SimplyMe1987

    I buy it then the ask me for more i have to buy 1.99 then i did also when i delete the app and download again the ask me again to buy for it

  • Needs work

    by Tay Tay is ccccoooolllld

    Whenever I tap on the app to open it because I have apple it opens then closes immediately at first I didn't have that problem

  • Lame.

    by Sizzle628

    I like this app but it doesn't let me see people who blocked me. Even though I know that person has me blocked. Please fix I'll make it to 5 stars after it's able to be seen.

  • Wrong data

    by Ev Med

    No updates my information. Numbers are wrong all over the likes, the comments, the top likers, etc. it doesn't work for IG in my IPad Air 5. Please fix it. Already pay for the extra features.

  • Can't use

    by Shelby Bennett

    I used to use this app all of the time, but now it has stopped working. All of my software is up to date but when I click on the app it just quits. As of now this app is just a waste of space on my phone

  • Lies

    by Hellokiki3

    Says it can show who is looking at your profile even if they don't follow but it doesn't.

  • Crashes

    by dflydust

    Crashes on open. Can't view any accounts. Used to work fine. Fix this!

  • Idk

    by Kiki Remy !

    When I first purchased this app on my iphone 4, it was great, worked perfectly fine... I got the 5s and downloaded it again from the same iTunes account and most of the features are locked.. I can't see my ghost followers and stuff... So what was the point in paying for the app and not even able to use all the features......!!!? What should I do, HELP !!!

  • Crashes

    by Faris Hayek

    For the past several weeks the app won't launch, it continuously crashes every time I open it.

  • Problem

    by Hadi1275

    When I bought it, it was good but when I bought the add-ons, it just won't work!!! REFUND!

  • by @mattealusk

    Nice app, but SO slooooow

  • Um...

    by ninjaleon8038

    What the heck happened?! It was working perfectly, and now it force closes literally after a second! What?!

  • What's going on??

    by Jaay Tho

    It won't let me open it! And my Instagram won't let me like pictures, among other odd things. I think I've been hacked...

  • Crashes and recharges you during re installation.

    by abaladah

    I have all the latest updates for this app and for my iPhone 5S. The app crashes during startup and even after I do a hard reset on my phone. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it'll work the first time, but I had to repurchase the the "essential pkgs"...BS! I paid for this already! Stop double charging and fix ur app!

  • Ehh

    by AwsAllDay

    I've used this app for a very long time and it's always been good. Till now, it won't open it only crashes. I bought all the extra features too so I hope a new update comes out that fixes the crashing.

  • This isn't working!!!

    by Jeremygetdoe

    I was in love with the app when I first got it but now it is really a pain I can't unfollow people and I payed for all the packages this is ridiculous give me what I payed for please!

  • OMG

    by @beyondperfect_xo

    It crashes so much I hate that! And then it never opens again

  • Mp203

    by EscaladeMike

    I love the app.. Love the fact that it tells you who follows you who unfollowed you and who blocks. Although I did have one problem with it. Always didn't give me the accuracy.

  • Please fix the glitches

    by Vyolet143

    It's not working on my iPhone 5 anymore keeps shitting down

  • Terrible

    by Gio100795

    Works first week then continually crashes and had to reinstall numerous times. You have to pay extra to unfollow all unfollowers at once. And now the app doesn't let you do anything at all. Don't waste your time. Want my money back.

  • Rate and concern

    by Dilllllllllpickele

    The app moves quite slow

  • Ugh

    by 17ttc

    Won't even let me log in

  • Not happy

    by Queso914

    My app just closes

  • REALLY?!?

    by halcon69

    Well I got the pro tools then it says I have to upgrade again

  • App review?

    by [OG]Eddylicious[IV]

    Works best out of them all.

  • Why am no sure about to unfolling"

    by Fragance!!

    Need to be update it is scratching to much And Hey am so serious about this, plz all you need to do is add a option where says who ignored you, so we can know who really unfollow plz, cuz that what it says about GOSHT FOLLOWERS is to unfollow right? But in not something valid on IG to unfollow someone that even if is not liking or comment, cuz is following you!! So get what I mean and let that @MyFollowers builders know about this cuz Me and all (myfollowers users) will way feel better unfollow someone that has seen our pic and ignored us then a person that is following me but I don't know if is ignoring me!! So plz feel what am saying sr or miss, Plz

  • I hate this app

    by Brandi2kute

    The app tricked me into buying it thinking that I will know who blocked me! That's messed up for real!

  • Good, but crashes alot

    by NYCcutie12

    this app is pretty good and i use alot to see who unfollowed but sometimes its really slow, and crashes a ton.

  • Pro tools issues

    by Btown94

    I downloaded this app earlier today and also bought the pro tools part, but ever since I bought it the app has been crashing on me. I would like a refund or the issue to be fixed. I have not had the app for even 24 hours and its already crashing since I bought pro tools.

  • it WAS great....

    by Djsjdhehdh

    It was great but ever since my first ig got disabled when i click on the app, it quickly closes out. I try clicking "log out" super quick but it still closes. I made in app purchases and it wont adjust to me new ig account!

  • Great

    by Bostonmonsta

    Great app. This is very useful because you can find out who is not following u and u can unfollow them right then and there. Also I love the history feature. Unlike most apps which make the thing go away after a few minutes, this app lets you go Back and check again to see if someone unfollowed u or not. Only downside is that it is pricey

  • I want my money back.

    by Stupidnicknameimusthave

    The app just crashes before it even gets on the screen! I want my money back.

  • Not accurate

    by DIDDY352


  • my issue

    by _k___________

    i shouldnt have to pay more to see ghost followers .

  • I don't want to pay for ghost followers!

    by Esteban Mendoza

    I paid for the app now for ghost? I want my money back!!!

  • Rip Off.

    by Ahh>>.<<

    This was the stupidest app ever. You have to pay .99 for the app then 1.99 for the rest of the functions in the app. People these days. Smh. I want my money back.

  • Terrible

    by Zodiac caz

    Worked fine up until I updated. Now it just crashes everytime I start it


    by Selenalovescatsalot(;


  • Ugh

    by Stuvz

    It worked fine & was the only app I used for all of my Instagram accounts. I had the pro-tools before & accidentally deleted the app; when I re-downloaded it, it crashes after a few seconds. One star. Fix the problem & I would've rated it 5.

  • Used to but now doesn't work.

    by Tgjvcd

    The app is amazing and I bought all the in app purchase things and it worked for a while and now it won't even open.

  • problem

    by esam bj

    i have a problem in this app not log in and refresh

  • Rip Off

    by JackAbrams13

    Bought this app to know who my ghost followers were so I bought it than I was supposed to buy another package for ghost followers. which was totally a rip off and not even right. I also ran out of iTunes money and couldn't buy it. Screw this app. I would rate it a -10 if I could.


    by Swaggiegamer

    Please fix the app its a great app. But it keeps crashing.

  • Horrible app

    by Jonell Payamps

    You CANNOT see people who are viewing your instagram totally false don't waste your money people PLEASE DONT

  • Needs a new update

    by Raider Nation Predator

    The app closes itself once i open it for a few seconds. Needs a new update

  • From fun to flop!

    by ViRaLx KiLLa

    Good features; however, with instagram's terrible server it flags my account to do a captcha every few minutes. This app won't configure when you solve the captcha. You have to delete and reinstall. Instagram is turning into crap!

  • Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Moeman01

    The most likes tab is not working!!!!! When fixed I'll change my review.

  • by Ghsdujbvhgshgxdvg

    Okay so this has been by far the BEST followers app I've downloaded and I LOOOOOOOVE it but today it started glitching like CRAZY . So at first I couldn't follow anyone now I can't even open the app without it forcing close within a second . Pleaseeee fix asap ! The other apps don't compare to this one

  • it keeps crashing:/

    by AllieBop12312

    i used to use this app basically every day, but now every time i try to open it it just crashes. :/ i love it, but i wish it would work.

  • Just crashes

    by victorlgarcia

    Fix it please!

  • Great

    by ChrisZio

    I love it

  • Bad update

    by Qatar20

    App keep crashing upon opening!!!

  • My Top Likers

    by Frankthetank578

    I love the app. it is very useful. my only problem is that My Top Likers are not working for me. I bought the tools and it was working before. But then after I deleted some pictures off Instagram, my ghost followers are high and my top likers are at 0. This cannot be correct because I put a picture daily .

  • Good app BUT

    by SidBabie

    This app has been freezing a lot lately I don't know what's going on, whenever I cheat "people not following back" after a few unfollows this app continuously just crashes! You guys need to update and fix the bugs! This thing is annoying not to mention that I PAID to use this. So I think the less that can happen is for it to work correctly! Please fix these bugs

  • Crashes : this app is worthless !!!

    by Urban Mom

    I have 2 IG accounts that I manage with this account. This app keeps crashing. It will not allow me access to anything. It's been that way for weeks and the developers ignore my requests to fix it. Avoid this app !! Just sent 4th request for help. Developers just IGNORE yr emails. Zero customer service if you have a problem !!

  • My followers

    by JohanTheDestroyer

    I love this app so much

  • I really like this app!

    by Criiadina

    It does shut down every time I overuse it and I have to re-download it but I'm glad i don't have to repay :) I like this app a lot and it's the only app I use to get followers so I recommend it :) I can follow 159 people an hour and without it I can only follow 50 ppl every 5 min. It's easier with the app :) if you overuse it, it will shut down and you have to re-download it. IG is just more secure.

  • Wow It Crashes A Lot

    by RunsWithFlyingSquids<3(':

    The Application Keeps On Crashing. I Demand A Refund -.-

  • App

    by Moe842589632

    Used to work amazing! Now whenever I'm on it, I get an "denied access invalid token" message, and it exits me out. Then I can't even reopen the app to go to one of my other accounts. Very bad and not worth the money at all, this needs to get fixed.

  • Cool App" But...

    by CORNDOG76

    App is pretty cool but here is my problem! You pay 99 cent for app then you have to pay 99 cent to get like two small extra features then have to pay another 1.99 for the main features! So all and all I spent over 4.00 for this app which IMO this is highway robbery and hope you enjoy the 4 bucks cause I will never buy another app from this company/Dev/con artist and will not recommend to anyone I know.

  • Users who block me

    by Waste of my money& time

    The "Users who block me" feature does not work! I purchased this app especially for this feature. I've wasted my money as well as time.

  • Pay 0.99 and you must pay more latter

    by rubens belfort

    Some features only available if you pay more, but does not show how much Very bad. Stay away

  • Crashes!

    by Sarah Ell

    Used to work perfectly! Now it crashes right when I open it. Please fix this!!!!!!

  • Worst app


    It's crashing and now I'm forbidden!! I can't use it any more. Give me my money back

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