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This App contains 3- hours of tutorial-videos showing how a Grammy Award Winning Engineer mixes R & B Music.

A legend of Motown & the R&B music scene, David Isaac teaches you Deep Mixing Skills ...

R&B is a soulful genre, and there's few people with more soul than David Isaac. David has spent decades Engineering and Producing for many of the world's biggest R&B artists, including Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller, Michael Jackson, and many, many more A-List performers.

In this 3 hour tutorial video, you'll learn deep secrets about the art of mixing while benefiting from the years of experience that David brings to the table. Topics like radio-ready vocal treatments, EQ'ing rhodes & bass, and mixing your drums to create space, depth, and dimension, are all covered hear.

But the best part of this tutorial is the inside tips and knowledge that David drops along the way. Listening to a veteran of the Motown scene describe why certain mix concepts have come to be is like taking a history lesson in the theory of R&B. If you want your songs to sound like the music on the radio, this tutorial is the best possible place for you to start.

Table of Contents:

01. Introduction
02. Let's Get Started
03. Checking & Cleaning
04. Arranging The Track
05. The Finished Arrangement
06. Auditioning The Vocals
07. Stereo vs. Mono Vocals
08. Panning Vocals
09. Drums Quick Static Mix
10. The Double Drummer
11. Adjusting Output Levels
12. Drum Groups & Busses
13. Creating Height In A Mix
14. Creating Width In A Mix
15. Using The Stereo Spread
16. Creating FX Width
17. Creating Depth In A Mix
18. EQ'ing Kick Drums
19. Slammin' Snares
20. Working the Hats
21. Clap & Tambourine
22. Rachet & Rides
23. Using Reverb
24. A - B The Drums
25. Bus Compression
26. Bass Dimension
27. Setting Up The Rhodes
28. EQ'ing The Rhodes
29. Using Subtle Distortion
30. Exciting The Top End
31. Adding Space - Reverb
32. Adding Space - Spreader
33. Producer's Note #1
34. The Vocal Mix
35. Vocal Bus Effects
36. The Bridge Vocals
37. Producer's Note #2
38. Adding The Guitars
39. Adding The Synths
40. Adding The Strings
41. Flutes & FX
42. The Riding Concept
43. Left - Right Mix Energy
44. Stereo Imaging
45. Harmonic Exciting
46. Before & After Mix
47. Fade vs. No Fade
48. Print Bus
49. Fader Roller-Coaster
50. Wrap Up


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