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Inspired by Django Reinhardt’s unique guitar style, here are a special collection of diagonal guitar arpeggios !

- These 2 & 3 note-per-string patterns are ideal for building speed, technique, and bouncin' around the fret board whenever needed.

- A unique guitar reference tool for both teacher & student, consisting of diagonal arpeggio patterns for common chords found within gypsy jazz


Contains Over 40 diagrams of Diagonal Arpeggio Patterns! Each diagram Includes :

1) Guitar Tab of Arpeggio

2) Suggested Left Hand “Django” Fingerings

3) Suggested Right Hand “Gypsy” Picking Strokes

4) Arpeggio in Standard Musical Notation (*music written in quarter notes for easy reading)

5) Four Audio Samples per Arpeggio Pattern:
Over 150 tracks total -- each recorded @ 130 beats per minute
1) Easy tempo (lead & rhythm)
2) Easy play-along (rhythm only)
3) Double time tempo (lead & rhythm)
4) Double time play-along (rhythm only)

iDjango's Gypsy Jazz Arpeggios

Django Reinhardt’s music has seen an incredible revival within recent years, with Gypsy Jazz ensembles carrying the torch of his music all over the globe. An important element to his fiery technique along the fingerboard was his ergonomic approach to arpeggios. iDjango's Gypsy Jazz Arpeggios hopes to shed light into the master’s thinking by exploring two note & three note arpeggios over common chords seen within gypsy jazz changes.

Upon internalizing them, one can transpose these patterns and use them as:
1)Technique builders
2) Daily etudes for guitar musicianship
3) Vocabulary for jazz improvisation
4) Melodic cells to be used within favorite tunes!

A table of contents for version 1.0 :
Major Chords: 6th Chords, Major 7ths, Maj9
Minor Chords: m6 chords, m7 chords, m9
Dominant Chords: b9, 9th
Diminished Chords: dim7

Enjoy !


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