A Course In Miracles: Workbook for Students Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Andrew Smith

** Updated app for iPhone 5 screen

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A companion to the immensely popular "A Course In Miracles" book, this app is designed to be used in conjunction with the workbook. (A Course In Miracles is also known as ACIM).

Developed in cooperation with the Foundation for Inner Peace, our app includes the full workbook lesson text from the current edition of the book, as well as the official Foundation-produced audio affirmations for every lesson.

All 365 workbook lessons are included, in full text presented in a beautiful reader designed specifically for this course. Play the official Foundation-produced audio of the affirmations included for each lesson, or record your own personalized affirmation.

Turn the pages to get to a new lesson, play the affirmation, change the lesson font size. The app keeps track of where you are in the lesson, so you can pick up right where you left off.

But there is much more -- for each lesson, you can add your own text notes, and even record your own personalized affirmation (if your device supports recording). By personalizing the course in this way, as you progress through the lessons, you will create a living record of your journey.

There are also handy links to the A Course In Miracles website, information about the Foundation for Inner Peace, and a link to our own website.

Enhance your study, and add another dimension to the work that you are doing in A Course In Miracles.

Also see our other apps, iMantra, for mantra meditation practice, and Peace Alarm Clock, which combines a gentle alarm sequence, a sleep timer, and a meditation timer.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect

    by Jonas Park

    It seems only yesterday that I downloaded this app, and I'm now on lesson 144 thanks to this reliable, elegant app which has all the functionalities I could ask for and more. God bless you, developers.

  • Great app

    by Mary Lisel

    I just bought this app, and just starting to use it. The interface is easy and I love how you can adjust the text size. I haven't fully explored the entire app yet, but from what I see, so far so good!!

  • Great content and some suggestions

    by MFS- A miracle worker in training

    I love the ability to read the workbook lessons without having to lug around the whole ACIM book, thank you! Suggestions for readability for those that don't see quite as well as they used to: 1. Replace the current font with a sans serif font (like this one) which are much easier on the eyes for small type. 2. Option to remove the "book frame" around the text and shrink the page width. 3. Allow for larger or smaler font sizes without zooming and scrolling horizontally which is distracting. 4. Most desireable request is to support rotation of screen 90 degrees into landscape mode like the browser and (with 3.0) mail apps. 5. Would be very nice option to place lessons into calendar. Also an option for pop up reminders at recommended times (e.g. hourly for later lessons) throughout the day (but only if you can find a way to avoid cluttering calendar view) 6. Finally, please Include the full text of ACIM to compliment the workbook lessons. This is an outstanding app that easily enables ACIM study where ever you are, than you for offering it. A great first release and we look forward to future enhancements...

  • Doesn't work

    by cabsoc17

    Love that ACIM has this application, which is why I've given it 2 stars. I know the app just released, but it doesn't load. This is a forgivness opportunity and am excited when the bug fixes come out and you can use the app.

  • Alarm

    by Caitlin B Aguero

    I love the the content of this app it is very helpful in making the Course mobile. I would REALLY love to see and update that allows user to to set a daily reminder alarm to read the messages...maybe with choice for multiple reminders per day!! That would make this an Excellent map!

  • LOVE This App!!!!!!

    by rblair1124

    This is a great companion to my book! I no longer need to tote around my giant book. All the features are wonderful, look forward to continued updates. Thank you for this App!

  • What I've been looking for!

    by Foye37

    This app is great! I have been looking for a way to take ACIM with me everywhere, I used to write the daily lesson's on my phones calendar but now I always have them with me.

  • The best!

    by Pcs24

    Just what I was searching for ;)

  • ACIM

    by Light Healer

    Beautiful, Fantastic, Uplifting! Wow! What a thrill to have such a powerful course on the IPhone. Get this. Read it. Share it. And enjoy it!

  • Love the daily lessons

    by WendySnap

    It is great to have the daily lessons available on my phone so I can have them with me and not have to carry the book around. Great that each lesson is a separate page so I don't have to keep track of where I am. My only suggestion is that I would like the app to open immediately to my page, rather than having to click the cover to open the "book." Thank you for creating this.

  • Yay!!!

    by cf

    I was so happy to find this new app. Since I got my iPhone I've searched for ways to have acim lessons on my phone. I bought the kindle version, which is great too, but this is great for the lessons. THANK YOU!!!

  • Globe icon does not work

    by Pixiesthree

    Great companion to the workbook, I didn't expect audio like other reviewers (read the description!) but the globe icon does not function at all so I cannot get to the community. Too bad, I was looking forward to that feature! Won't work on either the iPad or iPhone. Buzz kill.

  • Great companion to the course.

    by wildwyoming

    I use it every day while I am working through the lessons. It's so convenient. I'm happy with this app. I would like to have a timer installed right in the app. Since I do one a day and this app keeps my place I don't need to mark "done". Having it read the entire lesson would be nice as well. I was disappointed since I misunderstood the description and thought that this had audio for the directions, too.

  • I just love this App

    by Practitioner of peace

    Thank you for this very useful tool. I am doing a lesson a day and refer to this app many times! I look forward to every update and get excited for everything you add to this app but am very grateful for it just as it is right now too! I love having CIM lessons in pocket. Blessings.


    by NEW-M

    Thank you for the app ! I would love to be able to take a "snapshot" of the lesson for the day and set it as my screensaver Cheers!!

  • Loving ACIM

    by Jodestur

    I like having access to the lessons throughout my day. This alone made app worth purchase.

  • Could be better!!

    by Pier1308

    Would gave 5 stars if it had a built in alarm to remind u to do lesson.. Lesson pops up for u to read.. I love acim and it's lesson, life is so busy sometimes I forget to do lessons.. Automated alarm reminder function would be awesome!!

  • App is stuck

    by splme2

    Had this one for a while and appreciated recent update giving option to enlarge font - but now it's completely stuck as per other reviewers. In my case it's stuck in the notes field and there is no "done" button at top left as shown in your screen shot. It's covered by a flipped up page graphic. Also re other reviewer's comment on audio feature: agree. As is, the audio feature is kind of lame. Maybe do a full audio version of this app? Anyway thanks in advance for fixing this. Right now it's broken. Er, happy thanksgiving :)

  • I'd love you to add a meditation alarm to the app

    by walkwgrace

    I love having this app to reference so I don't have to lug the book with me when I travel and use it during the day for the lessons that need to be repeated every hour. I currently copy and past the days affirmation into my ical and set and alarm so the quote comes up onto my iphone when the alarm goes off. That is great, but getting a bit tiresome as there is no repeat for every 30/60 minutes. I need to do reprograming manually for every 30/60 minutes. I've noticed that another app will be adding a meditation alarm. I really would like to support ACIM and I'd love it if this app was updated with not only an alarm/meditation reminder that could be programed to go off repeatedly during the day every 30/60 minutes but also showed the quote on my iphone when the alarm went off (like the ical). In my version of the dream, that alarm would go off with not only a visual, but also an option for sound of the recorded mantra too.

  • fasiltater

    by breathing_4_life

    the course is a life chance to be how you are , its for courge and true personlity it take cometment and wellpower to achive it

  • No text?

    by Reviewer5thousand

    I misunderstood... I thought I read the text was included and it is not. It's just the workbook. I'm quite surprised and a bit dismayed. I wish the developer would have spelled this out more clearly because its deceiving the way it looks and the way the description is written. A bit disheartening to feel tricked, especially in this case. I guess this is yet another lesson, but really, is it necessary for that here?

  • Where is the table of contents?

    by radicalgod

    I don't think u can choose from a table as to what lesson you can go to. At least that's my understanding. Of someone knows better please let me know.......

  • Helpful for doing lessons, but...

    by Speet01

    1. This is NOT the COMPLETE workbook. In part two it is missing the 14 sub part introductions as well as the Epilogue. 2. The introductions that are included are too hard to find. 3. They should scrap the voice memo stuff and simply add the WHOLE workbook. I have emailed the developer, but unfortunately get excuses such as it is meant as "a companion" to the Workbook. I rarely give 1 star reviews, but I do so here because I think this incomplete product is being misrepresented. The fix is simple: Include the WHOLE workbook. It is unfortunate the publisher won't simply add the missing material and does not make clear it is incomplete. I do use this most days and it is a valuable Course tool. But in protest for the misrepresentation and the non-Course like lack of help from the developer my rating is 1 star.

  • Lesson #1

    by 8212011

    'Read the reviews before purchasing' Would have been wise to do - I was not wise

  • Disappointing

    by msreveve

    My purpose in buying this app was to listen to each lesson in its entirety . So disappointed to hear only the beginning statement. Sometimes the "play" button does not work. Ingenious use of navigating tools. For my purposes nearly useless. I will simply go to ACIM.org to listen to my daily lessons. How do we get a refund?

  • Definitive reveiw

    by swanoir

    I have both this app and the iACIM app, so I am comparing the two for this review. Pros of ACIM: 1. Can increase the size of the font and sections in italics provide emphasis and is closer to the actual text. 2. Access to online websites for the Course. 3. Will read the heading (i.e. first sentence) of the lesson to you in a sonorous male voice. 4. Less expensive than iACIM 5. Has been updated more frequently Cons of ACIM: 1. Continually nags you to allow location services every time you open this app, which cannot be shut off. Why is this necessary? 2. Developer unresponsive - did not respond to inquiry about #1 above. 3. Cannot easily move between distant lessons; no menu option like iACIM 4. Does not include the Text, just the lessons and other reviewers note this is not even complete. Conclusion: for a dollar more you can get an app that provides the lessons AND the text, and is not annoying everytime you open it. The affirmation option and online access has not added value. I regret this purchase.

  • Misleading... Disappointing...

    by Jeff Free

    The app does not include full lesson audio, but rather just the lesson title is read which is not useful at all. Difficult to navigate to lessons (I had to press the next button 138 times to get to lesson 139). An index would be useful. I should have read the reviews prior to purchasing!! $4 wasted!

  • Missing reading of whole lessons

    by Kharlott

    I like to listen to the whole lessons as I am walking or driving and had hoped that this would allow me to do so. Unfortunately all you get is someone reading the name of the lesson, the first line. Disappointing. Also, I don't find getting around in the text easy or elegant.

  • Used to work great...

    by Roxie Rose

    I'm stuck on Lesson 62. It won't go further. App freezes and I can't read the entire lesson. What happened? It was great till the last update.

  • Frozen

    by Aliquilts

    Please update! I have used this app everyday for almost a year. It has been great but now it won't go further please fix!!!

  • App Frozen

    by Pathbuster

    This App has frozen on my I-Phone. It is stuck on lesson 4. I'm not sure how to remedy the situation.

  • Won't read lessons to you

    by Zer0gage

    I bought this app 5 minutes ago because I thought I could use it to listen to the full text of each lesson. All it plays is the title (which is apparently all that's meant by the 'affirmation'). This should be clarified in the app description. Also text is difficult to read and does not support landscape view. Would like a refund. This is the most expensive app I've bought to date and also one of the most disappointing.

  • Yes!!

    by Marcellait

    Students of acim this is the answer to taking the workbook with you. It is by far my most used app.

  • So much knowledge in one app

    by Nanc RD

    This fulfills my need for when I used to carry each lesson around on an index card; pre-app days! Now I can carry all my lessons at once, and without the clunky book either. And when a lesson requires hourly observance, I set the timer in my iPhone. ***If I could improve this app, I'd ask for a way for me to be able to high-light specific passages, just as I did in my book or cards.*** I hope one day I see this upgrade!

  • does not work

    by kristosUsa

    as simple as that ....paid ..downloaded and the app cant upload on itouch so whoever had this idea please finish before wanting money

  • What a wonderful app!!!!

    by Ba.kellym

    I have always been one that would carry my workbook along with me. This is one of the greatest apps I have. Other than landscape view would be wonderful the only other point I would add is to have the full text read aloud. How nice it would be to sit back and close your eyes and have the full lesson read aloud! Please advise

  • Great idea, could be improved

    by heyrolled

    I love the idea of having the workbook lessons with me on my iPhone. A couple of improvements that would be helpful: 1. The font size could probably be increased if the full width of the phone was used for text. I appreciate the aesthetics of the book-look, but I'd rather have larger text. Including the ability to rotate to landscape mode would really be helpful. 2. An index or "jump to lesson" list would probably be helpful for some people. I understand you can currently jump to any lesson by typing in the lesson number, but it's not obvious and little bit cumbersome.

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