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Welcome to the 5.11 Tactical iPhone app for immediate, on-the-go access to the tactical world. Find a 5.11 Tactical dealer near you, scan QR codes, shop 5.11 products, watch 5.11 videos from your iPhone or even shed some light on your situation with our integrated flashlight feature. We’re bringing tactical to the iPhone and it’ll never be the same. This first version is just the start of some incredible features we have planned. Get ready!

Use the QR Code Reader to access information, features and videos from the QR codes found throughout the 5.11 2011 Fall catalog, on our product tags or use it to read any QR code that comes across your path. Simply tap “QR READER” and point the camera frame at the QR code to find out what’s in store. Click the “i” icon anytime for further help and directions from within the reader.

Be the first to know about new products from 5.11 Tactical or find out more about the developments & highly specialized features of current products by visiting “Featured Products”.

Need to find a 5.11 Tactical series approved dealer right here, right now? Check the “Dealer Locator” to find a dealer in your location or choice, get directions right from your smart phone or even give them a call.

Don’t be left in the dark. With the 5.11 Tactical app, a flashlight is always a tap away.

5.11 STORE
Shop for your favorite 5.11 Tactical gear right from your phone. Check out the latest from the company that brings you functional innovation while delivering exceptional value.

Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/511Tactical and on Twitter at Twitter.com/511Tactical.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by stevenvaq

    Very easy to use and shop. But flashlight function is great but turns off when the phone goes to standby. Fix?

  • Nice... could be better.

    by Zombie6391

    I have not looked around the site to much, but I will say it needs work. For example... when viewing products it would be nice to see all views instead of a "?" over what should be pictures. Looks like 5.11 is on the right track, but improvements are needed! Also... time to add an iPad version!

  • Need to add iPad support

    by Jonese57

    Great app just needs to have iPad support also. Update app and I'll change to 5 starts.

  • Updated but.....

    by ZoK9

    Great app. Just updated and flashlight works for 4s now. Still same " hot product " on there now that has been there for months. Oh well! Still a great app!

  • Good stuff!

    by happycamper77

    A must for any 5.11 fan! Useful tools as well as all product info!

  • Nice, But...

    by YEMXSS

    Please make iPad version.

  • Great multipurpose app

    by Arkayz Spleenpeeler

    This app allowed me to delete my boring QR reader and my flashlight. As an added bonus, I can keep up on the latest tactical toys too. Great app.

  • Great app

    by Tactical Bodybuilder

    Everything 5.11 Tactical does is magic. They listen to their consumer and what else can u expect but greatness from the people who created "tactical"

  • Great App

    by Jedidiah1308

    It was very easy to use. Cool!!!!!

  • potential

    by th3ph17

    a little too simple, but it works, and i'm curious as to see what directions it will go in for future versions. Free App, no complaints.

  • Love it


    Great app. I'm loving it.

  • Great but still can do more

    by Kbails84

    Thank you please update and streamline to online store :) love and live in 5.11

  • Great, but....

    by 511nut

    Great app but the flashlight isn't working. It keeps telling me that I have improper hardware, when I am using it on the iPhone. I also like the idea of the manikin to outfit.

  • Catalog

    by Corvette1977

    How about a manikin that you can accessorize with the different products, to see what combos you like.

  • Josh is the best 5.11 guy

    by Jimmy BUFFET rap

    Great app!

  • Developer

    by 12 Step Program

    I love it! I have never used a QR code reader and have wondered what those funny squares are. Thanks 5.11 for another great product!

  • Beautiful.

    by Xnakxx

    The layout is gorgeous. I myself love 5.11 and their products. I can't wait to see how this evolves.

  • Flashlight

    by Sailor Nate

    My friends 5.11 app flashlight turns on his flash while my app only turns the screen white. Same phone, same OS. What gives?

  • Useless

    by Jake Huppenthal

    Cant look at products or anything... Just a hyperlink app... Useless.

  • Why?

    by Confus.ed cus.tomer

    All this app does is redirect you to their site. But if you go to the site in Safari, the only way to proceed is to download the app. I don't want another app just to get to your webpage, 5.11. How about making your main site just redirect to a mobile version?

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