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What's New:

- Invite family and friends by text message! You can now invite your family to join you on 23snaps with an SMS message, making it even easier for your loved ones to connect and share your special moments. You can send SMS invites to any smartphone.

- New data usage settings. You can now control how much space 23snaps takes up on your phone. Allow 23snaps to use more space to view more photos offline, or reduce the limit to save space on your phone.

- Bug fixes and UI improvements.

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Capture your child’s precious moments wherever you are, and share them easily and securely with the special people in your life.

23snaps make it easy for parents to save, journal and privately share photos, videos, measurements and updates of their children with family and close friends around the world. They can even order photobooks and prints of their favourite snaps.

Don’t worry if your family members don’t have iPhones or iPads – they can follow your updates on other smartphones, online and by email!

**Rave reviews**

"23snaps lets parents securely save and share photos, videos and updates of their children with family and close friends, helping privacy-conscious families capture precious memories without publicising them to the world." - Babyworld

“If you are looking for an Instagram replacement, I would steer parents toward iPhone app 23snaps.” – C NET

“Try a Facebook alternative. 23snaps is designed to help you share photos, videos and updates of your kids exclusively with family and close friends. It’s a free app that doesn’t expose private content to the wider online community.” – Mother & Baby Magazine

“I love the idea of being able to create a “digital journal” of my son’s life. This would be a great keepsake for him as well as a cool way to keep in touch with loved ones who live far enough away that they don’t see him on a regular basis.” – Modern Baby

“I wholeheartedly love this app and will continue to use it. I actually can't believe that it is a free app!” – Mom Blogger, White Lily Green

23snaps has been featured in Mother & Baby Magazine, Baby London Magazine, Baby & Pregnancy Magazine, Baby World, Baby Buzz Magazine, Mashable, CNET, CTV, and is winner of the Silver award for Best Family App in the Loved by Parents Awards.

**About 23snaps**

Becoming a parent is an amazing journey. As your child grows and develops, you’ll want to save those special moments and share them with the ones you love, be they just around the corner or on the other side of the world.

With the 23snaps app you can create a living online journal for your child that grows into a wonderful record not just of those precious ‘firsts’, but of their day to day life too. Invite close friends and family to watch with you as your child learns about the world around them, and they’ll be able to share each incredible moment as it happens, adding their own comments and thoughts to your updates.

Children grow up so quickly, but now with 23snaps you can cherish every precious moment forever.

**23snaps Features**

- Upload photos, videos, height and weight measurements, and status updates.
- Connect with a partner and you both can add your own updates for your children.
- Invite your loved ones to receive real time mobile or email notifications
- Family can follow on iPhone, iPad, other smartphones, online or by email only.
- Family and friends content can leave smiles, hearts and comments.
- Completely private and secure, only the people you approve can see your photos.
- Organize your memories into collections.
- View photos in a timeline, gallery or calendar view.
- Add photo filters, frames and vignettes.
- Order bookstore-quality photo books to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Privacy Policy: http://23snaps.com/home/privacy

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by kjspidey

    Update: My daughter is turning 1 in just two short weeks and I just went through my snaps app and looked at all the pictures and watched all the videos... I just gotta say kuddos to the 23snaps people. This app is simple wonderful. Really helped me remember what a joy and blessing our daughter is. We were using the app before she was even born posting sonogram pictures. It has been a wonderful year and I look forward to using this app for years to come! This has really helped my family stay connected with my little one without the clutter of Facebook. It's a specific app for a specific purpose and works wonderfully. The website feature is also great!

  • Best app for sharing with close friends & family

    by McRuh

    Like how you can share photos & videos of kids to private group. Also, like timeline of events

  • Great App

    by Tbrita

    This app is great for sharing photos. I wish I could load videos that were longer than 1 min. Still, 5 stars in my book.

  • Just What We Needed

    by bpcookson

    This app is exactly what we needed to make photo sharing safe and easy. I like how it keeps everything private except for those who I invite. The last thing I want is to be one of those Facebook parents clogging everyone's feed with baby pics that they don't care about. I'd say the best feature is simply how EASY they make it for the people you invite to sign up and use the service. It basically becomes an automated mailing list; every time you upload photos an email is sent to everyone who has signed up. So that's the primary service and they really nail it. The actual presentation of photos, comments, likes, and the rest is well done and they allow you to order prints for a price. The book of photos looks very nice, though a bit pricey. I'm not a huge fan of the Pinterest-like photo layout in the iPad, but it's not bad enough to dock them a full star. All around, an excellent app; kudos to their development team!

  • Seamless!

    by Grrrrrrrrrrt

    Love the integrated and easy way to upload photos from so many devices. Plus the privacy is great. It saves me so much time over blogging! And I can order photo books too. Thumbs up!

  • Miss

    by Lisaperugino

    Amazing!! Save my pics!! Forever!! Congrats!

  • Love this app

    by Mrs.shiffert

    Great easy to navigate app for sharing family photos. Good alternative to Facebook. Like the notification feature when someone comments or adds a photo.

  • Great, but needs some tweaks

    by Runningmoore18

    Nice app for documenting things. When it comes to putting to a book, would be nice if the captions and comments would be able to go into there as well. But easy to use.

  • Great, but needs some tweaks

    by Runningmoore18

    Nice app for documenting things. When it comes to putting to a book, would be nice if the captions and comments would be able to go into there as well. But easy to use.


    by UCLAman4242

    My wife uses this and my whole family loves it!!!

  • Muito bom

    by galroxus

    Recomendo para quem quer compartilhar fotos mantendo a privacidade!

  • Video upload very limited

    by Mitty3000

    Would've been perfect, if it wasn't for the limited video upload timeframe. I would need to cut all my videos to 1min to be able to down them! That's absurd!

  • Thank you

    by S Thayvsombaht

    Great app to share pics and videos

  • Awesome, awesome app

    by Rer0322

    I love this app and use it every day. My family loves it too! I wish there was a way to "title" collections of pictures. "Dad's birthday" for example and then have the whole collection in one section. I'd also love a return in the comments section so you could create paragraphs. I'd also love if it would stop telling me there was a new picture to view when there wasn't...

  • Make memories last forever

    by (( Jo ))

    For those of us who don't want our babies all over Facebook!!! It's a great way for me to keep in touch with all my family out of town!

  • Great way to remember moments

    by rcmacman

    Kids grow up so fast. This is a great way to keep a journal of their childhood and family memories - things that would be forgotten if they aren't recorded. It would be great to have a "quote" option so record the cute things they say. Allowing a return in the status update might do the trick.

  • Love it

    by Mmamiaci

    Wish I had this when my two sons were born. I'm obsessed !

  • This is the social network I want

    by roddyj

    I want to share information with a select group of people. This is the tool to get that done. Facebook is pretty bad for sharing family photos. Facebook is a list of everyone I've ever met. I don't feel that it is the most appropriate audience for pictures of my child. This network is! Thanks guys!!

  • I love the privacy!

    by Darcie Royle-O'Neill

    Snap 23 is great for those who wish to share special photos and videos with friends and family in a more private way. I'm one of those who doesn't like to put too many of my daughter up on Facebook and other social sites. On Snap 23, I can control who sees things on a more personal level. I also like that family members who don't have Facebook or a smartphone can see them on the web.

  • Poor upgrade

    by Nathan Purdy

    Love the app in general and use it frequently. However, this upgrade is disappointing. It is not a case of something new being disappointing because it is different. The design choices in this upgrade seem strange - there is just way to much space wasted on the screen and the names over the pictures takes away from the pictures themselves. This was one of my top 2 or 3 apps but it has slipped down. I expect 23snaps will tinker with it to make it better. Hopefully!

  • crashes frequently

    by Dainiys kaarvaski

    I cant rely on this. I switched to albumatic and now I'm on cluster.

  • Love love love it!

    by MegNF

    23snaps is great for privately sharing photos of my newborn with family who live on the other side of the country. It was so easy for me and them to set up - I couldn't believe my grandmother got it working without any help at all and she's not usually that tech savvy! Also love that it automatically places pictures in the right order, even if I took them a few weeks ago and how great it shows the age of the baby when the photo was taken! Really great app!

  • Ios7 updates don't work!

    by NVD80

    iOS 7 updates do not work, plz help

  • Great app, terrible upgrade

    by Terrible terrible terrible!!!

    This is one of my favorite apps, and I'm terribly disappointed in the newest version. There is an annoying photo tag that constantly covers a portion of the picture unless you click to view the photo in full screen. It also crops the picture in the news feed, cutting off parts unless again you view in full screen. I hope 23snaps listens to its users & brings the app back to it's previous wonderfulness!

  • Love the privacy HATE the photo tag!

    by HeidiSomeoneorother

    Update: I just updated and am soo disappointed with the new setup!! It has way too much going on and takes up too much screen space per pic. The WORST part is that right on the pic is an ugly icon stating what child is tagged ... Totally distracting. If anything please fix this!! Move it OFF the pic or get rid of it all together! This is my favorite photo sharing app!! It keeps it more personal and private than FB or IG and feels like an intimate family album! The notification seems to be a little slow updating but that could be my Internet!

  • .

    by Tina454548


  • Best app for private photo sharing!

    by Sarsura57

    This app is great! I needed a way to share our kids' photos with our family who live in different countries, but I didn't want to post them on Facebook and emailing them was getting annoying. This app is just perfect! And the latest update allows multiple photo uploads so you can share pics from an event without flooding everyone with notifications. Only thing is that it uploads them backwards so the last picture shows up first in the feed. Also, doesn't seem to be a way to edit the photos when using the multiple upload function. Other than that, I love this app!

  • Great app!

    by HKPTS

    23snaps is a great app!... Sure it has a bug here and there and some features that are missing that would be nice...but...their customer service is GREAT and they're working on adding more features to make it even better! We love being able to control who sees what and if at any time we choose to delete a comment or photo it's easy to do.

  • Perfect for a family with kids

    by JosephWL

    I'm one of three boys and we are all starting to have families of our own. My mother finally has 3 grandchildren all under 16 months old (and another on the way). This app is the perfect solution for our family to privately share and comment on all the gorgeous photos of these three bundles of joy. My one request is to allow me to tag others besides my children in photos. We are blessed enough to have lots of opportunities for these kids to play together and when I post a pic that has both my child and my niece I want to tag them both to include the moment in both children's timeline. Thanks for the wonderful app!

  • So far I like it

    by Jlhhlj2552

    I haven't has any problems with this app yet. I love that I can share photos with my whole family so easily, I just wish I could rearrange the photos in a different order.

  • Great app but few things could be better

    by Boredom23

    We love this app and so does all of our family and friends! SO much better than texting and emailing pictures. One downside is when uploading multiple pictures they do not upload in the order they are added to the "queue".

  • Love this app

    by Grandma nana Oma

    23snaps is great - it is so easy to browse through the pictures. Sharing them with family is fun. Nice way to keep the special growing up times of our children right where you can see them at any time.

  • Best app for your child

    by Juan Lara Jr

    I love this app... Makes it very easy to track my child's live and them growing up without the stress of Facebook. And I am able to only add people to see the pictures that I want... Love it...

  • Love it!

    by waaaa!

    Great! My wife's and my family live on the other side of the country. It is a great way for us to update and share the everyday happenings of our lovely child's developement. They love us for it!

  • Fantabulos APP

    by Mrs. Seaweed aka mama weed

    What a great way to share with your family and friends, and I like that you choose who sees your stuff!

  • I love it

    by Lucy belucy

    I placed my pictures in and it told me how old my baby was that was cool

  • Great app, even better with update

    by cricket_trainer

    Thanks for adding the ability to edit dates and comments directly from the app. Love 23snaps!

  • Simple, elegant and beautiful!

    by stony_dreams

    23snaps is a great example of how a niche social network can be successful. Good job team!

  • Thanks

    by gr8hope

    Good stuff

  • Great app

    by nice dream

    Easy to use and navigate. I'm not one to post on social media everyday about my child to everyone. Some people just don't care. This app makes it so easy to post as much as I want and those that wish to see the daily life of our growing little one can do so.

  • Very good

    by Carp0013

    I like it. Nice to see cross platform. A easy way to share a timeline of pictures with family.

  • Best part of the day!

    by Bytendog

    I love being able to easily share tons of photos with a small group. Seeing updates while at work is the best part of the workday. WithTwins, tagging is a real help as well.

  • Everything I needed.

    by Uzersk1983

    This is everything I needed to share personal photos outside of Facebook. It's fast and UI is efficient. Very pleased with the service. Wish there was a way to set a collection as default for all pictures that are uploaded. Overall the best service of this kind that I know of and is rapidly becoming one of my most frequented apps.

  • Amazing Pics of Jaxson

    by Great Grandma Clark

    Love this App it helps me keep in touch with my wonderful Grand Daughter & my Beautiful/Handsome Great Grandson. Thx to all who created this site! I rate this a 10 on a scale from 1-10

  • Amazing app for sharing memories

    by GenCross55

    I just had a baby two months ago and this app has given me the opportunity to share photos with my family members and close friends without sharing them with a wider audience like Facebook or Instagram. Its also a way for me to keep an online album to always go back to. I can even order prints and albums from this app. Couldn't have found it at a better time to share such wonderful memories! Love it!

  • Great app

    by Bm8782

    Great way to keep the whole family up to date without forgetting anyone

  • 23Snaps

    by Rooier

    Dit is 'n wonderlike manier om fotos te deel! Ek weet net nie hoe om my fotos daarop te laai nie?

  • Great but...

    by MrsBFunk

    I have 6 kids on my page and when I uploaded pics it wouldn't let me select them all, and then after I uploaded it I tried going back and tagging my other daughter in it but it wouldn't give me the option. Please fix this :(

  • It's perfect for my family!

    by Rawrwonder

    As an army wife I love this app. It's perfect for sharing milestones and moments with my family from all over. The new upgrade allows for multiple uploads which I've been waiting for. My family loves the Intimacy compared to Facebook. I only wish I could delete pictures from the app. To delete pictures already uploaded I have to log into the website. After inviting family member some of my gamut started their own accounts and its great having everyone on one timeline. My favorite feature is the app assigns the age with the photo!! No matter what order they are uploaded its great to not h e to do the math. Overall I'd definitely recommend the app.

  • More private than Facebook

    by Kurtm85

    Great for sharing baby pictures with the immediate family that would be too personal for Facebook.

  • Great

    by Jaxmom0312

    Absolutely love this app, a great way to share pictures with family that doesn't mean posting daily on Facebook! Sometimes the app closes abruptly, but it is really fine because it opens right after.

  • Nice for documenting milestones privately

    by JennyHbest

    The app is fairly easy to use. I like the features to keep each kid separate. The photo books look nice but I've only seen one review on them. They look simple with one picture per page. I wish there were more options with the photo books. Haven't looked into the price or quality of prints yet so I can't rate for that either. I give it a 4 because I can not speak for all of its features yet.

  • Love this app!

    by RachelK2012

    I love that I can share photos and videos with my closest of friends and family and they with me regarding our kids and it can be anything we want without having to worry about the whole FB world seeing them. It's like my own personal app photo album for family. Use it daily.

  • Great app

    by TienThuyHo

    Amazing app to keep all pictures of our family together. But I hope that I can upload more than 1 pictures at once

  • Not to happy with it.

    by Shelbey2121

    To me it felt more like insta gram. So their. I really liked insta gram a little bit better then this.

  • Like it

    by Carolyn Vazquez

    Like it

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