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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: 1SaleADay
  • Updated: Jan, 31 2013
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 11.9 MB

Languages: English

Seller: 1SaleADay LLC

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214 Ratings


1SaleADay is the premier site for finding great Daily Deals at up to 90% off!

Don’t let the name fool you: in addition to having 5 unique deals running each day on our Main, Wireless, Watch, Family, and Jewelry tabs, you will find a veritable treasure chest of deals in our members-only Flash section.

The key to finding truly great deals is to always stay in the loop; with this in mind, we bring you the official 1SaleADay Mobile App for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Download the 1SaleADay App and each day a slew of new opportunities will find their way to your mobile device. From toys to technology, housewares to fine jewelry, our app has something for everyone.

With it, you can:
* View all of our daily deals, including our Main, Wireless, Watch, Family, Jewelry & Flash Deals.
* Share the daily deals with friends and family via email & social media.
* Add deals to your cart and checkout directly within our app!
* Pay for your orders using credit cards and PayPal.
* Access your order history complete with shipping address and payment method.

Extended Features:
* Create a 1SaleADay Account.
* Push Notifications
* Deals are refreshed every day at 12:00 AM ET.
* Have a question? Contact our friendly customer service agents from your mobile device.

Download the 1SaleADay app today and never pay full price again!

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Murphy248

    I like this app. I have not tried to buy anything yet but one thing I noticed was that every time I try to go to account setting it always freezes and shuts down.

  • Repeat customer

    by Kornelijus Vaitekunas

    I have bought a few things off this website. It was cheaply made but you get what you pay for. Now I tried to buy a little gift and as soon as I click checkout I get kicked out of the app. Gotta say it's a bit annoying.

  • Help

    by Jadum69

    I would like to order from this app but every time I click to go to checkout it closes the app and won't let me order I would love to buy something on today's sale please help

  • Help

    by Jadum69

    I would like to order from this app but every time I click to go to checkout it closes the app and won't let me order I would love to buy something on today's sale please help

  • Account Settings Crash

    by CFWinAZ

    You can see the deals. But, the app crashes every time you try to look at your account settings.

  • Desperate need of an update!

    by Feffer27

    This app used to work great but now I get an error message I try to check out. It's making me not even want to check it each day like I always did. It's desperately in need of an update!

  • App crash

    by Mobi in the middle

    App crashes on iOS 7

  • Works but..

    by rysmelendez

    This app it's great, but it needs an update for iPhone 5/5s and iOS 7. It's only updated for the iPhone 4/4S. Please optimize for iPhone 5/5s...

  • Crash

    by jerome duncan

    Is the crashing issue ever going to be resolved? Crashes when you attempt to checkout or go to account setting.

  • 3 stars

    by Medic257

    I would give it more if I could actually log in without the app crashing. Good app to browse but until they fix the bugs, you have to order from the website.

  • Flash sale

    by Duke2411

    Does not allow me to see the flash collection. I have iOS 7

  • Horrific

    by ...../../...

    I ordered something in November... No customer service skills, just computer generated template emails... They couldn't even edit in my name in correctly!! I asked for a refund STILL waiting... 3 to 5 shipping days has turned into 90 days (and counting)with NO resolution!!!!!!!!! Unreal

  • Would be cool but....

    by WHS Warrior

    It literally crashes every time I try to checkout.

  • Fix your app!!!

    by Damp theano

    For the love of God, fix your app! It crashes every time you try to buy something. Seriously. This is a shopping app. Without the ability to shop. Brilliant.

  • Only gave one star because I can't give 0

    by Grawls

    I've been with them for two years. I had no problems up until last year when I order several things from them an they either sent me "similar" items or not at all and when I contacted customer support they told me they couldn't help me...

  • Crashes at start-up

    by Magie99

    The App crashes every time I start the App on my iPad Air.

  • No bad but not good

    by Latte2118

    Website is good but don't buy electronics many times they have issues and there is no way to return. App doesn't show all deals. Can't log in to account on app.

  • App crashes when you try to check out

    by Arrggghhh!

    You would think that a shopping app would allow you to complete your purchase. Isn't that their entire business? This app, though, crashes when you try to check out. Every. Single. Time. I've hung onto it for a while, assuming that they would LIKE me to give them my money, and therefore would be motivated to fix the problem sooner rather than later, but they have never fixed it. I also tried deleting it and reloading the app, in case there had been some problem with the initial installation, but that didn't help matters, either. Based on other reviews, that may have been a blessing, but in any case I am done with them. I am deleting their app and won't bother with them again.

  • Don't buy anything from here

    by Nushun

    I bought some diamond earrings from here and other jewelry and it was very cheap. The diamonds were so cloudy that they looked like gravel stones. I tried to return it and get my money back, but they ignored my emails and there is not a number to call. Stay away from this site. Use groupon.

  • iPad

    by Lizard478

    For some reason the app is not working on the iPad air is their a update coming soon.

  • Crashing

    by Xantyl

    Crashes every time I try to check out. Other than that it's good...


    by Wesley J D

    The "marked down" products that they sell aren't actually marked down, that's just how much it's worth. I ordered 6 phone chargers one time, and when they came, not ONE of them worked. Everything they sell is absolute cheap crap. Shipping is EXTREMELY slow, and you can't return things to 1sale, you have to contact the items manufacturer and ask them if they'll take it back. Just an absolutely terrible scam of a business.

  • great when it worked

    by Mack2134

    App was fantastic when it worked. Now, whenever I do anything other that look at what items are for sale for the day on my Ipad, it crashes. Please fix this issue, app was great before, no it is pointless other than to browse.

  • Horrible place to buy


    5 reasons not to buy from 1sale * it takes about 2 months to get your item shipped. * once you receive your item, it might come defective. * to contact them takes forever (only through email - no telephone contact) * to get a respond regrading return will take another 2 months. * they hold your money and you will not receive your refund.

  • Crashes

    by Battery75

    I can get all the way to the cart but as soon as I try to purchase an item the app crashes. This happens over and over and over again.

  • Worst company ever!

    by adeal23

    Worst company EVER! Placed an order December 2nd and still no product! The only response I get from them is a computer generated one! Will never order from again!

  • Need support

    by Trish0316

    I'm giving this 2 stars because it doesn't work with my iPhone 5. It worked great with the iPhone 4, and all the items I ordered and received were as expected. I just downloaded the app and tried to buy something, but at checkout the app closed on me. Wonder how much money they are losing because of this issue.

  • App was awesome

    by MissVenom1242

    I loved this app and bought something at least once a week until the last update on my iOS, now without fail it crashes as soon as I hit checkout :(

  • Don't buy from this app or site

    by SinSue

    I placed 2 orders on November 3rd and as of today, January 2, they still have not shipped. I've contacted them several times and the only thing they say is that the items will ship in 3-5 days. It's been two months. They took my money but didn't send me my items I ordered for Xmas presents. Horrible company. Don't waste your time.

  • not all its cracked up to be

    by CrazyDeej11

    bought a macbook pro and waited for a month to get it. but they took my money that day. and once i get my computer its a refurbished! don’t use this app!

  • Disappointed

    by Tito512

    It keeps on kicking me out

  • App keeps crashing

    by Tee bee donuts

    App keeps crashing can't check out or click on account info because that keeps crashing please fix.

  • Unable to login to my account

    by Bharath_1985

    The application crashes when I choose to login to my account.

  • Love app, but can't buy anything

    by Wart

    I love this app and check it almost daily, but if I want to buy anything, I have to use the website, as the app will always crash before checkout. It has a great look but I wish it would allow me to purchase from the app. Crashes on both of my iPhones and ipad every time.

  • Crashes

    by Amifred

    It crashes every time I go to buy something.

  • crashes iphone 5s

    by Blu3scorpionZ

    it crashes/ closes when i click checkout OR click account settings

  • Service is a Horrendous

    by Mactbc

    I ordered 3 items on Dec 4th and still have not received them as of the 24th. The App doe sent work right either. The left side won't scroll like it should. Don't buy from these people. Unless you have a lifetime to wait for your purchase.

  • Crashes when trying to open account settings

    by CaptMHays

    This app is useless!! I just downloaded it and can't open account settings to set it up because every time you click on account settings, the whole app crashes.... What a pain ... Skip this useless app

  • Crashes when trying to open account settings

    by CaptMHays

    This app is useless!! I just downloaded it and can't open account settings to set it up because every time you click on account settings, the whole app crashes.... What a pain ... Skip this useless app

  • Don't bother

    by Sir wade

    Yeah I can open the app, yeah they can take my money, but they never seem to be able to send anything quickly. I ordered something dec. 1st it's now the 18th and I got an email saying another two weeks. The little you save isn't worth the wait.

  • Great site & deals, horrible app

    by mobilejray

    On my iPhone 5s, app crashes constantly. Also, at the time of this writing, the app has not be redesigned for the longer iPhone 5 screens. I have to use my Safari browser instead of the app. It's too bad because I find that I buy less from them now because of it.

  • View only app and slow shipping

    by Piranha72

    The app crashes as soon as you try to enter your account, so this app is good only to view an item then go to a computer to buy it. Also they do have good deals but don't expect to receive it too quick, most the items I have bought have taken nearly a month to receive. Also bought a refurbished PC that did not come with any possible way to do a recovery if I had a hard drive failure, was an HP that had an OEM version of Windows 7 pro, a custom recovery partition but no way to create a recovery CD since the refurbishing company didn't use the original HP image.

  • Crash on Checkout & No iOS 7-iPhone 5 Support

    by Joshua Jensen

    As soon as I go to checkout and it crashes. It's almost 2014 and this app hasn't been updated for the iPhone 5, or iOS 7. It's crazy. Come on people.

  • No One Home

    by BeachPants3

    The deals are good and the app works fine, but the customer service is horrible and delivery is always later than projected. This has happened twice, so I have deleted the app and now use more reliable sources for my online shopping.

  • Looks beautiful but...

    by CasiBK

    You only get one deal from each category (unlike the website) and it crashes every time I hit the My Account button. I'll just use the website.

  • No iPhone 5/5s resolution support

    by FibberFabber21

    Doesn't seem to be compatible with iOS 7, routinely crashes, and doesn't gave iPhone 5 resolution support.

  • No iPhone 5/5s resolution support

    by FibberFabber21

    Doesn't seem to be compatible with iOS 7, routinely crashes, and doesn't gave iPhone 5 resolution support.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Ksartain

    Although the business leaves lots to be desired in terms of quality of product (poor) and customer service (bad), the app is pitiful. Please please do not download this app.

  • Great app, but 1sale has zero customer service

    by Valnokc

    I have been waiting on a product ordered from this website/app since 10/31 and here we are 12/13 and no product in hand and no answers from 1sale. Buyers beware. Very dissatisfied customer.

  • Why it keeps crashing

    by Maruvatan

    I am not able to make it work. I am using 5s with iOS 7.0.4. When clicking on account settings, it crashes. When clicking on Checkout it crashes. I'd love to use the app. Pls provide a fix, Thank you

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