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Updated *New* Calculator that includes "Exemptions" and "Altitude" corrections. Use the Air Force Pt calculator to see if your score adheres to the new Air Force PT Standards.

The Air Force PT Test app takes out all the guess work and time-consuming calculations. Simply enter your data and receive an instant score. Once your score is tallied, your fitness category is displayed simultaneously.

Let the Air Force PT Test app take away some stress by giving you accurate calculations in seconds. Download today and see what your AF PT score is!

Customer Reviews

  • Very Nice App

    by Boomsaa

    Accurate calculations and well designed. I'll be sure to spread the word about this great tool for Airmen.

  • Exactly What I Needed

    by TheHoogler

    I really like this app. It's simple but does what you need it to do. Really nice design and layout also!

  • Priceless!!!

    by michelle capp

    Your app has helped me realize where I stand as it relates to the PT test. Great app and Thanks!


    by Qdubb254

    walk test scoring DOES NOT WORK

  • Inaccurate

    by Js dav

    Well made but doesnt match calculations in the AF portal. Updates please...

  • Air Force pt calculator

    by Air Force member.

    This is my first review and I should have probably read the other reviews first. This app is very inaccurate. I also put a walk test score and also got a very inaccurate score. Please fix this immediately. Until then I have to score this useless calculator one star.

  • Inaccurate

    by CL1tx

    The calculations in this app DO NOT match the calculations on the official AF Portal.

  • Bad app!!

    by XicaPop

    Calculations for the walk test are inaccurate! Would not recommend this app!

  • Don't buy!

    by Spilz64

    Would give this ZERO stars if I could. The app was off on my calculations by about 18 points. FAIL!!!

  • Horrible

    by LL0416

    This is a horrible app!! I used it to try and get my score with the walk test. The score it gave me was 30 points lower than the real one.

  • DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

    by Skizel

    Please do not buy this app. The biggest waste of money I have ever spent. The scores are horribly inaccurate! DO NOT BUY!!!!!

  • Walk test results

    by Plumberboy2

    Do not get this app if you are doing the walk test. Its accuracy is not worth it if you are doing the walk test.

  • PT calculator

    by Sgt1st

    Wasted 99 cents on this. I don't know my exact score after my pt test I took today but I'm d@mn sure I didn't get a 22 on it. Save your money.

  • Problems

    by SSG Bott

    Does not accurately calculate the walk test. I did the walk test this morning for my annual PT test and walked the 1 mile in 12:27 with a heart rate of 179. The app gave me a 0 score for the walk when in fact I got a 57.3 on the walk. It works well for all the other components, but really let me down on the walk!

  • phaehv

    by phaehv

    Don't waste your money. Perhaps my version isn't working right but I can put any number in with any age and the values never change. It always states "Unsatisfactory" and put values that I know should pass as well as excellent values. Not sure how the other people got theirs to work, unfortunately I went off the other ratings to buy this app. I ended up purchasing another one which works just fine.

  • Not accurate

    by Tomuchfuss

    I just tried this app. Many problems. I am a female doing walk test. First, it keeps switching to Kirtland AFB and to male gender. Next, it gives me the same score for walking as run-almost perfect score of 59.6. Unreliable results. Finally, the toggle buttons for "exempt" are not locked with the screen so as you scroll, they move to another line. BLUF: crap app.

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