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This Fixed incorrect scoring data. Thank you for your input. Sorry for any trouble.

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*****Version 1.1******.
Fixed issues with incorrect scoring data

*****Version 1.0.1******
Bug Fix

Based on the 2012 Air Force PT Test Standards. Simple Interface which will calculate proper score based on your Age, Sex and Location*. AIR FORCE PT 2012 will save exemptions for future use.

"Don't ever miss your test by 1 point again!"

*Walking test variation based on elevation.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Majestic357

    Good App easy to navigate, lacking overseas Bases!

  • Love it!

    by H2OBUG78

    Great app, very accurate, & incredibly helpful prepping for my PT test. Thanks!

  • Excellent!

    by jess6933127

    Whoever created this is genius!! Very accurate and easy to use! Love it! All the airmen at my reserve unit love it too!

  • Good app- minor quirks

    by Last141

    Decent app if you are looking to get a specific score. Good for training. And at my base they keep your score sheet until the end. I like to shoot for a 90.1, so this app helps let you check after each event. ERRORS TO FIX - male 40-49 scores the same for waist at 37 and 37.5. Also male 40-49 - if you get a 35.5 waist 36 push ups, 43 sit ups and run a 12:15-12:33 it totals a 89.9. That is ONLY a satisfactory. Your app makes it an excellent!!

  • Good app

    by AZ_airman

    This is a good app for the basic, it would be nice to the altitude adjustments built in as well.

  • Best option

    by Suzili

    For my first test on a profile I found this app really easy to use and very accurate. It handles the exemptions so I don't have to wonder and is really a godsend when it comes to the walk test. Worth all 99 pennies. Thanks a lot!!!

  • I Don't like to review my app but...

    by Wandellms

    The settings is in the top right. Tap the Cog wheel and you can change your age group, sex, and base. Thank you

  • Missing some things

    by Whit3w3doW

    Appreciate the app, pretty convenient for lazy people who don't wanna do math. Noticed its missing some bases, like McChord... But I don't think they have any special regulations so it probably isn't a big deal. 5 stars

  • Not all scoring categories work

    by B1GM1KE14

    I'm in the 30-39 year old range and the 13:15-13:36 run time shows 0 points. That is the range I need to know. I want my money back so I can buy the other AF PT app.

  • Smooth operations

    by Nomadicmedic

    One minor glitch. In the male chart when you take the run time to 13:15 -13:36 (male 30-39) the score it reads out is 0.

  • Stats incorrect

    by Aschweizer0918

    I just downloaded the app and the minimal requirements for female 30-39 are incorrect! Please fix

  • Incorrect!!

    by CleansweapA

    The waist line measurements are FALSE! Do not buy.

  • Don't buy

    by My2robbies

    Walk test function is incorrect

  • Dont waste your money!

    by Shotee

    Just uploaded this app and it only gives me the option for a 50 y/o male!! I am a 34 y/o female! Fix this app or give me my Monty back!!

  • Data incorrect

    by Joeg316

    I'm in the 40 to 49 male range. The data for the sit-ups and push-ups are in correct. Fix the app or give me my money back.

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