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Seller: Virtualtrainer Sweden AB

* NEW WORKOUTS! Try out the new 100 Reps Sit-up and Push-up Challenges.
* Fixed a bug that could cause crash after completed workout.

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Optimise your results with Virtual Trainer Bodyweight!

- Be inspired by 46 exercises presented in sharp HD video.
- Create your own personal workout.
- Get a full body workout with exercises in all ranges of difficulty
- While working out, follow the step by step workout-feature which take you through the workout using timers and your chosen specifics.
- The timers support different workout types including Tabata, HIIT and Circuit training.
- Challenge yourself, get rewards and keep track of your score.
- Find exercises targeting specific muscle groups.

Exercises are performed by the professional instructors Benjamin Sällström and Jenny Ahlin.

Customer Reviews

  • No Brainer

    by G the medic

    Great app!!! Like P90X without the commentary so you can listen to music instead. Build a schedule. Open the app on training days and just push play. Simple.

  • great

    by adrian thomas

    Great app

  • Smart and helpful

    by TomKath

    Great App for staying in shape when travelling.

  • Great app

    by Dr. D. Davis

    Great app, easy to use.

  • Great for a quick workout while traveling.

    by GTD Believer

    This app provides both great daily routines and instruction to help you improvise a routine when you are traveling.

  • Awesome

    by Joelz1

    This is better then going to the gym.

  • Perfect quick but effective workout

    by MegnPaul

    My triathlon coach is using this app to help me build strength. I found it super easy and intuitive to use and it makes for a killer workout without too much time investment.

  • great app

    by Elams

    great full body workouts.

  • Dude it works!

    by Rock Star Montana Maniac

    Everyone needs a guideline and a coach to get the exercise right, you get both with this cool app.

  • Great Tool

    by sbbdawg

    For people like me who like to work out on my own, but who need a visual illustration to see proper technique for bodyweight exercises, this is an excellent app. Great tool! Can use anywhere!

  • Awesome!

    by Steinboog

    This app is useful mostly for me when I am bored in the gym and looking for a challenge, I just open the app and find a workout or variation that I have not done yet and it challenges me further!

  • Pretty dam good

    by Charlie boy li

    While I had to modify some of the exercising for a chubbo like my self I do believe that this is a really good app should help me get back in shape one down 10,000 to go less I hope


    by TalentlessRappersSuck

    This is an amazing app for any and everyone. Time saver and gives a tremendous workout every time. Quit thinking about it. Purchase now!

  • Solid workout

    by Gib Evets

    First day I did the tabata workout it was solid.

  • Great app

    by Dale Carman

    I'm using it in the hotel room on trips. Just what I was looking for.

  • Love it!

    by Yhmo3

    Moves quickly and is super easy to follow. Still get a good workout. Easy to do at home or on the go.

  • Great for Solo Workouts

    by Cowgirl384

    All of the VT Apps have been a great addition to my exercise repertoire. I like creating my own workouts so I can plan ahead based on time available and make sure I hit all areas- not just my favorites. The tabata function keeps me accountable (no dilly dailling) and keeps my workouts moving quickly.

  • App-solutely Fantastic

    by DavWolf

    Solid workouts with great previews to really work your core...

  • One Word

    by Fgulston

    Awesome !!!

  • Great

    by Muddy's

    I laughed. I cried. It was better than "Cats".

  • Good app but...

    by smwoodcrafts

    I have only used it a couple of times and it is a very good app. One thing that I would like to see is the ability to do advanced editing to be able to do different times or reps for each excercise in a workout.

  • Good

    by Honeywelldevon

    Just download this app haven't got enough time to assess it for what it's worth.

  • Great app

    by ogbatman

    I have got great results from this app. No need to go to the gym.

  • A great app

    by Edawg79

    A great app for tracking and work out progress.

  • Visual instructions are wonderful

    by Singercub

    So glad to see the app show me visually how to complete an exercise.

  • Well Done! Excellent!

    by Tinkykitty

    Great application for anyone who wants a great workout and has limited time and/or resources. Heck, it's great even if you have the resources. I take this to the gym and it's like having a trainer with me. Love it!

  • Great home workout app

    by WadeTJax

    Features a ton of body weight exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere to get a great workout. Includes some pre-loaded workouts as well as allows for design of your own routines. Allows for set up of a variety of different types of workouts as well including Tabata, HIIT and more. Great investment.

  • First timer

    by RatHawk

    Never used before. Amazed at the workout I got in 11+ Minutes.

  • My favorite workout app!

    by Abacdadda

    My dad and I both use this app on the daily! It's such a great workout and we both love that it's all with your own body weight! Would totally recommend to others!

  • Awesome App

    by Antdub

    Fantastic for on the road use...

  • Helped me get started.

    by DTMProductions

    Good app to help the novice get started doing SOMETHING in the privacy of their home. Suggested reps and times would be helpful, but a good app!

  • Love the visual instructions!

    by Oblate Roy

    Very simple and visual instructions inspire me and motivate me to exercise on my own. Thank you!

  • Excelent app to do some workouts by yourself!

    by Black chacalita

    Good app to do some workouts by yourself!, if you don't know what to do or how much time to spend in each exercise the routines could hep. Would be great if they just keep adding combine routines!!! I recommend it.

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