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Upward Mobility’s CCRN app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a valuable tool to help you properly prepare for this important certification exam administered by the AACN.

As part of our social mission of making quality health care education more universally affordable, we are making this app available for $7.99, off from the normal price of $15.99. Updates are always free.

This practice exam/review module contains 723 questions written by professional writers with concise, but detailed explanations to help you prepare for this test. 302 questions cover adult topics, 207 cover pediatrics and 214 cover neonatal care.

This app was not developed by and is not endorsed, sponsored or recommended by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). The seller of this app is not associated with or authorized by AACN, and AACN gives no assurance that this app is suitable for the purpose for which it is being offered.

Upward Mobility apps are designed with an exclusive intuitive UI. They provide a Study Mode, where questions are paired with clear explanations and the user can proceed at their own pace, as well as a Test Mode designed to simulate the exam experience, where the user can set question and time restraints and their results are presented to them upon completion in both an aggregate and a question-by-question format.

This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by the American Academy of Critical-Care Nurses.

About Upward Mobility

Upward Mobility is an independent test preparation and management education apps company that creates high quality material that is witty and engaging, perfect for on-the-go students and ambitious professionals. All of our content is developed exclusively for Upward Mobility by subject matter expert writers and undergoes a thorough review process.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and if you have any questions or comments or are unsatisfied with our products in any way, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

We are a double bottom line company that is committed to education in the developing world. Some of the profits will be used to deploy education via mobile phone in emerging countries to improve their total factor productivity growth.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good app!

    by 78rn

    I like the layout, and I like the questions. Looks like someone actually proofread their work which is a pleasant change. If I were going to be picky I would like to see some outlines as well as questions but for $8 this is a bargain price. DISCLOSURE: I haven't taken the CCRN yet so I can't reference to the actual test. Good luck to anyone taking the test!

  • Exactly what I needed.

    by Moulton Lava 1

    This app is a bargain at this price. Few choices exist for CCRN review and this is the easiest for me. No more sitting in front of a computer going through review videos or practice tests. Take this one along every day. You can choose the length of practice tests and number of questions. You can do test mode or review mode and then review areas of weakness. You can check off individual questions once you understand them. I'll be taking the test soon so I'll leave an update to see how well it helped me. Thanks AACN!

  • Horrible

    by Ryan Musco

    Nothing to do with ccrn

  • Too elementary

    by Mnl74

    Don't waste your money on this app. As previous reviewers also stated, nclex -very basic level material, lacks complex critical scenarios. Insufficient for ccrn review.

  • Not Critical Care

    by Yayawagd

    NCLEX questions maybe, but not critical care!! Not worth the money!

  • Fair

    by PICU RN jr

    Aside from the obvious grammar issues the questions and explanations are good enough. Only problem is they were not really critical care or anything that was on the exam. Some good review but not good for CCRN.

  • CCRN Review

    by kendrars

    Program format is okay but much of the content does not pertain to critical care. The number of spelling and grammar mistakes are too numerous to count. Definitely not my first choice for CCRN review.


    by RNCS

    Useless! too elementary! Questions were not even in critical care setting/ "language"! not worth $1! Does not even deserve a star:(

  • RN, CCRN

    by Nursewku07

    Will not help you prepare for adult ccrn, maybe nclex. Information is basic and subjective. I have taken and passed ccrn prior to downloading this app.

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