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We're introducing a whole new 7 minute Quick Ab workout designed to help you tighten your stomach and strengthen your core.

What's New:

+ NEW Quick Abs workout
+ NEW Added Instructional voice over
+ UI improvements
+ Bug fixes


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Work out your whole body in just 7 minutes. This world-famous 7 Minute Workout — as seen in the NYT — is scientifically proven to be as effective as a trip to the gym, and all you need is your body and a chair.

12 exercises for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest in between. It’s the perfect routine for busy people. Quick Fit leads you through it with HD video and voice prompts and lets you track your progress as you get in shape.


+ The complete 7 Minute Workout routine AND additional ab workout (unlockable)
+ HD videos with exercises performed by a certified personal trainer
+ Sound and voice cues to guide you through the exercise
+ Watch videos in landscape or focused portrait view
+ Track your body weight and workouts
+ Unlock achievements and stay motivated with streaks
+ Quotes to keep you inspired and help you reach your goals
+ Download more workouts to train in new ways (Coming soon!)

About the 7 Minute Workout:

This routine was developed by the Human Performance Institute in Florida. Researchers found that intense interval training with brief rest periods is just as effective as a prolonged endurance workout in much less time. The exercises in Quick Fit work your heart and muscles and require no equipment. It’s 7 tough minutes, but then you’re done. It’s ideal for the home or the office.

Quick Fit was built by an award-winning team of app developers and fitness professionals. You’ll get regular updates and new workouts, and you can always contact the team for support at support@tinyhearts.com


Customer Reviews

  • Simple, but very effective.

    by Benjamin Ginnel

    Great work out.

  • Best app i ever used .

    by Emad-81@live

    Thank you guys .

  • One of the best fitness apps

    by Sri Yarlagadda

    Beautiful app that makes the routine a breeze!

  • Amazing

    by ksure

    I love this App! It's perfect for everyday when I get home from work.

  • Habit forming

    by amar.rama

    This is the best tool yet to make exercise a habit.

  • Quality workouts for those of us with "no time"

    by milenium37

    Love the voice prompts, and the sound tones alerting you to the fact that the exercise is near finished. The short duration really encourages you as you go through the workouts to push as hard as you can, because you know it won't last long. And for those that are upset that the additional ab workout is an additional 1.99, no one is forcing you to purchase that. The quick fit up on its own is a good workout. The ab workout is an additional work out. And three dollars two concise workouts, plus coaching at the same time is still a BARGAIN!

  • Nice app!

    by Jonathan Livingston

    I like it so far. The app is focused on doing a few things well and it shows.

  • Needs calendar and iTunes integration

    by Productive Commuter

    Overall pleased but could use the ability to set daily "reminder" notifications that sync with calendar as well as play music from your iTunes in the background.

  • Fast

    by Anita Brin88

    The exercises are very good and the user experience the app offers is great as well with polished graphics and I really love the quotes. It's a hit

  • Cool

    by Nathan Blum

    A really cool fitness app for the type of person that does not have a lot of time. Easy to follow instruction and great exercises.

  • Many thnx

    by 4wordsloveletter

    I love this app so much. One of the best workout app that really do the job. 2 thumb up.

  • keep going

    by Frank_jkg

    This application is great, I was able to follow its movement together, I believe that I will soon be able to slim down.

  • Awesome app

    by calvinjsn81

    This app is great. I can workout easily in 7 minutes everyday with this app. It's very useful!

  • Wonderful app

    by MaorManevich

    Great design and great workout!

  • great

    by Robertappreview

    A simple design that works well. Has great workouts. Overall has been helpful.

  • Great lil workout!

    by Patchwork Ninja

    Everybody has time for this quick workout, it'll work wonders!

  • Solid app

    by Lone$tar01

    Overall great application with great features. I can use the methods taught by the app to stay in good shape. In all great app.

  • Great

    by Rfrantz559

    Simple and easy to follow workout

  • Great app for working out!!!

    by LC__CL

    This is a really cool app for you to work out in a short period of time. The app was designed to allow you to do that with great convenience accompanied with rich visual and audio guidance. I person love it very much!

  • Fantastic

    by rpphade

    Great workouts app. This app helps you to carry out whole body workouts in only seven minutes. It offers achievements to get motivated. It is perfectly designed app with amazing user interface.

  • Just bought...ad alittle deceiving

    by Dslucas

    Read a review, checked the app and decided to go for it, especially since I thought the Abs workout was included. The info certainly led me to believe the abs workout was included...not until I downloaded the app did I discover additional cost for the abs workout. Alittle deceptive to me. Not sure if I want to pay an additional $2. But reviews say the regular workout is good, so we will see.

  • Requires more than $1

    by Pay for more

    Forces you to pay an extra 1.99 for the second workout. Looks pretty but the authors should reexamine their morals

  • Good Workout App!

    by RemnantVoice

    A good little work out for seven minutes. It seems like it will work well. I'll keep up with doing this consistently for a month while checking too see how my body weight is doing. Worth a Try!

  • Awesome

    by vrishphade

    This app is really excellent. With this app you can do your full body workouts in 7 minutes. Very easy use app. I like it.

  • Best fitness app

    by MrCooper5

    The best fitness app I've ever tried. Beautiful design, nice HD videos and easy to use. There are different exercises for 30 seconds each. The app has a lot of achievements and great motivated quotes. Definitely recommend this app!

  • Great design, good workouts

    by Sutterbomb

    Overall I really like this app. The design is great, instructions and motivational blurbs (keep going!) are clear but not overbearing. One thing that threw me the first time - there was no overview in the app of what the workouts were, so I didn't realize I needed a chair for instance. Obviously that's a one-time issue as now I know.

  • Nice

    by yangrong24

    It's a great workout app. Simple but works really well. Love it.

  • Useful!

    by ZiggoChyi

    Very useful app for keeping fit!

  • 7 minute workout

    by Dakus1

    This is a great way to compress workouts into a short time span. I really like it.

  • 7MinuteWorkout...

    by Dmk1

    Very thorough exercise routine, nice app. Highly recommended.

  • Good workout app

    by Nicodiac

    This is a very interesting workout application. The design of the app is beautiful and it integrates only iOS 7 elements. This 7 minute workout app has lots of nice exercises that you can do at home on your own. The application totally works for me.

  • Notitle

    by Newc29

    After the 7 minute workout, you'd need to pay 1.99 to unlock the extra workout (abs).

  • Great

    by Kevin Monahan

    Well organized app. It takes you through multiple muscle areas in a simple and consistent format. Good little warm up for Crossfit.

  • Meh

    by cooking in cleveland

    There are better ones out there.

  • Incredible Design

    by HarvardGuy

    This app is fantastically designed. Sure, it looks pretty. But it's also very clear that the developers thought a lot about how to make the app really easy to use during a workout. And the achievements are well thought-out.

  • not impresed

    by willflipball

    i tried it and don’t like how fast it skips through everting….. i have many 7 min apps and this on is lza form

  • I love it!!

    by Joooooonn

    Very easy to follow !!

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