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Do you like sex? Do you want to be better at it? Then you’ve come to the right place! Pocket Kamasutra is the App Stores definitive sex guide. Whether you’re single and looking to impress your next conquest, or in a relationship that needs some spice added to it, Pocket Kamasutra is here to help!

Overview of Features:
- 552 highly detailed reference illustrations of 138 Sexual positions
- Custom playlist creator (To Do list)
- Select random position function
- Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter etc
- Detailed instructions for each position
- Progress tracking - Can you become a Master?
- Password Lock (Optional)
- Customisable Sex Dice
- Ambient Fireplace & Lava Lamp videos
- Sex Game
- Love Quotes Database
- Sex Facts
- Sex Tips
- Ultra Secure Vault Section for hiding your private videos and photos!
- Places section with over 200 places for you to tick off!
- Trophies section with over 50 achievements that will push your sexual confidence to the limit!
- Streamlined user interface!
- Universal app

Pocket Kamasutra is a comprehensive compilation of the famous Kamasutra texts, packaged in a contemporary interface, which makes learning these poses easy and visually pleasing. Included in this free version of the app are 30 sexual poses (a total of 138 can be unlocked with in-app purchases), each with a highly detailed reference image and an expertly written explanation of how to perform said pose. Each position also includes information such as body parts utilised and average calories burnt.

Want to improve your sexual prowess?
The app includes a progress tracking system that allows you to check off positions that you have tried. Each category is individually tracked to allow you to ensure your love life is kept as varied as you like. Do you have what it takes to perform them all and become a Sex God/Goddess?

Have it YOUR way!
Only interested in Oral positions? Perhaps your preferred positions are face to face? Maybe you want to become the master of all sexual positions! Worry not! Unlike other apps of this type, we’ve separated the app into position packs, which allows you to only pay for the content you really want! If you prefer to have the whole app there’s also the option to purchase ALL of the position packs at a super low price. If not you can purchase each individual category. Its up to you!

Get educated!
The “Quotes” section of the app includes THOUSANDS of sex facts, tips, pickup lines and famous love quotes from throughout the ages!

Mix it up!
Not sure what position you want to try? Let Pocket Kamasutra decide for you! Hit the random button to randomly select one of the positions.

Planning a night of passion?
We have also included a custom “To Do” list that lets you store positions you’d like to try for later.

Love a position?
Add it to your favorites list, which is a fully customisable section of the app that lets you store all of your favorite positions.

Want to set the mood?
The app includes ambient videos that can be played to help setup the perfect environment for a night of intimate positioning…

Want to really spice things up?
We’ve included a fully customisable Sex Dice application. Add an action and a body part and roll the dice to start the fun!

Get Protected
The app includes incredibly secure password lock functionality. Create a login and password to keep the content away from prying eyes.

Planning a party?
There’s even a Sex Position Game included! Add a series of people and let the party start, as the app generates a position for two random people to try out! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

So if you’re looking for the ultimate sexual companion, then look no further!

Customer Reviews

  • Improved!!

    by Sammiesiegy

    I like this version much more, I love the forgotten password update!!

  • Great.

    by Cookie579

    Graphics quality went down making the pics a bit hard to understand at times. But the app allows for more than just browsing for positions. It's very in debts and creative!

  • Super fun and straight forward!

    by HunterAEJM

    Just got this and have already found several different things! My FAVORITE thing is that there is a PASSCODE you can set! So my children can't get into it accidentally! I SUPER LOVE THAT!!! Also I love that you can keep track of what you've done!!

  • Not bad

    by khandlon

    I wasn't looking for porn in the app store, just a quick reference guide for some fresh positions to check out before hopping in bed (or watching a movie [or taking a car ride]) with my lovely lady. This app delivers that and has a nice organizer.

  • Not bad

    by Tiq'vah

    We enjoy trying out different positions but would like to be able to randomize inside categories.

  • Good app

    by Mr. TWIsM

    This is fun app to have.

  • Fantastic!

    by JazzyJeff199823

    Love it! Great stuff!

  • Informative

    by l Casper l

    Looks like some good fun

  • Good

    by chloe1088

    Good positions, don't care for the wood figures

  • Dexterity required

    by Arthur DeCamp

    So much fun and some very cool features. A good party app.

  • Not bad

    by Doc6987

    Don't care for the wooden people but not bad

  • Lots of positions to choose from.

    by NinjaFucious

    Love the features.

  • Very creative!

    by Shopgirl26

    I am a fan. Best one I have seen in an app

  • Fun!

    by Dkdkwixjndjdjcivoptkdhsn j

    Fun app! ;)

  • Critics

    by Dropdeadparadiise

    I'll give this a five star because I like it there's some things that are missing and some needs to be fixed so it can be perfect the wooden models are okay, I just wanted it like the old app ikamasutra because it had a search engine and it had a Scale amount of what you desire

  • It's ok

    by Simonandsimon

    I don't like the wooden figures that they use. The app itself isn't bad though. I think they could add more stuff to it but all in all it's not a bad app

  • by Raymond Bell

    Good Patty app

  • Yup

    by Lydiajanessss


  • "revised" artwork !!

    by iAladdin

    latest update stated "revised" artwork which just meant that they made the drawings uglier i am guessing to censor it more. I am angry that that was not written clearly because i would have not updated if i knew this is what i will end up with. please put the artwork back, it was not revealing at all. this app is not for children no need to censor it like this.

  • Store?

    by Gjjgjffhggudgj

    How Do I download this other stuff? I paid for everything haha why is there so little there

  • Better Illustrations Please!!

    by iSparks87

    The way the app is set up is nice BUT the the wood figurines are not a good look at all. I love the dice idea though. Just PLEASE put human illustrations for the positions. The wood is just weird.

  • Lame

    by Plmqwr

    Needs more human looking figures

  • Ok..

    by Steef22

    The wood figurines make this app completely awkward and uninteresting. Not all the categories pull up on the purchased version. A little disappointed.

  • Block Figures Are Boring

    by Moreno-Morado

    I had downloaded a Kamasutra on my droid phone and it was more exciting to go through the positions because the figures were "erotic", block figures on this app take away from the experience of wanting to explore exciting positions. And there is no music...

  • Not a great app

    by Starie eyed

    Not a revolution great for sex Ed in grade school

  • Won't Work Anymore!

    by ~*~*~*Gwen*~*~*~

    I downloaded the recommended update this evening and now my app won't open! This app wasn't cheap, especially if I can't use it! When it was working I liked it...

  • Crashes

    by ktdbir

    It won't even start....

  • Waste of time

    by KonTop

    Not realistic enuf. Stick figures do not depict positions very well.

  • Horrible

    by balooy2k

    Horrible.....I don't like the app.

  • Waste

    by Outlawsvo

    Absolutely no models bad graphics

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