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Seller: Tesla Software, LLC

*NEW* Interface
*NEW* Features - Presets, Alarm etc.
*NEW/IMPROVED* Binaural Entrainment Tracks

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--- WOW! 3 Apps in 1 just 1.99! ---
*** The Best Selling Line of Brainwave Apps on the Store - Since 2008. ***

"...worthwhile set of apps for both Android and Apple" - NY Times


** Type 'Tesla Audio' in search today **

Let AmbiScience™ take you on a sonic journey with a combination of ambient electronica and a variety several effective programs that attune your brain to desired states of mind using the BEST entrainment frequencies. Tune your mind to help you sleep, relax, focus or meditate.

Once you choose a particular frequency, such as the 'sleep' frequency, this state is then more quickly achieved than normal. This is done by a mixing of tones sent to each ear - the difference between the two tones, that your brain creates, is called binaural entrainment. We also include isochronic entrainment, which is a different form, using a single pulsating tone in each ear - people who don't respond to binaurals, often respond to isochronics.

AmbiScience is the only app, which includes binaurals and isochronics in ONE.

This app also offers Progressive entrainment, which is a gradual inducement to your chosen entrainment, and this is done by starting at the waking state frequency and gradually moving the user down to his/her chosen frequency.

THIS APP INCLUDES the Best Selling apps: Pure Meditation, Galactic Chill and Pure Yoga in ONE.


- 35 LONG Professional Ambient Tracks
• 3 Noise Tracks
• 20 Entrainment Tracks:
-- 10 Isochronic Entrainment Tracks
-- 10 Binaural Entrainment Tracks
• Create your own custom programs
• MULTITASKING background audio available!
• PERFECT Seamless Loops
• Full-Featured presets / Multi-Track Save
• Countdown timer with fader
• Countdown end chime
• Alarm with Snooze option
• Auto Quit/Exit feature
• Adjustable independent volumes
• The smallest available files
• Highest quality audio
• Easy Instructions & Free updates

(headphones/earbuds or 2.1 speakers are RECOMMENDED - the iPhone/iPod speaker is not able to produce some of the frequencies below)
- 20 Entrainment Programs:
• Shamanic Meditation (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Shamanic Meditation Low Pitch (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Medium Meditation/Active Relax (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Deep Meditation/Relax (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Light Meditation (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Schumann Resonance (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Schumann Resonance Low Pitch (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Sleep (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Power Nap (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Deep Sleep (Isochronic & Binaural)
• Isochronic - headphones not required.
• Binaural - requires headphones.
-- Full instructions in app.


• Obsidian
• Alabaster
• Pearl
• Amber
• Lapis Lazuli
• Fire Opal
• Blue Topaz
• Orange Topaz
• Moonstone
• Evening Rain
• A Calming Stream
• The Android’s Dream
• Surf to City
• Leaving Terra
• A Visit to Olympus Mons
• Through the Wormhole
• Suspended Animation
• Passing Orion
• The Horsehead Nebula
• The Island Universe
• The Journey Onward
• Angel Acension
• Tesla at Twilight
• Night Calm
• Himalaya
• The Northern Chimes
• Saturday Morning
• A Gentle Tunderstorm
• A Moonlight Melody
• The Zen Garden
• Desert Sunrise
• Buddhist Rain

• Brown, White and Pink Noise

AUTO-LOCK must be set to 'Never' for alarm to function, and be sure to enable
AIRPLANE MODE to avoid interruptions.

NOTE: If you experience performance issues (missing tracks, no sound etc) email us.

Go to teslasoftware.com for a VIDEO tutorial.Follow us at http://twitter.com/TeslaSoft

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Jackattackrules

    I can say nothing but good things about this app. It is amazing and has some good ambient tracks. It helps me sleep at night, and stay calm in the day. People ask why I'm such a chill person, a lot of it comes from this app. If you're considering purchasing it, do so now. It is worth the money.

  • Love it!

    by Excelcoty

    The app help me sleep nightly. The Zen Garden song is soooo good. Thanks, Keep up the good work.

  • My favorite binaural beats app

    by ChristopherAmes

    I love using binaural beats for meditation and stress relief. This is part if a series of the best apps to this end, I use several of the Ambisci apps almost daily. There are a few improvements I would like to see. First I would love to be able to multitask, listen to a streaming podcast in my browser with binaural beats in the background. Next I would love the built in ability to stop the audio when I pull out my headphones, my iTunes and pandora apps do this and it's fantastic. The only other thing would be iphone 5 support, not totally crucial but it's been long enough :) Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

  • Exhilarating

    by F1ng3r89

    Amazing ambiance. I have THE WORST insomnia and this put me straight to sleep and I had lucid dreams. Get it now!

  • AmbiScience

    by SVT77

    Awesome!! I am very happy that I downloaded this app;)) Thanks

  • My Favorite AmbiScience App

    by Germy23

    Out of the 11 AmbiScience apps I've purchased, this one is the one that I get the most use out of. I use this one twice a day for meditating, and it's awesome. A number of these tracks (what I would call the "mineral" tracks, such as Obsidian, Orange Topaz, etc) come from the AmbiScience Pure Meditation app, but there are also some great additions here that I haven't found in their other apps yet. ("Night Calm" is a personal favorite.) And with the different types of entrainment effects, ranging from light to deep meditation in both binaural and isochronic flavors, there's always something to suit my mood when I'm ready to sit.

  • Great!

    by Pops.99

    Definitely helps me to relax. The one thing I'd love to see is more detail in the different entrainment settings/frequencies within the app so it becomes much more educational. Love it!

  • WHAT?!?

    by Airteez

    I don't understand the lowball rating.. This app is amazing and works beautifully! Rocket science it's not! I drift off to sleep very quickly and have surprised myself my entering a dream so quickly that it's startled me! I've been using this app for quite some time and finally decided that it was definitely worth the time to write a review. I've told several friends and family members and they love as well! It has lots of soothing sounds for various moods as well as a nice compliment of beats in various frequencies. This is definitely an essential app for me!!

  • Helped me sleep

    by Hsbgowd

    For years, I have been sleeping for about 4 hours every day and the rest of the time I stay awake trying to fall asleep. Listening to these tones helped me sleep well yesterday night. I intend to put it on every night when I wake up.

  • Amazing!

    by TheBigSkillet

    Featured on The Daily Appster podcast for 3/12/12. Great Work!

  • Fool

    by Shportin1

    Don't let the recent two star rating deter you. The Timer does work. The sale may be over but the app is worth buying. The grey buttons are the only buttons. You can save your tracks so you don't have to try to put them together again next time. is a moron, too dumb to get this app. Please delete it and listen to your Walkman.

  • Tesla Audio Sciences ROCKS

    by Vict_Benk

    This bundle pack is awesome, and I love that I just got it for free!

  • Awesome!

    by Jane74tor

    Awesome interface and very good set of music. Thanks a lot!

  • The best

    by Pocketmau80

    Love it beyond words. I do agree the icon is a bit... Odd. Otherwise a great app and worth every penny.

  • Just love this app!

    by Rick1Able

    I use this a lot and it really does work for me and it will work for just about anyone that gives it a chance! Each app that I use that's just like this one from the collection works wonders and listening to the rhythms are hypnotic to me it's relaxing!

  • This is a Great Bundle Pack!!!

    by Stingr43701

    We use this App almost every night! This bundle has a great selection to choose from. We use it as a sleep aid, and it really work! I get to sleep easier and feel more rested when I wake up.

  • ZZZZ... In a good way!

    by DavisHutchens

    Works like a charm. Only problem is that it is hard to sleep on my side with headphones. You heard it here first folks, I'm going to develop a pillow with integrated speakers. Patent pending.

  • Relaxin'

    by Relaxin'

    Excellent App (they all are!). Design, graphics, and functionality. If your thinking about buying it....Do it, you won't be disappointed!

  • Great set of tracks!

    by Darkmac

    This bundle is a perfect set of the best relaxing tracks and meditation entrainments. Believe me try it.

  • My 2nd favorite Tesla bundle!

    by scottkupferman

    I love bundle 1, but this is great for deep relaxation. It features the same great functionality and interface you expect from Tesla's apps. Great tracks and entrainment effects! Very useful, very beneficial!

  • Updated needed for this bundle

    by adarkenigma

    Can you guys please updated this for iOS 7. I can’t even install it on iPhone 5 and Bundle 1 works fine but Bundle 2 never gets done installing I even restored phone for this App but nothing works. Please update.

  • tiny, unpleasent text

    by sauceolino

    sounds are good, but handling this app is annoying. timer does not work reliably. you need to change many settings of your iphone, which will interfere with other apps. you need to stop all alarms on your iphone, one by one.After using this app set it again. Music stops, when other app pop their alarm. I cannot set a preset, but its required to set the alarm! -useless.. Autolock needs to be set to 'never' , everytime you use this app.-stressful. You must keep the app open for alarm to work.-outdated Did you know? Apple will praize any app, that makes them more money. 30% of your pay goes to fund poor apple. greyed out buttons are actually to use. Bad design as typical for kids. It gets more and more annoying that it does not remember the playing sound when an alarm pops up. Does not remember last played piece, so you have to search every time for it or next. I'm not able to set a preset. Due to its really annoying handling (of any app of ambisci) and it's arrogance to be perfect and ignorance never have to fix anything, I cannot give more than 0 stars -worst of the many feng shui apps I use; too bad, xould be good app. Bad feng shui. No App support. feb24,2012

  • 3-In-1 Bundle Pack 2

    by buxwheat

    Another great AmbiScience app at a great price. Three for one, gotta love that. Go ahead, drop a buck and pick this one up!

  • Best app of it's type!

    by kroneko

    This app is just great, there's a degree of polish that went into this and the many other AmbiScience apps which is why I keep coming back. These apps are perfect for all occasions, I personally enjoy their bundle packs, you get a great blend of everything, and you're not let down. The music tracks are great, and the entrainment tracks are perfect too. I've seen other apps fail at trying to do Binaural entrainment, AmbiScience got it right! I enjoy this app while at work, it helps me to focus and concentrate with the great entrainment tracks and there's plenty of music tracks to pair it with. Great job!

  • Seriously

    by Kessee

    I really love the music. I just cannot stand the icon, seriously all that great music and such an ugly icon. Is just my personal taste but i really really really really really hate guys with mustaches. The music, tones, quality, and prize are all great but for the love of God, update to an attractive icon.

  • Yes, finally!!!

    by Mr. Chips and Dip

    Been waiting on this one for a while to have multitasking...yeehaw! The tracks are really good...Galactic Chill is especially good - great value here. Clean interface - works great ;)

  • a great bundle pack from AmbiSci!

    by tnobles

    i've tried a lot of the binaural beat and brainwave entrainment apps, and the AmbiScience series are still my favorites. each app includes a variety of diverse music loops, effective binaural beats and isochronic tones, and an easy and practical interface, and all this for a very reasonable price! this Bundle Pack is a great deal, with a huge selection of music loops and tones, providing practically endless combinations. all the most useful presets are here- from meditation to deep relaxation to sleep, as well as a wide-ranging selection of music. enjoy the more uptempo "chillout" tracks from Galactic Chill, deep ambient and relaxed acoustic tracks from Pure Yoga, or concentrated ambient tones from Pure Meditation. a perfect choice for anyone interested in binaural beats!

  • Great App!!

    by JLCas1

    Started using the app with a fair amount of skepticism, but with continued use I did notice a difference with my sleeping habits which is huge for me as I suffer from chronic insomnia. Regardless of whether it is a result of suggestion, simply being relaxed by the soothing tracks that are available to play or the program being genuinely effective, the end results justify it's continued use. I lean towards if being genuinely effective as I've been able to tell a difference in whether I use it on a binaural versus an isochronic track, with better results for myself from the binaural tones. Most you have to lose is .99, not even that if you download one of their sampler packs for free, then the most you're out is a little time. What do you have to lose?

  • Wow!

    by f00b@r

    Great sounds, and a great combination of Binural/Isochronic tones. In these bundle packs, the deal can't be beat!

  • Awesome app!!!

    by GreatWhiteWhale

    This app sends me to sleep in 15 min max anywhere i am!! On a noisy bus, in the car are good examples. I also recommend 100 beats and tones. I am looking forward to more great releases. Thanks tesla team!!!!

  • Good app

    by Lflav

    I bought this app a week or so ago and it said 24 he sale... Yet it still says sale... So don't rush to buy it, I guess it's a hoax to get you to rush into buying immediately

  • Excellent

    by bonebox

    This bundle pack combines all the best sounds from the wonderful Pure Meditation, Pure Yoga, and Galactic Chill apps. I use it for a variety of applications, including meditation, relaxation and sleep. It works wonderfully for all of them!

  • Fantastic Value!

    by ScionStream

    I'm a big fan of this series and this is a great value! ALL the tracks are very cool and easy to listen too - love it!!

  • Needs gradual frequency change, please!

    by IntermediateMeditator

    Love this app! The sounds are beautiful and the frequencies are great!! I especially like the 3-in-1s. But this needs some sort of gradual frequency change. Sometimes it is difficult start on Shamanic without doing light meditation for a few minutes, then deep meditation, then finally Shamanic--and when I meditate, I don't want to stop in the middle to change frequencies. I may be more of a beginner, but it would be nice if the app had this ability. Despite this, I still think it is well worth the $$. Thanks!

  • Giant bug!!! Please fix!!!

    by Medium jordie iPod lover

    When I play any sound, I hear scratching noises that are very loud!! Please fix!! I haven't been able to enjoy this app for a very long time!!

  • Does not support multitasking.

    by cpinegar

    Please catch this product up with you others. Otherwise great app!

  • What a great ambient sound tracks - Beats

    by DigitalAlan

    I own quite a few of the Tesla Audio Series and this is one of my favorites to use. Each one has their purpose. This Bundle has over 35 Soundscapes / Ambient Sounds included Some of my favorites are: The Zen Garden Saturday Morning Through the Wormhole Obsidian But they are all really good and nice that you have so many to choose from. I use my headphones to help me fall asleep at night. I use the Deep Meditiation / Relax & the Sleep modes. I am usually out in a few moments and when I wake up so refreshed

  • Great for calming down

    by HalseyTaylor

    I love this app so much I got for my teenage daughter too - it is great for falling asleep to, great for study breaks, it helps her calm down and block everything else out for a while so she can study.

  • Great Value!

    by JTPNet

    You get the best of several apps here -once you've tried and liked the free samplers, this is a good one to get! Been very pleased with these at bedtime; I'm often restless at night, but it's helped a lot to relax and fall asleep more naturally.

  • Bundles Rock!

    by BadgerDen

    I like the bundles since they have all the great stuff I expect from Tesla and only need one icon on my iPod Touch to launch it. Love the Yoga and Meditation tracks.

  • Love it!

    by Go UVa

    Switched to this for my chill soundtrack from Ambience. Great stuff. Be sure to use good speakers or headphones - it Does matter!

  • Bundle Pack!

    by Jardon-21

    Great tracks and brainwave-effects, gives me a lot of variation possibilities. I am using it for relaxation primarily. Saves me some space since these are actually 3 apps combined to one "Bundle Pack". I especially suggest that those new to the ambience/brainwave-apps start with one of the two Bundle Packs. Tesla AmbiScience has definitely got the best ambient apps out there, I've tried a lot. Don't wast your money with some of the other cheap apps out there. This is definitely highest quality . Actually I would have expected the price for this Bundle Pack to be a lot higher...

  • Best for the price

    by CaseyGuitarsHH

    For such a low price you get so many tracks and entrainments that it's amazing and they are very clear sounding!

  • More greatest hits

    by Smsteven

    These apps blend interesting ambient soundscapes with binaural beats. And the effect works. I use it often, and can't wait to run it in the background on iPhone 4.0!

  • Thank you! It worked

    by CheriK

    I had not had good sleep in a long time. What I like about this program is you don't have to listen to the music with the beats/sounds that help you sleep. I find the music in these programs get to me as in keep me awake. Just the sounds on deep sleep really worked. I used some little speakers I could not even hear them on much but it worked have used it 2 times. Both times on deep sleep only bad part is deep sleep brings dreams but not all bad ones. I like this program!

  • Angel Ascension

    by navywife53

    I use this app to calm down. The entrainment effects along with the meditation music/sounds really hit the mark. I had a little trouble understanding how to work this app, but I contacted the developer and received a prompt reply that solved my problem.

  • So Relaxing...

    by Jortiz

    I bought the AmbiScience Bundle Pack #2 and I love it. I would like to suggest an update to add visualization similar  to iTunes Mac application so that i can see the music. That would be awesome! Update: I sent this comment to their email address and got the fastest customer service reply ever. Highly recommended.

  • Bundle Packs Rock! Update needed please!

    by Reality_Bytes

    I have both 3-in-1 bundle packs and they are the best value. Of course it took downloading several .99 packs first to realize it. :-) Download this pack you will not be disappointed. Great for energy, concentration, and relaxation. I use this app regularly and it does work, especially the Focus and Relaxation. My only request is that you would add more tracks that are optimized for sleep and more binaural for energy, mood uplift and concentration. Update 10/6/09: please add ability for app to remember last known settings. It has become cumbersome resetting my selection everytime I turn on my ambiscience apps. I notice the vol presets do not work in all the apps. Just bought the galactic chill - sci-fi bundle and it does not work. But in truth vol presets are only 1 step of what we need. We need ability to set up full presets with the binaural, loop, and vol so that all we need to do is open the apps and go to our menu and select our true preset. Please make this feature available soon for all of the apps. Reducing to 3 stars til then as I have found ease of use in other apps exceed ambiscience even though ambscience has the best music background. Thanks.

  • Best ambient/BW program out there!

    by 1KMnO4

    I've used several similar programs and have discovered Tesla has the best. Other programs have a noticible audio anamoly where you can discern the loop - not with the Tesla programs. Customer service is also a huge plus. I submitted a simple inquery and received a prompt response. Excellent program and responsive customer service - these guys will be around for a long time.

  • As always a bless and superb tracks

    by Crypton_US

    Wonderfull tracks combined with isochrone and binaural beats. The best in the App-Store. I got all AmbiScience Apps and this one saves two spots on the Springboard for an absolute low price. What are you waiting for?

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