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Seller: takuma Nakagawa

Bug fixes.

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Let's continue !
Push-ups Training app that you won't give up on.

*Users who already have some strength may find the default settings for this app to be a bit low for their strength level. We encourage you to download and try the app to see if it gives you a good workout. If you feel you need something more intense, please consider purchasing the add-on GoalSettingKit.

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= #1 in 2 AppStores
=Top10 in 18 AppStores

- How to use -
Please put your iPhone on a floor, push start button --> Let’s start training.
(If it’s difficult to do push ups, please try to fall on your knee.)

+ icon Badge
The app icon displays the number of repetitions you have remaining that day.
The number is updated at midnight. Place the icon near other apps you regularly use to keep this friendly reminder onscreen.
You'll never forget to keep aiming for a better workout.

+ Link with iPhone Calendar
Your calendar updates with a record of your exercise.

+ Medal Box
This is good motivation to continue push-ups.
Let's collect medals for your challenge.

+ Goal Setting
Specify your daily target.
initial Configuration : 5-25 x 2sets
Medal 1 : 5-30 x 2sets
Medal 2 : 5-35 x 2sets
Medal 3 : 5-40 x 2sets
Get *GoalSettingKit : 5-1000 x 20sets

+ PaceMaker
Let’s try push-up at a constant pace (imagine returning a figure),
Sets & 30sec interval system.
(Please arrange your pace by a scrollbar)

+ Counter
Select counter.
- Camera sensor
- proximity sensor
- Touch sensor
Train with confidence and let the app do the counting for you.

+ twitter & Facebook
After your training is complete, tweet your results.
It's only push a button.

+ Message
If you skip exercising for several days, the app will remind you with a message.

+ Graph
Check your training history with a visual graph.
It help to keep your motivation.
(Requires add-on *GraphKit)

Don't push iPhone hard.
We can't bear the responsibility, in case you would break your iPhone by this App.

+bugs & problems

Customer Reviews

  • nice

    by NightHawk

    Very useful app has helped me a lot to get in shape

  • Good

    by Sergio23alex


  • Awesome app forces you to go all the way down!!!

    by Mjluca79

    This app forces you to good form! The only thing this maker needs is a core strengthener! PLANKS!!! Same control as the back extension, easy app!

  • Is compromise but I'm still enjoying it

    by Drfaizii

    I don't usually do this, but this app is growing on me. It has its glitches but ill keep this app. I'm a fan:) please remove ads, and fix the proximity/face sensor issue. Everyone pushup fan should try this app for a few weeks :) I love the medal box, it's one of my favorite features in any app out there. Thanks

  • Loveee it!

    by jenncoble

    I loveee this app!

  • Great

    by zXCooperXz

    Much stronger

  • Great app

    by duketunes

    Great app, But asks for money for more features

  • Great

    by Ques2010

    Wonderful app.. Keeps me motivated.. Why does it ask to buy so much though?

  • Fun

    by PSC1971

    This app makes it fun, easy way to track your workouts.

  • Effective, yet simple.

    by Harrisee

    Push App is so easy to incorporate into my otherwise busy life. Great!

  • Good!

    by Kak B cka3ke

    Very good app.

  • 365 Push-up App

    by JTSte

    It's pretty good, just don't like the fact that they try and get you to buy so much.

  • Good

    by Tryin to get in shape


  • I like this!

    by GodzGift85

    Great App. Definitely a most have! Get the result you want...start here. Let's Go!

  • Loved it

    by Nacustard

    Amazing App

  • Pretty good

    by Nan1263

    Would like to adjust pushup counts by 1 instead of 5

  • Pushapp

    by Chris Schritter

    Not bad with the alarm you are always reminded it is time to go. Would like to have music to play though.

  • Push up

    by christopher syracuse

    Sweetness !

  • Its

    by Alec Emery


  • .

    by Paolo215

    Not bad

  • Confusing App

    by Carlxz

    Touching Iphone with chin or nose? No way. I was expecting just proximity instead. Also they are more concerned with selling stuff.

  • I love it

    by dufustheunicorn

    I used to never do pushups now I do them every day

  • Ridiculous

    by The Buda

    Don't bother! Just a teaser to sell more stuff ...

  • Awesome

    by Mylifefitness13

    This app will push you to the limit....

  • Excellent app!

    by Giotaz

    Great app to keep you motivated and on track! I will recommend it to my friends : ).

  • Works great

    by Stallen22

    This app provides the extra "push" to do the work daily. Set goals, chart, tweet, all useful.

  • Not Necessary

    by Lucan Nelson

    By Free they mean lots of in app purchases. Want to know what works great? A regular tap counting app, just touch with ur nose, record on ur own or some let you save counts, and there are no limitations

  • Not as good as the sit-up app

    by MrUriah

    If you have the patience to figure out just how fast you need to set it to, it could be a great app. As stated in the description, set it below your face and touch it with your nose or chin. The problem I had was figuring out how far to set the slider for the speed I do my reps. It seems that any variation in how fast you perform your reps means it won't register them. A bit disappointing when most apps work straight out of the app store. Like 365sit-ups, you have to purchase the other two "kits" if you wish to change your goals and see your progress. Unlike 365sit-ups, however, you are able to change the number of reps you wish to perform each session.

  • Master reviewer

    by Mini dwight howard

    This app is really helpful if u buy everything

  • Confusing, plus limiting

    by Michael Lindahl

    It needs you to touch the screen after every pushup, this seems just wrong

  • Crap

    by HmangaH

    Forget it !

  • It limits you to how many push ups you can do!!!

    by LC07262010

    Don't bother downloading it

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