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5-Round Fury Fitness is a workout app that features over 20 trillion unique workout combinations! The app also offers direct contact to its creator, Dr. Rick Kattouf II. Rick is the CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf, Inc., author of Forever Fit, Host of Rx Nutrition, MMA Conditioning Coach, Sports Nutrition Specialist and ITCA Triathlon Coach. Rick has coached thousands of individuals all around the world.

•Every 1-round consists of 10 exercises, each performed for 60 seconds nonstop and a 10 second rest between exercises
•Depending on your fitness level and your goals, you can choose to perform 1- 5 Rounds
•All workouts are randomly generated, therefore, a new workout each and every time, offering you over 20 trillion unique workout combinations
•Weekly tips offered to help you stay motivated

•NO in-app purchases
•NO subscriptions
•NO ads
•ONLY $.99!

•Ability to email questions or feedback to Dr. Rick Kattouf II – for FREE!

•5 levels of achievement can be reached by completing multiple 5-Round workouts (Apprentice, Ambassador, Veteran, Master, Big Kahuna)

•Upon completion of your first 1-Round workout you will receive a 40% off promo code for 5-Round Fury Nutrition Supplement on Amazon.com. This promo code can be used as often as you choose.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Bws326

    Great app. Great workout.

  • Great app

    by Steve-

    Nice app with easy form for all. Thanks

  • Great concept

    by DaniG102381

    Only did first assessment so far, great exercises and videos to see how to do move, would give 5 stars if there were a way to track assessments within application

  • Get it now

    by Wendygr12

    I love that this app provides a workout that you can do anytime, anywhere. Even if you only have a small window, 5-Round Fury Fitness will give you an intense workout with no wasted time. I sweat more in 10 minutes than I have in classes that last an hour, and you don't need equipment or lots of space. You can't go wrong with this app!

  • Awesome Fitness Workout Tool

    by TRI_REX

    This apps is so easy to us Simply push the workout button and it guides you. A video shows you how to do the exercise and a timer tells you when to start and stop. It sounds simple and it is. This is the best $0.99 you will ever spend.

  • Breakthrough App in Fitness

    by 5-Round Fan

    Brilliant and USER FRIENDLY! I gifted this to my older sister and she is NOT very tech savvy. The 5-RF App is awesome because it requires no additional workout equipment and is EASY to use. The combinations of exercises is always challenging and I love doing this workout before working a long shift. If I can't do the exercise for a full 60 seconds, I modify it or just perform the stabilization part until I can try again. I am scheduled to do some traveling and glad I will have this App with me to keep me sane and make me feel like I did something good for myself!


    by EricFoxPoint

    Last year I did 2 Ironman length triathlons, a 39.3 mile run, half Ironmans, and a host of other races and tri's. My next full Ironman is in 7 weeks. I thought that I was in VERY good shape, that is until I completed 2...2??!!!...rounds today from your App and thought that I was going to die. A few questions. Where did all these extra muscles come from that I've never used, and can someone help me find my left lung? Tomorrow if I can move, I can't wait to try this bad boy again!! That was really the most fun that I've had training in a long time. My wife said that I was cursing and laughing at the same time. Thanks and I'm going to save SO much money not paying for a personal trainer. This is much, much better.

  • A must have

    by Jonnathan Handshoe

    I never have experienced anything like this. This is amazing I have never had a workout as extreme as this even in the six years I have been in the Marine Corps. This is a must have for someone who is looking to get in shape and have a healthy live style... Kudos to Dr. Rick Kattouf for creating this!!

  • Fitness Fury

    by jdrenik

    This app provides an amazing, intense full body workout in the palm of your hand. Anytime, anywhere this app will challenge you regardless of your fitness level. Dr. Kattouf is a fitness and nutrition expert. This is a must have app!

  • Great Workout App!! Love the variety!!

    by Logingja

    5-Round Fury fitness app is awesome!! This app provides a great fitness/strength workout which varies every time! So you never know what's coming your way!! This is genius and provides for muscle confusion which never allows you to fall into a rut with your workouts and causes constant muscle stimulation and growth!! Every workout is challenging and sure to transform your body when used as recommended!! The app is so easy to use and is well laid out!! I love it and have incorporated into my daily routine!! It's just great to have it always available to review and nice that there is no equipment needed so I can continue to use it even when traveling!! You even get a discount code for the 5- Round Fury supplement after the first workout!! And the supplement is awesome too!! Dr. Kattouf is a well known and respected figure in the fitness industry and has created a great product that I am so glad to have and think everyone else should get it too!! This app will help you go from where you are to where you want to be!!

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