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Meets All 2013 NASM & ACSM Requirements
The NASM and ACSM accreditations for personal trainers are two of the most popular and well-known certifications a personal trainer can earn. Pocket Prep has created a two-for-one app that combines general CPT knowledge with the specific requirements of both the NASM and ACSM associations. That’s over 400 CPT practice questions designed to simulate the types of questions you’ll see on the actual exams! We’ve made the interface super-easy to use, so you can easily take ACSM or NASM specific practice tests.

Studies show that interaction, such as practice tests and quizzes, boosts your knowledge retention and enhances your test-taking abilities. Download Pocket Prep’s NASM + ACSM Practice Test & Questions app to study anywhere, anytime, with no internet connectivity required!

200 General CPT Questions
General personal trainer knowledge will be assessed in this section. The 200 questions found here were specifically isolated to provide an optimal level of exam customization. Regardless of the association you’re pursuing, these questions will prepare you like nothing else! Topics assessed include:

- Anatomy & physiology
- Muscular contractions
- Joint movements
- Exercise targets
- Roles of the trainer
- Much, much more!

100 ACSM Targeted Questions
These highly-focused practice questions address the requirements specified by ACSM. They are based around the science of personal training and include knowledge areas such as exercise physiology, health appraisal, fitness testing, exercise prescription, program administration, nutrition, weight management, etc.

100 NASM Targeted Questions
With more focus placed on ethics and professionalism, these NASM practice questions drill into client relations, behavioral coaching, program design, nutritional considerations, applied sciences, safety, and much more. Exercise technique and training instruction are also addressed.

- Thorough answer explanations for each question
- Complete practice test customization
- Detailed scoring and results analysis
- Exam readiness index helps assess your trainer skills
- Exam mode: custom practice tests that you control
- Study mode: instant feedback on your answer choices
- Timer toggle: pace yourself for optimal performance
- Exam history captures your past performance
- Integrated video demo and tutorial
- Testing progress is saved as you go
- No internet required: content is stored in app
- Intelligent question generation for heightened retention
- Facebook & Twitter integration: show off your scores

We realize how one exam can stand in the way of your goals. We understand the importance of passing that major test and putting it behind you, once and for all. Pocket Prep is a small USA based company focused on providing you with premium quality study materials at the lowest possible cost to you. We promise that our material will prepare you for the real testing experience. Your success is our success, so download any of our premium content with confidence.

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by michellehaves

    Great app

  • 5 stars

    by Shawn Fitness

    Thank you

  • Great App

    by Julie Haalboom

    This is a great app for exam prep. It allows you to customize the length and content in a way that is unique and thorough.

  • Amazing

    by Smileytxt

    Great information , good study guide

  • Great App!!!

    by Phillip Kitchen

    It would be nice to have the practice exams switch up the order of questions

  • Great resource, but overpriced

    by Kfuller32

    This is a great app to give you an idea of what the CPT exam questions will be like, but I feel it is greatly overpriced compared to other apps available out there. I hope it helps prepare me for the exam, but the 100 questions for the ACSM specific "exam" in the app are all the same whether you are in exam mode or study mode, and do not change at all when you retake the quizzes/exam. The only thing that is different is the order they are presented. Obviously, this is explained in the app description, and I decided to take my chance regardless, mostly due to all of the positive reviews. Also, as I went through the questions, it seemed many were repeated, just worded slightly differently. That's annoying but acceptable in the actual exam that has 250 questions, but in an overpriced study aid? No thank you. Out of the 100 ACSM specific questions, I feel you really only get around 75 individual questions, if you're lucky. Frankly, so far, I find this app useful as a one-time study aid to prepare for the feel of the actual exam, not to actually study the content. I have not tried other apps out there, but it seems the flash card apps may be more useful for actual studying. And since they are significantly lower priced, I would go for one of those first over this one.

  • Great

    by LeanAllday

    Nice app, wish it has more questions from the individually exams though.


    by Denise Ibanez

    this app is a GREAT study aid if you're studying for your CPT cert!! along with the study guide provided by NASM and this app, I passed NASM's CPT exam yesterday morning (04.19.13)! GET IT!!

  • Great Study App

    by Wapoww

    This app is a great study tool to use along with the recommended study materials. Great for on the go studying when you can't carry around your books!

  • Nice app

    by o0oFatalo0o

    Nice to be able to practice while out. Overall the tests are pretty good.

  • Overall excellent, improvements would perfect it

    by Andrew37

    Being able to select a specific question to go back to, as well as having a better explanation of questions would make this app a must buy for studying. Still recommend it for additional work

  • Works great

    by DZuBZ


  • Good, but....

    by MeGi231

    This app would be waaaay better if it scored you while in the study mode. Also, there should be a "go to problem number ___" option. I accidentally hit the double arrow (right next to the single arrow) that takes you to the end of the test and had to tap the reverse arrow almost 200 times to get back to the question I was on.

  • Excellent app

    by Seth Crockett

    I really like it!

  • I passed the NASM Exam Version 4 on 1/5/13

    by Chelojbn

    People this app will definitely help you with your NASM exam today on 1/5/13 I passed my exam my first time taking it! I am a CPT all my glory goes to The Lord!

  • Excellent and convenient review tool

    by TSK67

    Outstanding way to prep for the CPT exams. Excellent user interface and controls allow you to set up which exams to prep for, number of questions to include, and whether to be timed. Review and explanations for answers are also very helpful. Well worth the small price!!!

  • Absolutely outstanding...

    by MrOxtober

    and genuinely effective at preparing student to obtain certification. Outstanding tool to prepare for tests with and gain fitness knowledge overall. Especially appreciate the explanations available for each and every question. If you're preparing for CPT certification on any level this app is certainly capable of increasing your knowledge base and improving your overall test scores. Recommended.

  • CPT app

    by Scottkidchoosenjablonski

    Great app , it's got all the tools you'll need for taking the CPT test for certification

  • Great app!

    by Derek Finn

    Easy to use and great for studying

  • Great App!

    by Kyle Lippiatt

    I used it for just a couple minutes at a time when sitting around doing nothing. It's a great tool for keeping the information at the forefront of your mind.

  • Horrible

    by Study App

    Not worth the $7. I am getting ready to take the NASM and the questions that are under the NASM tab are not even close to what will be asked on the test. Don't waste your money.

  • Duplicative & Questionable

    by US Combat Fitness

    Questions on CSCS prep app and NASM/ACSM CPT review appear identical. Some "answers" questionable

  • Not quite right...

    by Smileygirl71

    Doesn't show you total score/grade or keep exam history

  • Great app

    by 11164654336

    Great refresher questions.

  • Great for preparation!!!

    by mcbfit

    This app is really good for giving you an idea of what the test will be like. I like the fact that you can either choose between taking the test and studying.

  • Awesome Sauce

    by Jeffggdg

    This apps is great! Great for anyone trying to study for any CPT. Gives a decent idea of what you know and do not know.

  • I like puppies

    by Loop d loop 21

    I like them cuz there cool and stuff and i had blue Barrie pan cakes from I hop this morning. And and stuff and stuff

  • Love it

    by SamanthaJ23

    Perfect on the ipad - thank you!!

  • Awesome!

    by gman3586

    Great app to study on the go. Question are very similar to the ones in my NASM book. Thanks.

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