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- Added iOS 7 support
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These thirty-nine cards are powerful healing tools to bring the very blueprint of joy, empowerment, and happiness back to your being. Developed by transformational therapist and motivational coach, Derek O’Neill, these DNA activating images contain sacred geometry that heal from a cellular level to bring harmony to your whole self.

Draw an oracle card to begin the day, if you are facing a challenging decision, or whenever you wish to receive a personal message. By meditating on these images, you are releasing limited beliefs and activating positive change down to the cellular level. These images work on all levels of your being and subconscious recognition of the symbolism in them will change your way of thinking for the better.

These shapes, symbols, colors and patterns are uniquely expansive to your mind and will bring about a sense of peace and well being like no other. The harmony that these images bring to our often over-worked and stressed mind is miraculous, even your body will respond to them in a positive way. Each image has “hidden secrets” embedded within them to enlighten aspects of your life that you may have been unaware of, such as unique talents and gifts that your unconscious process will begin to release as you meditate or focus upon them. Secret images like these have been used in powerful initiation temples around the world but have only been available to a few. Now they are available to you to maximize your potential.


-Browse through 39 DNA Activating Oracle Cards
-Receive insightful message upon which to meditate
-Draw a random card to gain an insight to a question
-Share the app with your friends and family
-Save your favorite cards for easy access
-Zoom into the card to meditate on the image

Customer Reviews

  • Brilliant!

    by Vishwa Prema

    Jaw dropping art work! Gentle yet powerful! A must have!!

  • Beautiful!

    by Artwork...

    Great app! The artwork is incredible.

  • Amazing gift

    by theseaker

    Wow! These cards are absolutely beautiful and the message feel so right on. Perfect meditation tool. Such a great app and so useful on my phone. Thank you!!!

  • Gorgeous art

    by Andromeda's daughter

    There is so much light in the art - it is truly amazing, uplifting, inspiring...there is a truth conveyed through these images. Out of this world!!! Thank you. I want to see them mural size, stand inside them, bathe in the light, the colors, the information enfolded in them. Great work!

  • Just what we need to move into a brand new day!

    by Ashara Lux

    Beautifully done-insperational, and profound in the simple wisdom presented. The art work & messages leave one diving deeper allowing shift in with ease and grace. Thank You for creating them!!!

  • Photographer

    by AmaliaMayita

    Incredible cards, so powerful and transformational. The illustrations are breathtaking!

  • This app does not work

    by Artfoodmusic

    I was so excited for this app and loved it and used it for about six months. For the past year it has not worked on my phone. Seems to have not caught up with all the iPhone upgrades or something. It's a shame.

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