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AskMD is more than just a symptom checker. It's a personalized health consultation that helps identify what's bothering you and gets you organized around your health, enabling you to have a better doctor's visit and ultimately get healthier.

Whether it's your joint pain, a parent's Diabetes or your spouse's cholesterol, this iOS-exclusive app uses clinically-proven research to help you get from wondering what could be wrong to what you can do about it. AskMD recommends qualified physicians covered by your insurance, and arms you with the information you need for your doctor's appointment, which you also can share privately with your physician or others you choose. So, take the guesswork out of getting better. AskMD.

Key Features:
• Identify potential causes of your symptoms quickly and easily — AskMD, with speech recognition powered by Nuance, allows you to simply use your voice to initiate a series of questions relevant to your issue, taking into account all your symptoms and other factors, like medications and known conditions. During this "consultation," the app utilizes Pattern Recognition Technology to match your answers against a dynamic clinical knowledge platform, yielding a list of possible causes that actually are relevant to you.

• Determine if you have an emergency — If AskMD detects that you might be in a critical or life-threatening situation, the app will direct you to Emergency Rooms closest to your location.

• Take the next steps to get the right care — Once you've completed your consultation, AskMD prepares you for your doctor's appointment by arming you with a summary of your results, which you can easily access, print or share privately from the app. AskMD also locates doctors and specialists qualified to treat your symptoms or condition by area map or list, which also can be filtered by insurance, specialty and distance. You can even click to call and make an appointment directly from the app, and map your route to their office.

• Keep track of your health — AskMD isn't just an app to find out what's bothering you at the moment – it has tools and information to help you know more about your health day–to–day. In addition to helping you organize health information you might need on a daily basis – like your medications, insurance information, and names and contact details for all your doctors and specialists – the app also provides you with a personal snapshot of your health, which includes vitals such as height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and any known conditions, and uses animation and graphics to show you what those vitals mean to your overall health.

• Care for family and friends — AskMD allows you to create multiple health profiles in the app, so in addition to managing your own health, you also can manage the health of others for whom you care.

Customer Reviews

  • App crash

    by Linkindescription

    Seems like a good app but crashes alot i cant even sign up!

  • Good but crashes a lot

    by Jessiejames4321

    It was a good app but now all it does is crashes. Please fix that. Other than that I love the app!

  • Elegant and easy to use

    by Milo2555

    First off I really like that it recognizes you when you open the application. There is a place where you can add your name, names of your kids, and relevant information. It has a nice text box and a microphone to translate your question. Then once you identify the issue or pain it will give you an actual consultation. Kind of like what a nurse would do when you go to see the doctor. One thing I would like to see changed is that if you did not have an answer to one of the questions it would let you say “no” instead of having to choose “next.” Small issue, but it is really cool that it will provide possible causes, find a DR. it keeps all the details of your consultation for your doctor to review (very cool). It would be nice to have a print and e-mail or share button here to send direct to your Dr. Really helpful and this is an application that is on the forefront of my iPhone.

  • Perfect for Families

    by Sting'em

    I have a young son and this app is great and allows us to get an idea of what's wrong with our son without having to bug our doctor constantly.

  • Essential app

    by Loubaro

    This is a great app, essential for anyone who ever experiences health issues or cares for someone who does (which means all of us). Great for being able to determine when issues are significant and in need of immediate attention.

  • This app is a must have!

    by Meganokoboji

    This is probably the most essential app on my phone. When my kids have a stomach issue or feel hot I run through a consult and feel a lot better about calling the pediatrician -- or not. I'm prepped for a visit if we go in, and it's all in my phone. I've also used Askmd for tracking my own ongoing back issues -- it helps me manage the pain and has helped me understand when I need to go see somebody -- which I can do no matter where I am. I love this app!

  • WebMD shut the front door

    by Macdaddy1948

    If your thinking about downloading this app, please do it. Haven't used this app very long, but there are profound differences between AskMD and WebMD. First, you can save all your personal Health history. Which may include your doctors, pharmacies, any operations that you may have had, any medication that you're taking. Second. If you are developing a medical problem it will ask you a series of questions to determine your problem. This information can then be sent to your physician, using the app. Third. If you were out of town you could locate a physician using the app. Fourth and final. Please download and use this app.

  • Informative. Simple. Accurate!

    by crmRN

    Extremely easy to use and navigate! As a registered nurse, it is comforting to know that there's a dependable and accurate medical resource available to family and friends when I can't be. The personalization is a major plus! I definitely recommend this app!

  • This app is great!

    by Majormoscow

    I use this all the time to check my symptoms before visiting the doc! Lots of fun to be had.

  • Love the look!

    by lrg7363

    The design is great. The info is so easy to get and the results were spot on. Highly recommend. Download today. You will not regret it.

  • Love this!

    by CB122211

    This app has an amazing amount if information and is so much more accurate than all the symptom checkers that have been around forever. Great peace of mind for a mom to have this in her pocket at all times.

  • From a family of docs...

    by DRedPR

    I can’t wait to challenge the doctors in our family to a game of “who obtains a better medical history”…I highly doubt that a house full of docs with more than a million dollars in combined schooling will come close to the depth of AskMD. It’s amazing and can already predict saving time and money avoiding those unnecessary doctor office visits! Thanks Sharecare!!!

  • Great app!

    by Cajosuau

    For years, my dad had a condition that went incorrectly diagnosed. Only recently was an accurate diagnosis made, allowing proper treatment. Amazingly, AskMD came to the same conclusion in minutes. If only this app existed years ago, so much time, energy, frustration (not to mention money) could have been saved. That problem is solved. Great app!

  • Medicine for the Masses

    by Cleegator

    I'm really digging this app so far. Easy to navigate, pretty, informative, and I'm not always dying of cancer, as WebMD would have me believe. I'm excited to help my parents download this; I think it'll go really far in getting them more engaged and less overwhelmed with maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

  • Great App!

    by Jeffro9999

    Super easy to use and way better than doing a google search. Will come in very handy with 3 young ones in the house.

  • Physician/Surgeon/Entrepreneur

    by Malcolm Lloyd, MD

    I have been waiting a long time for an app like AskMD to become a reality. This is the the most connected (eg to payors, to healthcare providers) and most patient-friendly app, by a long-shot, that has been developed. I have given it several test runs with in relatively complex areas - back pain for example - and it generates the smartest differential diagnoses I've seen with an algorithm or software based application. I will be recommending that my physician colleagues use AskMD as a complementary tool while diagnosing a challenging constellation of symptoms.

  • Essential tool- Dr. Indy

    by Dr. Indy

    Absolutely an essential and useful app for any individual. Thank you for creating such a valuable resource which is easy to use.

  • Accurate, credible and trustworthy

    by SlaintePaddys

    I used this application to check on a recent diagnosis my mother had received. The result was exactly what the doctor had shared with us. This app will make us better informed for our next visit. Well done.

  • Good app

    by CCCtttyyyuuu

    Easy to use! Great design!

  • Great app!

    by Daniel 1959

    This app is so helpful, especially for people like me who avoid going to the doctor in person!!

  • Fail

    by Srtchick

    Thanks for nothing Dr Oz crashes on startup. Fail.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Mooju05

    I got the app to work once since then it keeps crashing on me every time I try to use it. Hope it gets fixed soon have been using webmd app. Since.

  • Crash Land

    by Siriusalien

    Can't even register. The app won't go beyond enter a password.

  • It keeps booting me out!

    by Erika Cole

    I guess the news of what's wrong with me is pretty bad- the app just shuts down and freezes :(

  • Disappointed already!

    by Tony Huynh

    It would not even let me sign up!

  • Having trouble with this app

    by Jessica Llanes

    Just downloaded this app and at first it gave me trouble setting up an account, and now it doesn't recognize my login password but says I have an account. I have tried to reset my password 3 times but the link doesn't work. So far, haven't even been able to use this app and will probably just delete it.

  • Spinning wheel

    by Say what17

    When logging in, it freezes Constantly. When it does's not that mind blowing either.....

  • Keeps crashing

    by Harpmom03

    Keeps crashing can't even sign up

  • Fix bug

    by Sarango122644

    Ive tried opening the app since I downloaded but it just keeps closing on me!

  • Crashes on startup

    by Ruce Ross

    Crashes on startup every time on iPhone 5 running latest 7.04

  • Registration Crash

    by cosmeticsjunkie

    App has registration issues and never completes, just an endless spinning wheel after providing personal info. Suspicious. Deleted.

  • Keeps crashing!

    by MollieColon

    I gave it two stars because it looks like a cool app but it keeps crashing. Idk why but I can't go through with an entire 'consultation'. Please fix this because I'd love to use it. I wonder if it's accurate.

  • Won't stay open

    by Meldsnyder

    App won't stay open and when it did it asked the same questions no matter what if typed. Also gave me the same diagnoses

  • App Doesn't Work

    by DrumsAndPercussion

    Every time I open the app it gets to the Log In/Sign Up page it sits there for 2 seconds, then closes the app. LAME!!!

  • Crashes/worthless

    by Pdxgigi

    Will not open! Spins and spins. Diagnosis: terminal malfunction.

  • Fix now

    by hollydolly088

    It keeps crashing!!!

  • Not worth it

    by angks21

    I do admit that I downloaded this app after seeing it on Dr. Oz…and it was honestly disappointing. It crashed when I tried to register, and when I finally got it to open, it was extremely slow while scrolling, and had huge delays in moving between screens. It’s a nice idea, but needs a lot of bug fixes before I reload this app to my phone. Another thing - a person should never try to self diagnose themselves with a questionnaire like this. You should always go to a doctor if you’re noticing any unusual symptoms in your daily routing.

  • Deserves a zero

    by Smileysativa

    Can't tell you how the app operates because the piece of crap won't even work. Closes automatically after 2 seconds of being opened. Nice try.

  • Crashes

    by Shawna1999

    I can't even get through the sign up process before it crashes. :(

  • This app does not work

    by Roger Goins

    I tried creating an account. I get nothing but the spinning wheel

  • Faxl1234

    by Fax123456


  • Won't stay open

    by B_Rizzle222

    Keeps crashing. Please fix.

  • Crash in iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4

    by JL Wong

    Keep crashing, can't use…

  • Must Have Health App

    by mHealthNut

    This is the best diagnosis app available and I have used them all. Saved consultations is amazing and will surely make doctors visits way more efficient.

  • User friendly

    by H2oSk!3r

    Easy to use app. Cool feature that finds doctors that are specialists in your diagnosis and that belong to your insurance company.

  • Great app

    by Haleigh Pierce

    This app is so easy to use. It is very thorough and informative. I highly recommend it!

  • I am a hypochondriac

    by Danny Caudillo

    I like this app, better then WebMD because it is more specific. I like how detailed the questions are. It asks you questions about how your feeling. It doesn't just jump to, you have cancer. A nice feature, is it had a summary of your symptoms and time frame of when they started. And it is all listed for you. So if you do need to go to the doctor, all you need to do is show them the page. I really like this app. Do would recommend it to a friend.

  • Wife and mother

    by Connie Lewis

    This app was easy to use and right on with diagnosis that it was given recently by my doctor

  • Doctors In Your Phone?!

    by MilitaryDoctor

    This app is pure genius. All around a friendly, comforting and detailed experience to provide me and my patients excellent, targeted information on their health concern at anytime and anywhere. It's like having a team of physicians living in your phone ready to serve you up the best personal advice when you need it most. Sharing their askmd consult with me when and if they do come to my clinic will save me and my staff countless hours of work. Awesome!

  • Way cooler than webmd

    by Budreaux1

    Love this app! Super easy to use and it looks great too. Love that I can find a doctor on my insurance. Way cooler than webmd.

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