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Seller: Rodale Inc. Digital

--New storefront allows easier viewing of digital offerings
--Each issue now enhanced with extra content not found in magazine or web site
--Redesigned, interactive Shoe Finder gets the right shoe for you
--iOS7 compatible
--Bug fixes

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Runner’s World, the world’s leading running magazine, is available on the iPad. Every month you’ll enjoy in-depth features; training, nutrition, and injury-prevention advice; and gear reviews–plus exclusive audio, video, photo slideshows, quizzes, and much more.


Injury Prevention Special
• The Whole Body Fix: A new running clinic teaches a chronically injured Runner’s World editor lessons that can help you stay happy, healthy, and on the road.

• Running Conversation: Bruce Dern: The Hollywood legend reflects on a lifetime of running and his career-capping role in the award-winning film Nebraska.

• Special Report: Running Back From Hell: PTSD is shattering the lives of thousands of American soldiers. But some experts believe running can counter the disorder’s symptoms–and help restore the joy that war erased.

• Spring Shoe Guide: We’ve tested and reviewed this season’s top 23 new models. Find the perfect pair for you!

• In the Human Race section: How running set a former inmate and recovering addict free.

• In the Training section: Why there’s no excuse to skip speedwork.

• In the Fuel section: Spring-clean your diet to slim down, gain energy, and add nutrients to every meal.

• In the Mind + Body section: Find a great running partner (or two) to keep you in shape, honest, and motivated.

• In the Gear section: From custom-sewn singlets to the smartest watches ever, check out the spring’s best new bling.

• In the Races + Places section: A city goes the distance to counter its troubled reputation.

• Columns: Lauren Fleshman tells you how to screw up–like a pro (The Fast Life), while Marc Parent explains why a father would run 13.1 miles on the best worst day of his life (The Newbie Chronicles).

• I’m a Runner: Laila Ali, a former world champion boxer and TV host, talks about how running helped her boxing and how she tries to instill wellness in her kids.

• Bonus videos

***Please make sure to update your iPad to iOS5 to take full advantage of all the new functionality in this application.

1-Year Subscription: $19.99, automatically renewed until canceled

·New issues will be automatically downloaded to your iPad as they become available
·The new Runner's World iPad edition supports progressive downloading, so you can view the issue as it downloads
·Your credit card will automatically be charged for another subscription period unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings.
·Don't delete your existing Runner's World app! Use it to receive free access to previously downloaded issues.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great magazine. Crashy app.

    by csixty4

    I love Runner's World, and I'm thrilled to be able to read it on my iPad. In fact, I finally broke down and got a subscription as a present to myself. There's just the right mix of informational and inspirational articles to keep my interest, and photos of amazing runs and runners to make me incredibly jealous. The app does tend to crash a lot, though. In fact, it consistently crashes in the ad section if the current issue. I really wish they would straighten these kinds of problems out, because I love reading and re-reading every issue.

  • Avoid the Clutter

    by Chris P3

    It's so nice to have a magazine that I don't have to tear away the address label, shred it, and then throw away the rest. No longer do I need to do this to clear around my reading chair.

  • Great app

    by Kyle19932013

    I love this app...i used to receive the mags but now I have it all here..

  • Excellent

    by O10coa

    I love this app. I can get video instructions. Very convenient.

  • Mostly good

    by Kevin in Portland

    Gripes: Would be nice if the app allowed the screen to rotate. When downloading the latest issue, the first few pages load quickly but then the download pauses for no apparent reason. After about an hour the download resumes and the remaining pages load within a few minutes. Other than the above, I really like the app.

  • Extra Content

    by A Runner134

    Technology is awesome!! Not only do you get the printed content, but you can watch imbedded videos and media content with the digital version!! Fantastic App!

  • Fonts Too Small

    by maxurbn

    The fonts are too small for reading on the iPad. I am forced to read this magazine in print instead. What a shame...

  • Great way to read my favorite mag

    by Janbipps

    Love the extras

  • Love it so far!

    by Valerie3312

    This has been great so far! ...but...they should make the same offers for the digital version as they do the paper version.

  • Excellent

    by JDMA13

    Excellent app. It works great.

  • Runner's World

    by Briggs215

    This E magazine is awesome. It made me a better runner.

  • Great app

    by Fleites

    Never had any problems! I thought I'd hate digital magazine because I like to hold the actual item, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it and I mark my fave articles! Thanks!

  • Runners World Portrait View Only

    by BigRomeRunning

    Overall the use of this app is great. I like being able to electronically view/carry all the subscriptions I've ordered along with the ability to buy past subscriptions. It would be nice if you could read the publication in landscape as well as portrait. Also, if you have a digital subscription it would be a plus to be able to read from a PC screen as well via maybe a web portal.

  • Great App- why didn't I transfer sooner

    by Twinortiz

    I've gone through a couple of magazines now & wow! With audio interviews, videos, & cool animations, this magazine delivers all the content I love & more. I haven't had a single problem and I can't imagine going back to the actual physical magazine. Great App!

  • So far so good

    by Sunnydad

    New to I pad, first app I have. Easy to download with no issues so far. Keep on running !

  • Love all the extra content

    by Onegirltwocups

    I've had the app downloaded for a while, but only recently had my subscription transferred from physical magazine to iPad. I only wish I had done it sooner. Everything I love about the magazine is still there, but now all of the extras are at my fingertips. I do find it annoying that it seems to want you to view the different content in a certain orientation, but I guess I'll get used to that. I'm just glad customer service was able to transfer my membership without any trouble.

  • runspiration

    by sina_d

    love this app - when I am stuck on a plane or trapped somewhere unable to run reading this app feels productive and offers tons of inspiration, techniques skills for this beginning runner.

  • Great app!!

    by Taiheiyo

    Love Runner's World and now love it even more on my iPad.

  • Nice app but...

    by Pstansel

    While I like the app I strongly hate Runners World not honoring your print subscription with the digital version like others do. Not only did I have to pay again but I can't access the back issues even though I have been a Runners World sub for years.

  • Run for ever

    by Vicarde

    I love this magazine, I think it is very helpfully, I'm working out every day, I hope to run the L.A. Marathon, and this is going to help me a lot to accomplish my goal. Thank you o much.

  • Awful

    by Thebignasty010

    I have a new iPad...up to for magazine crashes non stop...DO NOT SUBSCRIBE...this is first negative app review I have ever is a waste of money when you can't read because app crashes so much.....

  • Great magazine. Don't get it on iPad

    by skipshean

    The magazine itself is great. But don't get an iPad subscription, the publisher just doesn't get how to do iPad publishing right. I was a print subscriber and received a "convert to digital" email from them. I had a great experience with that with other magazines like Wired, so I did it. When you get digital, they did not give me access to any of the back issues - even the issues that I had received the print versions of. This is ridiculous. They should make the entire back catalog available. They also pitch the digital as "get the latest issue sooner", but when I signed up on 2/1, I had already received the march issue and that was not yet available in the iPad version. Give it a pass until someone else says this stuff is dealt with.

  • Disappointing

    by Grannygearle

    Can't get it to work. Stick with paper.

  • Constant Crashing

    by The Ride

    App is hard to use when it repeatedly crashes over the same spot in the magazine.

  • Pathetic

    by JaytBird1971

    Sad this is one of the last publications to charge its paying print subscribers for access to the digital magazine. Funny thing is their digital content is subpar to other magazines that offer subscribers both print & digital (see MensHealth, MensFitness or Golf Magazine to see how it's done).

  • Keeps Crashing

    by ChickenNuggetYum

    It's a great app until you try to keep reading and it crashes.

  • Not available for print subscribers?

    by Kimstar29

    I'm a more than a little disappointed that I cannot access the digital editions of RW, despite having paid for the print version. All of the other magazines I subscribe to allow access for print subscribers! (Women's Health, Scientific American). Get it together.

  • Worst App Ever

    by broken_ankle

    Trying to download latest issue is simply too painful. Will never subscribe to this magazine again, after wasting my money here.

  • Not for print subscribers

    by Kl432567123

    I have a print subscription, but unlike other mags you can't access the iPad version without buying another subscription.

  • How do I get a redund?

    by Np 808

    Bought a subscription last year and the app worked fine. It was renewed automatically and now the app not working. How long does it take to upgrade your app to IOS7? Can I get a refund?

  • Authentication Failed

    by BWMusicMan

    The app doesn't work. At all. I wasted the subscription fee and now have to figure out how to get a refund. Very disappointing.

  • Not good

    by Nolhead

    You cannot switch to a landscape version of the magazine. This makes the pictures cut off. You have to zoom in on every page because the small font. This app looks like it was designed by someone that never used a good reading app. Developers....go to Fortune Magazine and try it. Compare that to your app and you will be embarrassed at the mess that is this app.

  • Can't get their act together

    by LBurma

    Runner's World is still trying to get their app act together. They need to send someone from their development team for a field trip to National Geographic or The Economist who actually know how to build apps that work. This one does not. The transfer from a print to digital subscription is cumbersome and filled with errors. The biggest issue is that you can't login and get issues which you have already purchased. Failed attempt Runners World! Hope you figure it out soon.

  • Not impressed so far

    by Housewife on the run

    I might be willing to give more stars if I could download the current issue. I was told it would be available today.... Still waiting :(

  • iOS 7 bug

    by Elora_z

    iOS 7 bug in your app: when I open it, message to activate push notifications appears. I click ok to dismiss and it reappears. Keeps same loop. Have to restart iPad to exit. Please fix. Thanks

  • Bad subscription service

    by onebiejingc

    The format is wonderful and this is a great magazine in general. I loved how they used the technology to enhance the magazine features. I would be giving this 5 stars but my subscription timed out after only 4 issues and I'm still struggling to resolve the issue. I removed the app and re- installed it and had one less issue than I had before! So I paid for the full year and received 3 months...:(

  • Won't finish downloading

    by RunSenoRun

    The 1/4 magazine that actually loads is fine. The other 3/4s? I have no idea since it gets stuck on "download paused."

  • Why is this not part of the regular subscription ?

    by MM181818

    I get the hard copy... and pay. Why not the digital version... ? Offer an upgrade to those of us who want both...

  • The worst magazine app I've ever seen

    by mmauser

    It crashes all the time, you can't recover your subscrption when you change iPad !!!!! The worst by far

  • Can't see the first half if the magazine !

    by Yvexed

    Still unable to see the whole first half of the magazine. I'm thinking I will just go back to purchasing the actual magazine.

  • fixed crashing, but..

    by What me?

    Good, it no longer crashes on startup. Now, however, it continually "pauses" on downloading the monthlies. Not there yet, but ever hopeful.

  • Crashes. On open

    by 11234556778

    Was excited to get this app and start browsing Runners World from my ipad, unfortunately the app crashes upon opening it. Not going to drop $4.99 for an online mag that can't be expected to work better than its platform app. It updated this afternoon, but crashing still there.

  • Worst ever

    by OldNewbie58*

    After paying for access to my magazine, I can no longer open anything. DON'T BUY THIS. CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS NON EXISTING.

  • Rodale shows its stingy side again

    by rsteffy

    Have been a print subscriber for awhile now. Every magazine worth having lets its subscribers have the digital content. Maybe it's time for another magazine.

  • Crash

    by LordStraka

    App kept crashing on me. All I had to do is look At it and it crashed

  • Some nice new features ... spoiled

    by itdd71

    Others will write about the new features in the latest version of the app (including video) but for me the whole thing is spoiled when the app repeatedly forces you to change orientation of the ipad, depending on the page design. Instead of optimizing all pages for one or both orientations, you'll get an icon telling you to rotate the ipad to view a page. A few pages later you have to rotate back, and back again and again. Want to feel like an idiot? Read the latest issue of the mag in a public place. Your constant rotating of the ipad will draw attention. I'm a strap hanger who reads the ipad with one hand on a busy train. By the fourth time i was shown the "rotate to read" icon i was ready to throw the device out the window. What a wretched reading experience. This bone-headed decision is purely to suit the egos of lazy page designers who insist the customer experience should be secondary to their ridiculous alternating page layout. Either optimize the mag for both orientations or for one - but for goodness sake keep it consistent throughout. If you want to force ipad readers back to print, this is a great first step.

  • Wow - Innovative

    by Sub91Min

    The July issue amazed me. The videos and sound clips right on the page relevant to what you're reading is awesome! The picture quality is really good.

  • Disappointed

    by BrianWaid

    I pay for print edition!! Why do I have to pay for this also?? Seriously??

  • I like it

    by RuggerUS

    Great app. Recommend.

  • Great app

    by Pastorsneech

    I really enjoy reading the magazine on my iPad. The price was right but I must admit that I sometimes miss reading my magazines the traditional way. It would be nice if there would be one price and you can have a paper and digital version of this magazine!

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