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Seller: Rodale Inc. Digital

- Preview issues directly from the store page
- Print subscribers can authenticate right from the store page
- Minor enhancements and bug fixes

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Men's Health isn’t just a magazine—it’s a solution. We give you the tools to look better, live healthier, and be more successful in all aspects of life. Find out why Men’s Health is the world’s largest men’s magazine!

Print subscribers can access digital issues for FREE by downloading this app, tapping the Sign In Button, and following the instructions to create an account. All subscribers (print and digital) also get FREE access to the enhanced iPhone edition. Optimized for the iPhone and for Retina display on the iPad.

New digital subscribers will be billed 30 days after purchasing. If you do not wish to be billed and continue your subscription, simply turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of your free trial period.


*ARE YOU IN FIGHTING SHAPE? We traveled to Turkey (yes, Turkey!), where the world's fittest men compete in a real-life, bare-knuckle Fight Club. Discover their muscle secrets, gain explosive strength, and wrestle yourself into the best shape ever. SPECIAL: Score a step-by-step video showcasing the moves Turkish warriors use to attain a battle-ready body.
*LAUGH YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS. Jimmy Fallon, new host of The Tonight Show, didn't rocket up the ladder with spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. He had fun, dropped jokes, and worked his glutes off. Fallon tells the story by being interviewed by his toughest questioner yet: Jimmy Fallon. BONUS: iPad users score behind-the-scenes video of Fallon licking himself. (No, really!)
*SEDUCE A MARRIED WOMAN. We're talking about the one you're married to, of course. We surveyed more than 1,200 women who have tied the knot to learn how they like to twist the sheets. Plus, discover three science-based strategies that will make your sex dreams (and hers) a reality.
*BUST YOUR GUT FOR GOOD! There's a war on waistlines, but unfortunately for most men, they're losing all the major skirmishes. This story will help you decipher the fat codes, outsmart the food frenemies, and finally win your own battle of the bulge.
*THE 20 BEST SNACKS FOR MEN! Step away from the Twinkie! These nutritionist-approved snacks will help you get the nutrients you need without packing on the pounds you don't.
*HOW RICH MEN SPEND WISELY. We asked some of the smartest investors in the world about the best buck they ever spent. Read this before you make your next money move.

Men's Health Magazine Subscriptions available though iTunes:

1-year subscription: $23.99 for Men's Health, automatically renews for additional years of access and is charged to your iTunes account until you cancel. Your iTunes account will be charged for the first year subscription at the conclusion of your free month of access unless you cancel in the manner described below.

AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL: Your subscription automatically renews unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. To subscribe tap one of the subscription banners located in the top left of the Library or Home pages inside the application. iTunes will automatically charge your account at the same price stated above for each annual renewal period 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active the subscription period and no refunds are provided by iTunes. Free months of access are only available to new subscribers.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great compared to competitors

    by Aqwr

    I used mens fitness for awhile, but now I wonder why I ever stuck with them. This app designed magazine is fantastic, and works a lot better than mens fitness ever did

  • So glad my subscription includes the digital copy too!

    by Jerad

    Just read a few sections in the paper edition and then reread them on the digital version. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the digital version quite a bit more. :)

  • I always learn something useful and it's fun to read.

    by Achilbert

    The topics are very relevant and dig into areas I never hear about, but clearly benefit from. I buy this magazine at airport newsstands whenever I travel.

  • Getting used to it

    by Mebjabmeb

    But I am liking the format. It's easy to read and I like the added features of videos, etc... Much better than I expected.

  • GREAT APP!!!!!!!

    by J3Smooth

    Perfect when you're on the go. Just like the magazine.. Would be an all around perfect app if you could bookmark and highlight articles in a separate save section.. just saying Men's Health mag ppl.. Love the app

  • Loving the app

    by Hank12345Henry

    I love the magazine and I just recently transitioned to the mobile version of the magazine on the iPad. Is there a way the magazine can be read on landscape with the iPad?

  • Djoot5. 10-15-2013

    by Djoot

    I like staying healthy, this magazine works for me.

  • Good eMag!!!

    by dcalloway71

    If you like Men's Health magazine, you'll love the eMagazine. Lots of added features and imbedded information to view that are unique to the app. Definitely worth checking out.

  • samer

    by Materials1985

    nice app

  • Great app

    by BigFrankChicago

    Graphics are awesome, great magazine

  • Great

    by Kent3118

    Works . What else is their .

  • Great app and magazine

    by GSC Appraisals

    Great app and magazine a lot of good advise

  • Awesome

    by JuMo1979

    Awesome app!

  • Very Good

    by The Quip

    Helpfully app as a compliment to the magazine.

  • Great

    by K Dos

    Title says it all, great on iPad.

  • Great

    by AviLLaZiLLa

    If you enjoy the printed magazine then you will love this app. Comes with interactive videos and links to almost everything in the magazine

  • Men's Fitness

    by CHinsonMD

    Graphics and video illustrations are extremely informative, makes the print version almost mundane. Very happy with this App. Chris Hinson MD

  • Great!!

    by WoodChopper27

    This is a great app. Alot of good and helpful info in this magazine...!

  • No need to have the paper with you.

    by Mike from MA

    Great app. Glad to have magazine at my fingertips when waiting time inevitably pops up.

  • cool app with good organisation

    by Prometheus Peaches

    i love the interface and interactiveness most of all here, this digital magazine is a must while bored and have questions

  • Angry

    by Rllr123

    The app apparently is not talking to the App Store. It keeps telling me my iTunes password is wrong but the same password works just fine in the App Store directly. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I can't get any of my back issues. Very disappointed in this app right now

  • Garbage to get digital from print

    by brockkel

    complete garbage. faqs are terrible

  • Stick to health, not politics

    by Bobby rock

    Never bought mens health magazine before, but I thought, hey I'll give it a try on the iPad. Glad I only bought one issue not a subscription. I WILL NOT buy or support any magazine that blatantly allows anti constitutional rights propaganda to be printed. Unless I'm buying a political magazine I expect your opinions on all things political to be unbiased. If you don't agree with certain rights the constitution and bill of rights gives us, that's your right, but if you want my money keep your opinions OUT of a health magazine.

  • Digital Subscription is crap!

    by Jad123789

    I agree with some guys here.. I love Men's Health Magazine and ofcourse getting it digitally to my iPad is great, however the App does not work. It gave me 2 magazines whereas I paid for a full year's subscription and then it keeps giving me authorisation failed... I have emailed the customer support so many times and they just dont care!

  • Crap

    by Tmoneytightshoes

    Doesn't work

  • Ridiculous amount of adds

    by Omejia

    That's all very little content with an insane amount of adds canceling now!

  • Bad account management

    by Bubbaheadz

    The app is great. Management of your account is bad. As long as you don't change iOS or cc from your original log in you are good. Make a change good luck.

  • Waste

    by Turbojuan

    Don't waste your money.

  • Overpriced, FAKE Preview, expensive previous issue costs

    by Know what your getting

    Price is $19.99 on iTunes or $4.99 an issue. Digital issues should NOT cost as much as actual physical printed and delivered issues! The real cost behind getting a digital vs. printed issue is far less, but they are NOT discounting or charging fare and just price for a digital version. Also, the "preview" option is a lie. They won't let you preview anything at all. They black out or mask the pages so it's not a preview after all. Use common sense Mens Health. We are not stupid, your making yourself look bad is all and loosing customers. Good job!

  • Most worthless app ever

    by Bo0tz

    I love this magazine and have tried time and again to like this app. I even purchased a full year subscription. But every time I open it, it deletes my subscription forcing me to authenticate through iTunes, which it says it cannot connect to. Even though the iTunes store opens perfectly fine. Needless to say, I will not be renewing my digital subscription.

  • Worthless

    by Lawn_King

    I have a subscription to the print magazine but cannot login to the app after following the directions for setting up an account and trying to login. No matter what I do all I see is "authorization failed."

  • There was a problem, please try again later

    by Fantastic tool

    Buggy app, never had this problem with the paper magazine.

  • Don't work

    by residentjc

    It was working great and then there was an update and it logged me out. Now when I try to log on my account it says the authentication failed. I emailed customer support and, of course, they ignored me. Still love the magazine in print but the app is garbage if i can access it.

  • Don't Buy

    by Eam333

    Don't waste your time or money. Clunky interface is not worth the hassle. Buy the paper version, you'll thank me.

  • Too slow to download

    by Robert Wanyama

    The quality of the downloaded magazine is good but it takes 20 times longer to download the same magazine compared to a Zinio app. I actually abandoned this app and bought the same Maxine from Zinio app. The magazine downloads in two minutes in Zinio yet it takes a full 63 minutes in this app. Try a comparison and you will see what I mean. Another set back is that when you restore your purchases you to click on another magazine to download. Note that I have to endure a full 63 min instead of 2 min in Zinio which has HD Resolution.

  • Lameeee

    by Real poor status.

    I have made the $23.99.00 dollar subscription and doesn't go thru .. I don't know if they charge me but I don't like this at all...;(

  • Keeps losing magazines

    by 13579qetuo

    This software would be nice, except that it sporadically deletes all of my subscriptions.

  • Great! Love it

    by Steve191

    Love it

  • Redesign is great

    by Benjamin Hannah

    Nice redesign, especially the new Table Of Content format.

  • Dr,

    by Skinny nicky

    Excellent magazine . A lot of interesting articles.

  • Pretty Nice!

    by Warrenpeace 1

    Much better on iPhone than the competitor os. Just what I wanted! Very readable, clean and clear screen navigation/ w instructions. It's bomb! Thx

  • Good App

    by Gdjdjddj

    Nice app with good ui.

  • Meh

    by Angryelvis

    Comes up short when compared to other magazines likeGQ

  • Awesome app

    by Zackjmcgmm

    Wasn't sure at first. I like the paper in my hands version. But now I have both. So much more on the app

  • Easy to read

    by Yaya right now

    Great magazine but the apple needs to let you have more than one issue downloaded at a time when you have a subscription or at least let you save your favorite articles for later.

  • Best Health Magazine

    by Dr_Ryan631

    Best innovative new magazine , fresh and crisp look

  • Great magazine app

    by Pb08008

    If all magazine Apps worked this well I would go all digital. Clean and works well would recommend

  • Great app

    by David M I

    So far this app is great. Easy to use and allows me to view all magazines since I subscribed to the magazine earlier this year. I've just thrown out my paper copies.

  • Ok

    by Itsmemda

    I like this app/magazine. The interactive portions are nice, but I wish this app had pinch and zoom for small hard to read text.

  • Nicely structured. Easy read.

    by MJ5606

    I was nervous to order a magazine via an electronic device. I thought it would be difficult to navigate and tough to read. Men's Health proved me wrong.

  • Perfect

    by outstanden

    Same exact mag as you would buy at store except I can read it anytime.

  • Almost perfect.

    by Jayke704

    Two complaints. One, I hate having to keep signing in every other day because it kicks me out. Two, the share with Facebook, twitter, etc link sends you to the App Store & not the article. C'mon, even GQ got this right.

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