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We've released an updated App, that fixes many bugs, and concerns from the previous version.

We expect to do weekly and monthly releases moving forward.

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Forget about the fad diets and exotic cleanses that force you to overhaul your life. No more crash diets that you can't sustain or bizarre machines that fill your living room. No more giving up the foods you love and living like a monk

The Automatic Body is the long term solution that with small changes, you can get incredible results. The mobile application runs along side the program developed by Kim Lyons from The Biggest Loser. Simply put, The Automatic Body app is designed to automate your fitness and Nutrition.

It is all about small simple changes. Our Automatic Body app will guide you through your transformation. It even reminds you what to do and when to do it.

For maximum results you will need any/all of the following: Skinne, Fuel, or Energe. To find out more about the program or to purchase products go to

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app!

    by Smg674

    Automatic body is simple and easy to use, love that they have a community board to connect and talk to other people, very supportive. I also loved the text to remind me what it need to do. I would recommend it to anybody. In fact my son just downloaded this.....


    by Chubbbbbbbs

    This product works. Fuel tastes great and is a perfect meal replacement. I'm full for hours. And skinne works great! I've lost 5pounds in 2weeks. The only exercise I do is walking. So this product works great! Highly recommend.

  • App works. Ignoring it is my problem.

    by Soulgood33

    Apps is not the problem. The product works anyway. I'm not losing weight , I'm not working out, but my love handles are shrinking and I'm only on my third week drinking skinny. Thanks Nutrie. I'm down over an inch at the tummy. Drink water! At least 4 water bottles a day with this.

  • Just getting started

    by Brokerlady

    We are just getting started and although I anticipate many changes this first version is awesome !!

  • Alerts don't work

    by Bulldozer23

    Not impressed so far. I can't get the alerts to work. Not a single alert in 2 days. And yes I have checked my phone settings to make sure they are allowed.

  • No alerts

    by Lostwithoutalerts

    Using iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.3 In Module1 so far. The 9:00 alert doesn't work. And sometimes I don't get any alerts all day. I found this out after opening the app and then after it loaded all of the alerts that I should have received showed up (a little late). It is not feasible to reload the app every hour to see if there is an alert pending. Also if I review any comments in a Body Buzz post it starts all the way back at the top once I exit the comment box and I have to go find the post where I was to continue reviewing them. I love the automatic body program and the app idea and know that it is still relatively new. Keep on improving.

  • It stinks!

    by Prin14

    Alerts don't work and neither does the product! Wish I could put zero stars.

  • Not Helpful

    by kcatterton

    This app does not work. No notices despite having turned on push notifications. Schedule does not show up. Very disappointed!

  • The app doesn't work

    by Autobody fan

    It keeps asking to log in in a loop and doesn't work.

  • Sales man

    by Peepopnplayer

    Not impressed and not what was promised! Can access contacts to email no sound, slow video, doesn't work most of the time. Get it fixed this will not fly for long!

  • Needs an update ASAP

    by Firedog805

    There's no sound for the alert. Make sure you close the app out, don't allow it to keep running on your phone. If it's still running after the 1st alter you won't get the rest of the alters

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