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** Good Stuff 73 Score on AppsFire **

** What Our Users are saying: ***

"Like this a lot! Great app" - Acoutt

"This app is truly fantastic. I am a writer, and I am not pregnant. I use this app for characters." - Super-Man657

"Love the random name suggestions and the popularity graph." - Lemontree103

"Wonderful app! I like learning the meanings and origins of the different
names." - Nok84


With our baby name finder app, you can browse thousands of baby names by origin, meaning, gender or first initial. And that's only the beginning

•Over 10,000 names, ranging from traditional to modern, common to unusual

•The meaning or significance behind each name

•The ability to rate, save and share any name

Choosing a name for your baby can be one of the best parts of pregnancy, but it can also be a challenge .. Allow our app to help ease your mind!

Customer Reviews

  • Was great...

    by SamanthaCoye

    It has started to get some bugs. I search a name and nothing is there.

  • I really like it!!

    by Shamiltonhae

    Works great!

  • Great app!

    by Mark B. Otterson

    Just state that it does what it says it does, and works great!

  • Wow

    by John M. Stlouis

    Huge selection of names. Cool app!

  • Crash

    by Whitegirlpose

    I love this app but after a minute of using it crashes! Help! Please do something to make it stop! I'm about to delete a good app because of crashing!

  • Good mostly

    by Laincloud

    Doesnt work well on ipad but works well on iphone. Has nice search feature for searching by name or meaning or letter. On ipad, the app will close unexpectedly sometimes, and the top part of the screen gets cut off when typing in something to search so u cant see what u r typing. If you have the app on two different devices, the names u save as favorites on one device will not sync over to the other device automatically.

  • Needs some improvements

    by UncreativeNuckname

    This app was fantastic, until I updated my iOS. Now I cannot get the app to open. It crashes before it even loads. I would like to see this problem fixed, and then I would gladly change my review.

  • Could be better...

    by Koi the Fish

    I usually can't find the names I'm looking up... Has more generic names, and no unique ones.

  • ?

    by FlipFlopFilly

    How can you not have the name Samantha? It's one of the more popular names today.

  • Good app but genders of names need sorting

    by Dmichellek

    Like other reviews about searching for only girl names you get unisex names. I think the developers need to go through the unisex names as most of them aren't unisex, maybe they could look at their own graphs to decide if it really is a unisex name.

  • Why give the option

    by Due9/20

    When I ask for boy names it gives me boy and unisex although there is an option for unisex. That's annoying.

  • Great list

    by KDS1190

    Has a ton of options for names as advertised, however when looking for strictly girls names it still lists girls and boys names. Like the app.

  • Kenna 87

    by Mikennafountain44

    Tells the truth

  • Cool

    by Lollypopcj

    Huge selection of names. I wish it had a "save name" option though... But yeah. It's a cool app.

  • Baby Name App

    by SteffyVogt

    It has a HUGE selection of names, but it keeps crashing on me after every time I filter my search (I pick a gender of name's to search for, then it crashes.) But whenever I don't filter my search it doesn't crash....Hm, I'd really like this to be fixed!!

  • Meh

    by not2dazzled

    We've had better luck using the baby naming websites, though this app isn't bad in our view. It sure seems to be polarizing from the other reviews...

  • Easy to use app!

    by MiszRain

    What a fun and easy way to look for a baby name! Definitely love the feature where we can type in a word for a name with that specific meaning! Haven't come across a baby name app with that yet, kudos!

  • Great names & very helpful !

    by Bobmarleylover<3

    This app is very helpful.

  • Fun

    by scartattoos

    It's like having my old baby name book, but with a larger selection. It's also easier to save names than it was in my boom. Hopefully waiting on baby #2 and I have so much fun searching through!!

  • Mighty Fine App!

    by DrQuack92

    This app has a large variety of names with meanings. So far it has been quite accurate. Even lets you save your favorite names. I like it!!!

  • Yuck

    by dd498413

    When you click certain options they aren't available and most of the names are very foreign and outdated. Waste of memory on your phone. Just use google.

  • Decent

    by J.hza77

    Description doesn't always show in entirety. Pretty good selection of names...if issue with description is fixed I would rate 5

  • Can't read the whole thing...

    by Ayanyan1218

    The description of names are cut off in the middle of sentence and the page won't expand to show the whole thing. Terrible.

  • Crashes when you try to look up names

    by saraspixels

    App is pointless since it crashes every time I try to look at or search for names.

  • Bad

    by Bran2906

    Mostly black people names

  • Keeps crashing

    by utsukushii

    I've had this app for a while now but these days it keeps crashing as I open the app it's crashes PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

  • Crashing

    by BDMoss13

    I'm liking the App except that its crashing about every 3rd name that I search!!! Yeesh!

  • Don't get it

    by Krystan w

    It closed before it even finished loading to open and it kept saying there weren't any results

  • Ugh

    by Kaytuhlin

    It never opens. I finally got the app to open once and I really did like it which is why I gave it two stars. Otherwise it'd only get one. Debug it!!!!

  • Force closes constantly

    by Michellecchick1

    Do not download this app. It constantly force closes and loses where you were at with the baby names. Good name list but horrible app

  • :(

    by RowRowRow

    Since I updated I can't get it to open. This was one of the best apps.

  • Disappointed

    by SMGlenning

    I tried to use this app several times after downloading but it glitches and drops the app after 3 seconds of use every time. Unable to use it at all.

  • Unisex names need work

    by sheila_d

    It says names like Amy and Amber are unisex names and therefore they show up when I search for boys' names. It is kinda annoying to sort through unisex names at all when I selected boy, but obvious girls' are even more annoying.

  • Inaccurate

    by UnAngelLily

    Just to let you know, the name is actually Celtic in origin, not Japanese. It was first a European name, and there are many words that have the particle ken in it in Japanese, but none mean what the app says. Also, Lily as more meaning than pure. If you want a real that won't tell you BSed information don't download this. Despite many moms trusting this app it is not actually accurate. It would be more accurate to look up name meanings online.

  • Review

    by Criticalcarenursesrock

    Not enough names, only 1 out of my top ten favorites was there. Who hasn't heard the name Windsor? Not enough functions/options either. I'll stick to nameberry via my iPhone's safari. Nameberry is by far the best!

  • Elmmomd

    by Mommy5102

    I hate this app!

  • What talk about horrible

    by Horrible09876543210

    Confusing do not ever get this app the other reviews r a lie this game if HORRIBLE if you get this app you'll wanna smash your phone on concrete do not get this app ps they make people put at least one star look at my rating

  • Crash-tastic!

    by Nev8r

    Barely usable. After looking up one baby name, it will crash if you select a different one, or filter, or do an advanced search. Better off with a different app

  • Awesome App !

    by Davy79lyn

    This app is awesome, since we're looking for future baby names.<3

  • Amazing!

    by Faux Clove

    Loved this app, especially since I'm a new writer and coming up with character names can be really challenging.

  • Nifty

    by One impressed person

    I like this. Normally I'd just hop onto my laptop to find baby names, but this adds the ability to rate your favorite names. Then you can look through your possible names later. An all-in-one app :)

  • Love it

    by Taz1981

    I love this app we are having a baby in June and need baby name ideas an this is helping tremendously.

  • Great app

    by Lady22trainer

    Easy to use, good design

  • Best app for nicknames

    by Frizzle44

    This is the best app. If u wanna find what anyone's name means. This is the app for u. Most nickname apps r stupid and give u stuff like fairy and sport. But this gives u the real deal. Get it. I spent like an hour on it just looking up people I know. It awesome. If u like good apps then u should get this.

  • I love it!!

    by Tricee S

    I tried a couple name apps but this is by far the best! It won't close or freeze up like some. It gives so many names in so many different languages this sure can truly help anybody! I definitely recommend!

  • Great app for writers!

    by Trophywife92

    This app is not just for your average new mother. It can also be used for those of us who love to write! I love how it has the meanings and origins for names and it has a favorites section so I can look over the ones that stood out to me.

  • Useless

    by TD7612

    Very Pointless !

  • Fix please

    by agkc123

    This is going to be a great app. Design is perfect, the meaning feature is awesome, but please add popularity ratings or a way to select more than one origin, but not all. I found myself skimming through long lists of weird names from way too many origins.

  • B e a utiful!!!

    by NinjaNKAG

    Helps a lot; especially the fact it says the meanings to most names!!!

  • I like it!

    by Juliannekj

    I really like the random feature. It covers a lot of names

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