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- completely new design
- new interface. iOS 7, pixel-perfect
- optimized stats and sleep graphs
- Now sleep quality is calculated to determine how efficient your sleep is
- improved sound recording
- detailed tutorials and upgraded help section
- improved Statistics screen: now you can see your night stats in one tap
- sleep stats “play” function is upgraded, sounds are played one after another
- bigger cycle graphs
- 4 new music packs
- “Auto-resume download” function if the connection was broken
- downloaded music packages are not lost after update

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Over 10,000,000 people around the world wake up using our Smart Alarm apps!

Would you like to wake up rested even if you get less than 8 hours of sleep? Your wish is granted. Smart Alarm Clock is the app that can figure out when your body is most ready for awakening - something, that's crucially important for how you feel in the morning and during the day. Let this app take care of your sleep in every way possible.

* Tracks your sleep cycles to determine the best wake-up time for you
* Includes specially prepared music packs for pre-sleep relaxation and easy awakening
* Optimized for iOS 7!


- Uses a special STrack 2.0© algorithm to detect when you're in the lightest stage of sleep and wake you up
- Wakes you up within the timeframe you select
- Allows to adjust the snooze time
- Allows to set up to 3 alarm clocks


- Monitors your sleep cycles and stages and collects statistics
- Builds easy-to-read graphs to help you analyze your sleep patterns
- Allows to share your graphs and statistics with friends via Facebook and email


- Automatically records all the sounds that are longer than 5 seconds
- Allows easy mass-deletion of sounds by day
- Connected to Facebook, so you can share your funny or suspicious recordings with friends


- Over 100 special tunes for your restful sleep and easy wake-up grouped in packs
- Allows to easily delete music pack that you don't need


- Low battery / Low sound volume reminder
- Additional binaural beats and guided meditation audios as chill out tracks
- User-friendly design and hi-res Retina Display graphics!
- Automatic vertical/horizontal display modes.
- Weather forecast: check the temperature, precipitation, pressure, wind speed, and humidity for the city you care about!
- Option to use podcasts, audio books, and all other audio formats of your iPod as wake-up and chill out tunes.
- Screen dims almost immediately, to save battery and protect your display!


- For your convenience and best results

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Customer Reviews

  • It's okay

    by thebobfather12

    Good app, the interface was better before they changed everything. Asked to rate it every time I opened the app...that is the worst part. Hopefully reviewing it will stop it.

  • Still tinkering

    by badgirl167357

    I'm still toying with this app so I can't give a full evaluation yet

  • Ya no graba los sonidos

    by Dieiny Gonzalez

    Me parece un excelente programa! Realmente lo uso varias veces en la semana. Estaba funcionando fabuloso, hasta la última actualización, que ha dejado de grabar los sonidos cuando uno duerme. Deseo que corrijan ese error, ya que compre the full program. Thks a lot

  • Sweet

    by Jayson Santiago

    Nice app

  • Amazing

    by Avelyn Arsenal

    Loving it!

  • Ehhhh

    by Sunshine Guru

    Not working so well now,but when it does,really liking it

  • New update made app not good

    by Love word game

    With this new/latest update, the app is crap. You can't extend the chill out music any longer, it automatically fazes out in five min...then, the snooze don't work wither....when you hit snooze it just acts it will snooze, but play my old music alarm that I set from a long time I try and hit snooze again, but it takes me back to the app as if I turned the alarm off versus hitting snooze...sheesh...not liking the app anymore...hope they fix the glitches on this update soon...

  • Pretty good

    by ~chandl3r

    I think the app is pretty nice and I cannot say whether or not it has improved my waking or not but I learned I move in my sleep a lot.... Just be aware, for the app to function it has to be placed on your bed next to your pillow, so if this turns you off be aware. Anyway it has been pretty good so far.

  • Wakeup call

    by Trini 2D b0ne

    I love this app

  • The new interface is confusing

    by Pillhuhn

    After the last user interface update I find this app confusing, not as intuitive as before… oh well, it still works.

  • Liked it, but now...

    by boosie101

    Well, now it just does work. Screen just sits on logo and 'optimizing sleep stats.' Bummer!

  • Interesting app

    by Tech fingers

    I wanted to improve my sleep quality and this app really showed ways to do that. It helped me to see noises that affected my sleep as well as habits that I could change. The only initial difficulty was getting used to having the iPad on the bed . I liked the app well enough to adjust

  • Good app

    by Me_Mellie

    Does what it says, no problems with the app.

  • Helpful App

    by Lee5k

    Love this app. Has been very enlightening and helpful in tracking sleep patterns. Now I know what to tell doctors when ask about my sleep habits.

  • Update crashes but then

    by Wonkoman

    Upon initial update it kept crashing on me on the iPad but was fine on the iPhone. I deleted it from my iPad device where I was having the issues, reinstalled it and it works fine now. It works good for my uses but I do not use all the features.

  • Like it a lot

    by Mofongoconvainilla

    This is definitely one of the best(if not the best) app I've ever had. It tells me everything about my sleeping habits. I definitely reccomend it.

  • I like it. Keeps me honest on sleep I really get.

    by GenatMarie

    Loaded app to monitor what noises were waking me at night. The night sounds recorded were "interesting" to say the least. I never knew how much I snored and that the flip of the pet door when the cat came and went was so loud in a quiet house. I used it about a month before update came out. After the update optimizing took awhile ... But it mostly works fine. I tried the custom alarm mode in new update and alarm did not function so went back to set, sleep, record. I like the variety of music and sounds to help me turn off mind and go to sleep. It has certainly enlightened me on the noises at night that interrupt my sleep and on the actual hours of sleep I'm getting each night. Makes me accountable and sending me to bed earlier for a better next day. I recommend it as the tool that it is. Please bring back old graphs. They are more meaningful than block design in update. Also let's me listen to what sounds wake me instead of the way you have to listen now. Would be nice to see times on old graph at time of loud sounds to help identify ... I slept for 2 hours then cat woke me. I have recommended this to a few friends and will continue to do so. Please continue upgrading app.


    by Mickey Mattie

    Love the new layout, it's better, not cluttered and easy to see

  • Great

    by Gorgousgrasshopper

    Best alarm ever

  • Awesome!

    by Vmccallie

    The new interface is beautiful, and there are some great new features. Haven't had any issue with crashing at all.

  • Use to be a great app

    by Monicaroger

    The upgrade late is 2013 is awful. My alarm won't save. Can't have dual volume for sleep and wake sounds. Huge step backwards. Yuck. Wish I had bought something else.

  • Informative

    by Ceddiemac

    App constantly crashes . Now it's useless when it was great . I need an alternative app . Any suggestions ?

  • Good Before, bad now. Do not buy

    by Steve to the big O

    I bought the program when it first came out. I was great. It was worth the money. An update was made for the ios7 update. Now, everything almost stayed the same. BUT the alarm doesn't work. And when it decides to work, it is on for about 5 seconds then goes off. That's why the snooze button was created. Emailed customer service and haven't heard anything. Do not buy!

  • Latest update is awful

    by pixiedust8184

    I loved the old version of this app. Now it isn't as sensitive and no matter what I do the wake up alarm is music not the song I choose. And what does play is too quiet and plays for 5-10 seconds and turns itself off for the snooze (even though I didn't hit snooze). I pray they figure out a way to fix this app!

  • Tracks cut off then start over

    by partingsorrow

    I used to love this app but there is nothing relaxing and sleep inducing when the relaxation track restarts every 15 seconds. Grrrrrr.

  • No longer works

    by Carmen Reeves

    This used to be an awesome app, but I am now unable to open it at all. It stays stuck on the first screen and says "optimizing sleep statistics" and goes no furthur. I will not by another app by this company!

  • Downgrading my Rating

    by Avonladyor

    Support hasn't responded to my email regarding the issue of not being able to open the app since 12/1/13. Now I say you shouldn't waste your money. It only recorded data for half the night anyway.

  • Doesn't work!

    by intentionalbv

    For a paid app, this app way under functions. Especially for the price! I would like a refund....

  • Seems to be working fine

    by Alaskan ghost

    Even tho I read a lot of ratings and they don't look good I'll give this app a try.. If it keeps working good and or improve it I'll give it 5 stars.

  • Worked now it doesn't

    by LauraCom1

    So I downloaded this app and loved it… then there was an update and now it is useless… it won’t open and crashes every time I try to open it.

  • Why The Change ?

    by Down to 2 from 5 star

    I loved the layout of The old version much better. Why take out the sound layover on the main page matching the sleep pattern ? And the reverse coloring is making it much harder to read.

  • After last update app no longer opens

    by Deadwoodhardon

    Not good


    by Tttttthhhhhhdddd

    Used to love this app. I took the upgrade and now it keeps crashing. will not start at all

  • Falha na versão

    by Osmarf

    Após a ultima atualização o aplicativo parou de funcionar. Ao abrir, o aplicativo mostra a mensagem "Optimizing your sleep stats" e fecha. Aguardo a correção.

  • Disappointing Upgrade

    by 4pchonburi

    The graphics and operator interface were so much more comprehensive on the earlier version.

  • App crashes

    by cmcfi

    Like all the other commenters, I LOVED the app before the last update. Now, not only does it constantly crash, but I cannot delete my stats no mater how many times I go in and delete them! even though I delete them, the next time I open the app, they are still there! and now my IPAD memory is full! I guess my only choice is to delete the app....PLEASE fix!

  • Forest

    by Totalass

    How do I get my money back? You have had time to address the issue and fix. I really liked it until you updated it, wish now I would of skipped it........

  • Was once my favorite alarm app

    by DE Myst

    I looked long and hard for an alarm app that would work with my iPad lid closed. Before the update, this was the best alarm app I found! I even paid for the full version. But now the lid has to stay open. But only for the alarm, the recording and sleep monitoring work just fine with lid closed. So disappointed they broke the most important feature. Hope they get it fixed soon! That and the wake up noise used to have its own volume control as well as the fall asleep noise. But the new sleep monitoring system (which seemed to be the focus of last update) works much better. It is much cleaner and easier to read/understand. Still. Wish there was a way to go back to pre update.

  • Please fix!

    by JoeKnowsMath

    I loved this app. Have the best night's sleep with it. But I too am getting the "optimizing sleep cycle data" message and it won't load beyond that.

  • Was good

    by TxTaquito

    This used to work just fine. After recent update I open the app and it says "optimizing your sleep cycles" and just hangs there then crashes. I can't get past that screen anymore. It's become useless now and WAS one of my favorite apps.

  • It was working great, update messed it up. Won't open

    by slaris


  • arrrrgh

    by Piscusa

    used to love this app. after update stuck on optimizing sleep cycle. can't use app anymore. please fix or i will have to delete. it's useless right now.

  • Worst update ever

    by Vyacheslav Kungurtsev

    UI is bad. Looking bad, working bad. But the worst thing is statistics. How do you propose me to clean statistics? There was one button before and what now? Now I have to manually delete every day. But what if I have like 100 of them? But it's not it. The thing is that after I press the button confirming deletion the app freezes and not reacting on anything except the home button. But when I reopened it again all the statistics was back in place. So now it's impossible to clean the statistics.

  • Poor Update

    by BLT4270

    Loved it before, hate it now.

  • Unhappy

    by PeggySue0514

    As it seems with others I also had trouble with the app crashing after the upgrade so uninstalled and reinstalled. Am NOT happy with the "upgrade". Just like the last "upgrade" to my iPad iOS I don't like the look of the features for one thing! What was so wrong with what you had? Why can't app developers understand the concept of "if it ain't broke don't fix it!!" The new graphs are hard to read and when listening to the night noises it's now hard to figure out where exactly on the graph ( or in the night) that sound happened. Sure, the sound clips play one after another now... Big deal... Who cares!! What you had before was clean, easy to read, and very usable! What you have now is a jumbled mess and no longer shows me what I want to know which is how my sleep is going or what might be causing the lack of it! You see, I wasn't using it as a sleep aid but as a tool to help me understand my sleep. In my opinion this went from a 5 star app to a 1 star app! :(

  • Update does not work

    by Ozzy in WI

    Update does not work I paid for this as an alarm clock.

  • Dec 2013 update is terrible

    by Lireda

    This was a great app before the update. The display is just the alarm time not actual time -which if you are trying to do the morning math, you need the time. I won't use this app again unless it improves. Time to find a new alarm.

  • Crash

    by frustrated is taken

    Won't even open with the update.

  • Update crashed program

    by I Corps

    App was very useful and worked great until the latest update. Totally useless now that I upgraded. I will uninstall and reinstall. Hope that fixes the problem.

  • Crashes

    by Switz73

    After the update I can't even get the app to open

  • Recording issues

    by Snorer999

    The recording function seems to be much less sensitive after the update. The night before the update I was recorded to be snoring 136 times; it fell to 2 times after the update. Thanks but I don't believe the app solves snoring issues as well? Also, the graphs were much more accurate before the update. Pity! It was such a nice app!

  • New update crashes

    by Siryngo

    Just downloaded the new update for my ipad4. Program now crashes at the "Optimizing Sleep" screen. Please fix this.

  • Fail!

    by Joshjoshjosh2

    After I updated I can not open the app. It does not go past optimizing sleep cycle screen...

  • Version Fail

    by TooClose2DC

    The new update stops upon opening. Usede to work but now is worthless!

  • Crashes

    by A Periwinkle

    This new update crashes at the optimizing screen. I tried to get into the app 5 times and crashes every time at that screen. I'll have to use a different alarm tonight :(

  • Doesn't work now

    by Laura Darnell

    Dec update no good, it opens and optimizing your sleep stats and won't do anything else been on my screen like that for 20 min even restarted ipad. I want to sleep but app doesn't, work have to find another one for tonight.

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