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Today only, get Fitness for iPad for FREE. Don't miss out!
Over 3.5 million men and women all over the world rely on Fitness for iPad to be in perfect shape!
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*** The only app with more than 1,000 VIDEO clips!
*** 1,000+ exercises for men and women, and 50 YOGA poses with video and audio instructions!
*** Calorie Counter, Body Tracker, and BMI.
*** 100 ready-made workouts!
*** Support from professional coaches!

• Detailed text, photo, video, and audio instructions
• Options to add your own exercises

• A wide selection of 100 ready-made workouts for both men and women, compiled by professional fitness trainers!
• Quick and convenient creation your own workouts using Fast Mode!

• Great articles, recipes, and workouts featured in new issues every month!

• Professional fitness coaches advise you on how to organize your fitness routine and provide you with the information that helps you reach your goals!

• More than 300,000 foods in the database: including fast food, supermarket, and restaurant brands; plus options to add your own dishes!
• Relevant nutrition info (protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc.) and a Food Score for each food!
• Daily goal: the app counts the calories you’ve consumed and burnt and shows your progress

• This great tool monitors your body parameters and keeps track of your body mass index (BMI)!

• 2 measurement systems: metric and imperial.
• Share your custom workouts and exercises with friends via Facebook and Twitter!
• Download the complete app content via iTunes (download all content to your Мас and transfer it into the app).

NOTE: We really appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to your reviews on the App Store. Please contact us directly from our support page if you have any questions. Many thanks!

Customer Reviews

  • Not easy to use

    by scoontee

    Tried for first time today. I didn't see a program for medicine ball i liked so I built my own. That went great. When I tried to build a resistance band workout it wouldn't let me save it because I had worked out today already. 60 min of my life wasted. I will still use the app but now I know. Not great for people who want to workout home without machines.

  • Excelente aplicación

    by Jorge Luis León Cruzado


  • App

    by Pelon310

    Good app worth getting it..

  • Great Start - Needs Beginners (at home exercises) with only dumbbells

    by S. Laramore

    First of all, the "ask an expert" feature is messed up in that it doesn't detect an internet connection. It seems ironic that this feature would be overlooked since it's so prominent in the app. Second if you could make some workouts for individuals at home with no equipment or just dumbbells that would be very good. I can't do half of the exercises as I have a home gym.

  • Inspires fitness

    by CtefanyaW

    I'm a couch potato who was inspired by the fun tools of this app to record all my measurements, start the fitness program tailored to me, and log my diet. Instant gratification to track calories, nutritional breakdown, and training sessions. Love that I can track where I am in real time. Wish that multiple profiles were possible so my training buddy (husband) could also use these tools on the same app.

  • Great workouts

    by pamu72

    I use this app as a workout extrodanaire! When you want to keep your workouts fresh but don't have the time to sit down and put a new regime together they have a TON of exercise programs already created. LOVE this app. I don't use it to track food, so I can't comment on that but the workout part is awesome.

  • Fitness HD

    by Neon8 rt

    Haven't used it for very long, but so far I think it's great.

  • Good so fair

    by Tonia Navarro


  • GREAT! except...

    by Celia Trosper

    There are only a few exercises that include a step or step moves. Also I can't mark favorite exercises or long press an exercise into a new or existing workout. These things would make the app exceptional!

  • Good Ab

    by Doc2u2

    Very good Ab.

  • Awesome

    by Rick Ching

    Great app

  • Use to be great

    by Glenn Harrington

    I am not sure what happened to the original makers of this app when support actually helped. I have a problem on the iPad 2 with the personal trainer offering only arm sculpting program no matter how I set it. I wrote to customer support and they told me they did not have a problem with it, case closed. Well I still only get arm sculpting for a choice no matter how I set the personal trainer. I like that I can print PDF files so I don't have to carry around the iPad in the gym. I would give four stars if they would have helped me with my problem, and five if they took out the cruddy purchasable addons.

  • So far it fantastic !!!

    by Maria Ledesma

    What I have reviewed thus far is great !! I just wish the portions were more in a more simplified format . ie: 1 cup , 4 oz , it may even have it but I haven't figured it out yet!! Thank you !

  • Great app!!!

    by Reifvvggg

    As for improvement, it would be nice if it included more asian food.

  • Awesome

    by Carolina Santamaria

    Awesome and helpful App

  • Cool

    by Manda Lou06

    Good app

  • Cool app

    by Siberiann

    Really cool and helpful. Give it 4 stars as it can not be used in full offline. That's a show stopper

  • Excellent

    by Armibmf

    Excellent, helped me lose weight and maintain it. Was 113, now I am 93. Excellent application.

  • Great App

    by An awesome review

    This is a good application. Great demos and plenty iPod excercises. This review is for the full version!!

  • A great help when your on the road.

    by Liljoeparks

    This app is a great one to have when traveling.

  • Disappointed

    by Morandia

    Being a larger person who is trying to get in shape, I had high hopes, but it seems that there is nothing in the Personal Trainer for an overweight female looking to lose weight.

  • Don't purchase

    by Tallrev39

    The app kept telling me I had no internet connection when I clearly did have an internet connection. Deleted the app and reinstalled and it did not help. Unusable and a waste of money. Tech support is nonexistent.

  • No way!

    by ssandoli

    I made the process to load and watch the exercises videos. For my surprise after some weeks when I compose my workout I can not watch the videos and a bug on the screen causes an unexpected crash. I lost time and spent my money for nothing. FIX IT!

  • Missed Potential

    by Cheatator

    While this app is helpful at delivering a basic routine with which to begin, maneuvering through it is extremely clunky. Any attempt to play one of the in-app videos freaks out the app and it becomes unusable and must be restarted. Yes, I'm using the app, but only till I find something better.

  • Warning--pass on this app

    by DrRalphInAz

    There are errors in the food database. Customer service was pathetic when I pointed this out. They blamed "the American database" for the errors and did not apologize or declare desire to get something accurate. Sounds like a foreign opportunist to me. Invest your app fees elsewhere I say.

  • Wish I could get a refund!

    by rapsipad

    I recently started working out again so I wanted an app without advertising so I purchased this one. I wish I had not purchased it. The calorie count is grossly off. I consumed 1000 calories by lunch and it had it under 300. The exercise graphics are useful however the logs are difficult to use and I have multiple degrees and various subjects and I find it hard to use. The meal logs disappear after you close the app. Avoid this app ... Not worth it. My last iPad purchase as well allowing crap like these is unacceptable.

  • Whoa

    by Trendy J

    This app is going to teach you and mold you. How to train, eat, and every other goals to keep you healthy. Download now

  • Well done

    by RX_Schlegel16

    The app is very well done and would recommend.

  • Great

    by QR

    I like it a lot very useful.

  • Must Have

    by William Coes

    I love this app because it has everything that you need to get in great shape from exercises to nutrition to caloric intake.

  • Awsome

    by gogoss4

    Very useful app

  • Great App!

    by JohnnyTurrle

    Most excellent. Only work-out app I need and I have tried many.

  • Love this app!

    by PRYJ

    I like the options and the tracker and the work out plans and the advice! The best tools and feedback keeps you interested in results and workouts!

  • Auth1

    by Auth47

    Ok still figuring it out for what I can do

  • Good

    by Boricua4life69

    Good app

  • Great app

    by Thomas Kastgen

    Great app

  • Great app

    by ydawg69

    Great app for fitness, one of the best I've seen.

  • Good

    by Buenofjjhfdzashjvcdklpphdza

    Best app ever

  • Helpful

    by AKcritic

    This app has been very helpful in getting a routine down. Watching certain things I eat, and looking at my advancement through training!

  • good for beginners

    by Andrewsyto

    I would say that this is a great app for beginners. If you are an advanced lifter do not waste your time. Here you will find very basic exercises, but the "advanced" ones are not that good.

  • Fitness app for iPad

    by DJGeorgee

    So far I've really been finding this app helpful at the gym . At first I was a bit self conscious about toting around my iPad , but if you think about it , it's what all the trainers are doing & other people who are trying to get a consecutively progressive workout (for results) are walking around with pads of paper & pen. It takes a little while to figure out how to create your own workouts . I don't know why the first time I did , I had to keep going back to the body part & stArt from the beginning of the list after adding an exercise , but then the next time I created one , I could just go down the list & check anything in the muscle group to add.

  • Great app

    by Rebel949

    Has many great workouts and easy to use

  • Great App...4-3/4 stars

    by BlueMoon2356

    I haven't tapped in to the full potential, but this app is great. I would love to see a companion app for the iPhone though. The iPad is a little cumbersome in the gym at times. I do feel that the calorie count is off quite a bit. Also, I would like the ability to adjust the set count too. I would benefit from some nutrition advice to go along with the nutrition tracker. Kudos to the developer. This is the best personal trainer app I have found and is well worth $3.99.

  • Fitness

    by WngdRose

    Great app,easy to use and has been a great help for my recovery for leukemia!

  • Great App

    by Tony321!!

    Great app!

  • Great app

    by catah1

    I like this app. They done a great job.

  • Great

    by Matthew Burr

    Great app. Very useful.

  • Thnx

    by Khteeb


  • Thumbs Up

    by Bilbo6669

    Great app!!

  • Muy buena!


    Muy util

  • I love it

    by Thomtom007

    I like so far.

  • Easy to use

    by EYAD Alqarooni

    I was looking for a program as a personal trainer and I found this app is really easy to use and usefull

  • Great app

    by Nicholas Vigneur

    Good work out saw results in a few days

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