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Seller: Pico Brothers Ltd.

iOS 7 support

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*** The most popular mosquito repellent. Top 10 app in 56 countries

"Better than your mother’s homemade mosquito-bite remedies" - Vogue Magazine

This Mosquito repellent prevents you from getting bitten by mosquitoes and some other nasty bugs.

The application emit a very unique high frequency sound (ultra sound) that the insects dislike. The pitch of the sound is so high that most humans will not notice anything.

Keep the application close to you and enjoy the outdoors without bites..

The app does not guarantee a 100% protection as there are over 3500 known mosquito species in the world and they all react slightly different to the repellent. Use the pitch selector to find optimal repelling frequency for the mosquitoes in your region.


• Featured in German national television Prosieben
• Summer app

1# Healtcare & Fitness:
Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Turkey, Hungarey, Panama, Romanua, Israel, Croatia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Domican Rep. Nicaragua, Malta, Madagascar

2# Healtcare & Fitness:
Greece, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Paraguay, Bulgaria, Jordan, Mali, Senegal

Customer Reviews

  • Buzzing

    by coolrocks86

    It works but after a while I cant stand the buzzing

  • Nice

    by QuickSillver24

    Not a bad app...

  • Works

    by Minecraftplya

    I was outside for 2 hours using this app and didn't get bit by 1 mosquito they went near me but flew away

  • Great!

    by Al "Scarface" Pacino

    My penis got stuck again:(

  • It works!!

    by DJ John Asenso

    Yes does attract Mosquitos. Then I swat them with a newspaper...killing them DEAD!! Better than a Bug Zapper!!! Happy Now!!!

  • isss aight

    by Daughtrly amazing

  • Great!!

    by Scooby-Doo bro

    This app is great and really works!! It protects me from some nasty Maine Mosquitos

  • Epic!!!!

    by Paul Legaspi

    I really love this app! It really protects you from mosquitos! The off! In electronics! I can even hear what the sound was like! (sounds like dubstep though...)

  • Awesome!

    by Indiglo girl

    I'm in anchorage, Alaska and moments before I downloaded this & upgraded to the .99 cent level I was slapping mosquitos on my hands, head, face wildly. Since I've installed, a couple on my knees and whatnot, but relative enough peace to text. I've got repellent in my house, shed, and car, but am not wearing any now, at 11:30 pm in the land of the midnight sun!

  • Awesome

    by Salam2003

    Works for those of you that put 1 star here is An easy way to make it work.when you open it up look in the corner there is an x button click that and it goes to the app!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Worx

    by Sjt1975

    If this app doesn't work for ppl, then it's most likely due to user error like an iPhone cover or damaged speakers. I live in Texas and this app has changed my life. Let me know when you write one for air conditioning!

  • Ok

    by Bonarhath

    Shows a 14 everytime!! Fix bug I'll rate 5 stars!

  • Cool app

    by Chang23

    For those who don't know the number next to the app like a Facebook notification ex:14,14 ,20,24 etc means the frequency ..... And yes this app does really works !!!!

  • Useful

    by Bunnikins5

    The icon on my phone shows the number "14" over it (like those facebook notifications) what does this mean and how do I take it off?

  • Works great in Louisiana

    by Chevybuilder69

    I went close to bayou with this app before I turned it on I was covered in Mosquitos after a few minutes didn't notice anymore Mosquitos great job on the technology!!!!!!!

  • Get away mosquito

    by Jhfb

    This app gets away. Mosqutios

  • I can hear it

    by Pvygetbyvcdgcsgvxhgstgeyggx

    I can hear it but it makes me dizzy

  • Amazing App!!! Well Worth The DL!!!!!!

    by Sonicreindeer

    I've installed AM the first day I purchased my 3gs nearly 2 months ago. Worked flawlessly until last eve when the app would not shut down when I touched the bug icon inside of the app. The only way I could shut it down was to( sadly ) uninstall this impressively useful utility after rebooting my device. I still gave AM 5 stars as I have NEVER become a mosquito's next meal throughout the Summer of 2011. Fix this minor bug in the app's code & I'll gladly update/ pay for AM. This app is an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to spraying DEET all over your body & lighting those useless citronella tiki torches after dusk near the waterfront.

  • Works

    by Reneeeeeeeee

    It works great not s mosquito ever

  • Kinda works

    by Monababy16

    This app kinda works, as the sun was setting it worked great but once full nighttime approach nothing but bugsprays going to help you, so if forget your bug spray download it but still expect some to bite you! Better than nothing though!

  • Mosquito App

    by ReverendFatherEP

    This app is complete crap!!! I sat there with a mosquito on my leg while it was on, and pointed at the bug... And nothing happened. You should see the size of my bite.

  • 2 star rating

    by Richard Sanchez

    Just paid 0.99 for the pro version it's an okay app it sorta works towards the beginning but I still got bit by a mosquito in my hand while the app is on. So much for it repealing Mosquitos.

  • Horrific

    by Smj289

    Worse app I've ever downloaded. It lasted a about a whole 45 seconds on my phone. The ad's won't let you exit unless you sign up for it. And it doesn't work well in general.

  • Disappointed

    by BLAHDaniel

    I had hoped to have a Lil fun and see if the app kept away or at least got them close to the phone to where I could kill them but sadly I come to find that every time I push the repel switch it takes me to a web sit to sign up for some crap that I can't get out of lame lame

  • Awful

    by 4078$311-/6

    Wouldn't let me exit an add without giving away my email

  • Mosquito Magnet

    by 3 Grams

    This app is terrible. Terrible.

  • Piece of c...

    by Marquintosh2

    Doesnt work

  • -1star because it attracts Mosquitos

    by 123456007

    I turned on the phone app and seconds later it was swarming with small gnats and Mosquitos. Fail!

  • Doesn't Work

    by GaGa'sLittleMonsterBTW

    This app does the opposite of what it states. It ATTRACTS them instead! In a huge army instead of one by one. Don't waste space or time with this app. Complete garbage...

  • Horrible

    by demeoj

    App worked for 10 seconds, then I was bombarded by a subscription company that wouldn't let me access the app until I signed up. Still couldnt access it even after I made a fake profile to sign up for their junk.

  • Crap

    by Sativa savorer

    Completely garbage. Like someone else mentioned, while app was running a mosquito landed on my phone- not to mention 2 on my hand. DON'T WASTE YOUR THUMB EFFORT CLICKING THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON. Deleted after 45 second of trial!

  • Useless Garbage

    by Fortyninerhater

    Can't close the spam ad.

  • Awful

    by Kewlio828384838

    An advertisement pops up and will not let you quit it unless you force quit the app.

  • From OK to bad

    by Fabiolin74

    It used to be a good an simple app. But suddenly it started to annoy with spam that doesn't allow you to manipulate anything. Sorry but I had to remove it and find a better anti-mosquito.

  • App

    by Zeatea

    Don't download. Just forces you to access stuff you don't want or it doesn't work. I agree with the person who called it crap. It is a spam app. Shame on you.

  • POS

    by Nnougat

    Went to use app, and it forced me to sign up for something I didn't want, so I immediately deleted it.

  • Total Crap

    by John Janik

    Does work. The app used to be free, even if you pay for the app, it will still not work. Scamware

  • This App is......

    by asiandudeyeah

    Stupid... Don't Buy Super Lame

  • Annoying notification

    by Lucienstorm

    Whether this works to repel Mosquitos or not, I don't know for sure. What I do know is the red number notification is NOT the frequency it's set to. It's annoying to have to see something like that, because I start ignoring it, and so then I end up missing others. Make the numbers go away. Also, I'm with everyone else, bring back all the features on the free version. In most cases the 'bait and switch' is illegal.

  • Not effective - buy deet instead

    by LivingRoomRock!

    Sitting next to my head emitting sounds and still had Mosquitos coming at my neck and face. Even free it is not worth it. A proven solution is products containing deet. Don't be fooled into thinking this works. Whoever rates this five stars is either a friend of the developer, the developer himself, or someone who was lucky enough to not get bitten between the time they downloaded this and when they wrote the review.

  • Does not work...

    by Mr mackey 1985

    Does not work... In fact, after doing some research on electronic mosquito repellants, I found out that it has been proven that none of them work.

  • Angry

    by Bragi07

    I dl'ed it this summer and noticed it kind of worked. Now the designers think they can get ppl to pay for what users got for free before. No thank you. You'll get nothing from me.

  • WAS a great app

    by Codeman862

    This app USED TO BE an amazing app, for free there were a few ads, but in exchange you got an effective repelled that ran in the background and when locked. Now, you have to pay for the features it used to have for free! You have to pay for this app to run in the background, it even costs you to run it when your iPod/iPhone is locked!!! I am giving this app two stars because it still works as a repeller. Please bring the free features back!

  • I'm sorry don't by it

    by 64cutiegirl1

    I'm sorry to say this but this is a piece of junk;(

  • Does not work

    by Mudskipper27

    This did nothing to repel mosquitoes.

  • Horrible

    by kimnatgen

    I had to miss two days of school because of EXTREME headaches....... HORRIBLE!!!!! DONT BUY!!!!!!

  • Get away from this

    by Biobay

    No work that it start problem with the iPhone send this guys to irak

  • Anti mosquito

    by Rileyo50

    Terrible, don't waste your time

  • Lame

    by Kekoa_777

    Didn't work at all.

  • terrible

    by mehmetk

    it doesnt work :/ mosquito was on me, i tried all the frequncies. but mosquito bite me, and it didnt fly. terrible app... do NOT download it!!!

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