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- Added 2 new workouts
- Various bug fixes (download, reset workout)
- Now you can listen to your own music during workout

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We are the ones who created the famous "8 Minutes Abs" video on YouTube, which has received over 40,000,000 hits all over the world in over 8 languages!

We are the ones who launched the "8 Minutes Abs" application... beware of imitations ;-)

The first generation of application has exceeded 2 million downloads!

Today we are proud to introduce a new way of training, fun and able to break the monotony of training standard.

"Abs Workout" is the evolution of the now famous application "8 Minutes Abs"
In this new generation of applications includes:

- A new calendar that keeps track of the days when you train, creating a real training program for 4 weeks.
- The ability to add notifications that will remind you what time and what day you have to train.
- Download to your device instruction video for each exercise. You can play it anytime even without internet connection.
- Redesigned the workout page, made it an interactive workout so that you can control the volume of both the count repetitions and the music, you can also move from one exercise to another with a simple tap of a button, view the repetitions performed and those still to be done and much more ...

(You can buy the PRO version directly from the basic version with a simple touch)

In the PRO version you will find all the features of the BASIC version plus:
The ability to customize your workout by changing the number of repetitions for each exercise, the sequence of exercises and the recovery time between them. It is also fun to change the background music that accompanies each exercise. You can choose built in music or by downloading new one directly from our online store (some of them for free).

Our basic application is free because we believe that the best way to impress you is to make you try!


We do not promise you will lose weight after following one of our training, that you'll have a perfect abdomen or perfect buttocks or steel sculpted pectorals ....

Never trust those who will promise firm results in the field of training, because no one can vouch for you but yourself, the fundamentals for success in training are: will and perseverance.
Our content brings you professionalism and passion with which we have designed and developed training and our whole project.
We offer an alternative and entertaining (also economic) way to be able to train whenever, wherever and however you want. Reduce the monotony of the usual methods of training and still have a high degree of professionalism.

"Your challenge is to seek the best for yourself, our hand is to help you get it!"

Visit www.passion4profession.net and create your FREE account in the largest web portal dedicated to the world of fitness and wellness.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect!

    by H.u.n.t

    I'm 15 and trying to get abs and this app is nice! Simple and very easy to use!


    by 12packgurl87

    If you want abs fast, this app is the best way to do it! Killer 6 pack in no time. SO doable, and the music is AWESOME.

  • Great App!

    by Faceplant121

    Grab stuff.

  • Excellent app

    by Ariadne Bosch

    It really work.

  • Get it

    by Patddhfhxhdvxzsdhh

    This app is awesome as hell

  • Great

    by gracieuse1

    I like it, it's my first time using it but it's great and intense.:-)

  • Nice

    by meiling485

    This app is amazing. I love it.

  • Love it !

    by BestOfBothWorlds<3

    Feel the burn as soon as you start !

  • Useful

    by Kite Runner2

    I love this software provides an esercise program. I will follow it to complete fitness program.

  • Love it

    by Anusks

    Great exercises! I workout a lot but sometimes I don't have time to go the gym due to my busy schedule but these exercises help me a lot!!!!

  • Great app

    by Alexey9569532680643

    Great app!

  • Great

    by jessicawoe

    This is one of the best workout app I've used.

  • Great Abs App

    by Ramon Montelongo Jr.

    Love the 8 minute abs workout app. Love the counting and listening to my own music while working out.

  • Great fitness app.

    by robinlee1261

    I use it to develop a fitness program.

  • This app is great

    by Anthony Garcia the fourth

    This app is really great i really feel the burn


    by Awsome me 1234

    This app really helps alot thanx

  • Every day app

    by yievans2013

    Great exercise app. I tried many similar apps but always failed. Hope this one can help me to lose some weight.

  • Awesome

    by Livi_9

    It works really good

  • Iraq

    by Nbras iraq

    Good pro (:

  • Great applications.

    by YunxiZhang

    Use this application as long as I exercise every day can make me say goodbye to parts of the belly fat.

  • good

    by li2517

    This is a very magical app.

  • great gym app

    by Jimmie3

    This is one of the best gym app i used before.Every day,i just need spend 8 minutes to follow the video to do practice and i think i will make my Abs great.

  • My abdominal muscles to explode

    by Johnlee85273

    My abs workout persevered through this app, I was finally strong abdominal muscles can conquer love my other half.


    by London yay

    I love love love love love and again love this app omg it's so good and really does help you lose weight everyone should get it!!:)

  • great

    by m0nstering

    I use this app every day. this app gives me motivation to keep on the workout. I love it.

  • Kuwait

    by Kwtop

    Best app

  • Top of the line!

    by vER0NiCa

    The title speaks for itself!

  • try to stick to

    by jyq360

    You want to gain muscle do what is not important, important is to do. ABS workout is a very good fitness plan. Of course, if you feel difficult to get started to make some changes. ABS can then reference AB Ripper X, your abdominal muscle action library action content of this and ABS, choose low difficulty action group, upper and lower abdomen cross, try to stick to

  • A good fitness program

    by xufeijiren

    What do you want to gain muscle is not important, important is that insist on doing. ABS workout is undoubtedly a good fitness program. Of course, if you feel you can do to change the difficulty to get started. ABS action constitute your abs action content library, select the low degree of difficulty, the upper and lower abdomen cross-action group, try to adhere to, can be grouped to do; until you can finish a complete set. Pectoral muscle, you can push over, can afford dips. The rest is to insist on it.

  • Easy to learn Workouts

    by Xahlers

    Really love the "8 minute abs" Video and found this great app, it really works on my abs lol. Especially the "Super Fast Abs" part, makes you really work.

  • Nice

    by Jackierocks123

    Great app to use to do some workout. It works really well.

  • ممتاز يستحق 5 نجوووووم

    by آيفون 5s

    ممتاز يستحق 5 نجوووووم

  • very good apps

    by kukuro1980

    very good apps. I like it very much.Use the video i can exercise my abs very easy, i am really love it,Every day i use this app once a time .

  • the bet fitness app

    by chrismanoi

    it's an amazing app for me,i used it to take exercise ervyday,i love it,i can take exercise at home without go to the gym,i wish i be stonger with this app from now on.

  • to be strong

    by ipporcupine

    it;s a shotcut to find the 8min abs workout, following it thongh it dosen't show any muscle, i do feel it a bit sore, so i believe i will be strong step by step after doing the exerice

  • Lose your beer belly

    by harmony815

    If you want to lose your beer belly, then download it.In addition, the video is vivid enogh to show us the movement of the muscles.The schedule will help you more

  • great

    by Hot Haswell

    Great app workout, cool app

  • good

    by John zong

    It is a very good app. I can follow the steps to training my Abs.I really enjoy to use it.

  • great app

    by ssyzfh

    This is very great app for people who want to have abs ! It's design is really impressive and responsive and workout program are easy to understand.

  • Best workout APP EVER!

    by EricDkk

    Best workout APP EVER! BEST!

  • Great

    by Andyjoe1234

    Great app for my workout. I now don't bother going outdoor gym anymore.

  • Great app and great help.

    by hmz1063

    This app is really helpful and it does works very well. Only 8 minutes and absolutely five stars!

  • love this app

    by fly1945

    love this app and even better now that I can mix up routines. Howerer,I really miss having the voice tell me which exercise is up next

  • i like it

    by alexj.iphone

    its useful and interesting

  • Very useful application

    by orright123

    The software design is very user-friendly, and easy to use, effective workout to help me I recommend to my friends and say good after use

  • don't stop

    by sdzdxx

    For this man without perseverance is very suitable for, insist to do 20 minutes a day, must be able to find the perfect figure.

  • Amazing

    by ruppp

    Looks really nice! There is no doubt that this is a great app. I like it very much because it's so useful and I think everyone should have a try.

  • Great

    by Fudimo

    It is amazing ,this app helps me a lot. Practice each pose on it,choose a program fits me.I like it .

  • It's amazing!

    by fireguns_83

    It's amazing and perfect! My wife love me than before! I love this app!

  • good

    by WaterNeXt

    i really liked this app pripo to ios7.Been using for a while to train my workouts.It would be great if i could see the reps and weight I used in my past 3~4 workouts in portrait format.

  • Useful

    by corazonchen

    Really useful to me for keeping fit.Making sports more interesting and simple,never feeling boring.It's so cool.Exercising schedule can be planed more scientific.I love this app

  • Very useful.

    by dogdogwei

    First time I feel a app can train my body. It really helpful. Every i use this app for 8 minutes.

  • Getting rid of ugly stomach

    by Elmadhun

    It is very nice app

  • Great workouts

    by ivana_v89

    The exercise are really cool and the levels are well aligned. I like that it shows the muscles that are active.

  • Awesome

    by chendai3333

    This is by far the best workout app I've ever used before. Simple and easy to understand instructions.

  • good workout app

    by halflife777

    Great app workout,really helps,don't even have to go to the gym at times

  • Great App for Health

    by tofozzulhussain11595

    Thank for Job, A new calendar that keeps track of the days when you train, creating a real training program for 4 weeks. I like this App !

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