42 Healthy Solutions: Natural Healing Through Diet and Supplements Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $4.99)


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Seller: Organic Performance Lab, LLC


--Now included is a CONSULT feature that allows you the ability to Consult with Dr. Koniver!
--Input your current supplements, meds and goals and have Dr. Koniver recommend a specific
Organic Medicine plan for YOU.
--42HS App is the ONLY App that gives you the opportunity to Consult directly with a natural,
organic MD!


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42 Healthy Solutions is like having the Doctor of Organic Medicine in your pocket! Developed
by the creator of Organic Medicine, Dr, Craig Koniver, 42 Healthy Solutions will remedy many
of the most commonly occurring health problems through a guided regime of healthy foods and
organic natural supplements.

***42 health concerns, 42 healthy healing protocols, 42 days each. 42 Healthy Solutions to a
better, healthier life!***

*42HS is the ONLY App created by a physician that allows for SIMULTANEOUS interaction
between user, their supplements and the integrative doctor

* Immediate access to 42 different natural health protocols (or create your own!)

* Select your health concern from 42 different categories
* Access the best natural intervention plan complete with the necessary supplements, dosages,
and timing details
* Receive daily reminders to take your supplements via push notifications

* Receive informative health tips via daily push notification
* Connect with support online to help you maintain new lifestyle habits!

Best of all - 42 Healthy Solutions gives you direct contact with Dr Craig Koniver himself to
answer your health questions!

This App is for those with health concerns AND for those looking to maximize their fitness
potential with protocols for Strength, Endurance and Attention!


*Select a health category to work on (examples include Detox, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Strength,
Heart Health, etc.)
*Once subscribed to a category, you will receive daily push notifications alerting you when to
take each supplement
*The App provides great information regarding all of the supplements, so you will have access

to a lot of nutritional information
*This App provides specific information for each supplement and is very comprehensive
*You will have the ability to purchase all of the supplements through the App
*As a bonus, receive natural health tidbits every few days pushed directly to your iPhone

Also included is the option to create your very own health category/ protocol. Want to be
reminded to take just your Vitamin C? This App allows you the option to create any supplement
category you want!

42 Health Solutions is the next best thing to house calls!

Why continue to suffer from health concerns like heartburn, high cholesterol,
or fibromyalgia when you can create relief for yourself using natural medicine?

Create health today with 42 Healthy Solutions!

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Bani Bon

    I love this app. If you are interested in nutrition and naturopathy, you will too

  • Fantastic!

    by My BearPod

    This app is great for both current and prospective patients of Dr. Koniver. He is one of the few physicians in today's world who strives to find true solutions to your existing health issues and helps you achieve optimal wellness by identifying your body's existing deficiencies. Now Dr. K has gone mobile and provides advice and guidance through an easy to use and very informative app. You no longer need to pour over pages of vitamin and supplement reviews from other websites to determine the best route to meet your health and fitness goals. Simply tap on the area where you need improvement and you're connected to a clear, concise, and medically accurate description of the supplements that correspond to your concerns. Since one "prescription" doesn't fit all, Dr. K is available via email for support and questions. There's no forgetting to take your supplements with scheduled reminders sent right to your iPhone, and ordering is simple. This app is free, and there are always special coupons available that make already low prices even more competitive! You can't beat the value of both the supplements and the instructional descriptions. If you are concerned about being the healthiest you, then this app is a must have.

  • Crap scheme to have you buy a bunch of pills!

    by Riplenater

    Crap crap crap scheme to have you purchase supplements.

  • Waste even for free

    by dollars and sense

    Just a big lead in to purchase junk from the store. Save your memory.

  • pointless

    by Michelle bren

    i guess you really have to be a dedicated person to keep taking a sh** ton of pills and supplements. any who. maybe this app is useful to some, but i really didnt care for it!

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